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    2 ABR. 2020 · I call this channel the Revelator because the Bible tells us to call things that are not as though they are. When it comes to revelations. I like them, I love them, I want more of them. And so the purpose of this channel is to open a flow. Meaning I’m telling you I’ll give you revelations, and for that to happen God must first give them to me. I believe God gives to those who share and so this channel is my leap of faith that if I say I’ll do it, the Lord will provide.
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  • Creation was One Thousand Year Days

    3 ABR. 2020 · This podcast contains a proof that creation occured in one-thousand year days. It is a primer for my next podcast entitled, "The incursion that happened the day God rested." This podcast excerpt came from my other channel called the Septuagint Audio Bible, Here is a link to the full message -> https://freeaudiobible.thebiblewhyguy.com/p/transcript-mysteries-revealed-by.html
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  • But did God rest for 1,000 Years?

    4 ABR. 2020 · This episode explores the question: "Is it possible God rested for one-thousand years?" It presents a compelling series of proofs, that solve more questions than they create. Revealing it's not only possible. It's virtually certain.
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  • Incursion 1: Atlantis Hub of Angelic Rebellion

    5 ABR. 2020 · This podcast sheds light on the 1,000 year period of time when God rested (between Adam and Noah). It explains how and when the war in heaven started, which led to the degradation of creation to the point that it became necessary to wipeout life on earth with a flood. Though the Bible is noticeably silent in many ways, not unfolding the details, it is incredibly useful in confirming the historical accounts that explain these things.
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  • Incursion 2: Atlantis' Resurrection

    6 ABR. 2020 · Due to the special connection between the future and the past (God telling us the end from the beginning), I am able to fill this part 2 message with a heavy dose of confirming Scriptures from Revelation 17 and 18 (to support my research). In this episode we focus on the end-times, the judgement of the great prostitute who is seated on many waters and her relationship to Atlantis (the devil's levitating city). It would seem that if we follow her around she will lead us to where all the trouble is.
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  • Incursion 3: How the Angelic War Was Possible

    7 ABR. 2020 · Through a combination of ancient documents and obvious guesses, this podcast attempts to explain a part of our history that is virtually undocumented anywhere. How, when and why the war in heaven. How it was possible, what triggered it, and approximately when it began.
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  • Incursion 4: Titan was Satan's Son

    8 ABR. 2020 · In this episode I explain how, according to ancient documents, the angels sinned by having sex with the daughters of Eve producing demigod offspring. Poseidon encouraged 199 other angels to join him in this evil thing.
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  • Incursion 5: The earth's final moments before the Flood

    9 ABR. 2020 · The goal of this podcast is to describe the earth's final moments before the flood By the end of this podcast you will understand: 1 - Why corruption overtook mankind resulting in the flood 2 - Why God singled out Noah's family to save them 3 - Why America had so much gold 4 - And how and why people ended up in America and 5 - It will then climax with the earth's last moments right before the flood So if that interests you, you have come to the right place!
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  • Incursion 6: They made host bodies for demons

    10 ABR. 2020 · In this podcast I explain how, when the demons were first dispersed on the earth, they experimented with genetics to create host bodies for themselves resulting in the centaurs and minotaurs
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  • Incursion 7: Nimrod like you've never heard

    7 MAY. 2020 · If you want to know the backstory of Nimrod, the unholy trinity and his blood lust revenge for the whore of Babylon, that results in his prophesied resurrection and her murder, then this podcast is for you! Revelator on Bitchute -> https://www.bitchute.com/channel/6wMycT2FDtSx/ Tom Freedom on Bitchute -> https://www.bitchute.com/channel/6wMycT2FDtSx/ This seventh episode in the Incursion series begins with an information packed recap that brings all the others together and continues by telling the story of Nimrod like you've never heard it! Because there is some debate over his story, and rightly so, given the number of peculiarities modern day readers wouldn't understand (and ancient writers would not believe required explanation). I offer a hypothesis that resolves the issues revealing the writings are correct and tying the story together in a revolutionary new way! Enjoy!
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For those who want a deeper understanding of the secret hidden truths pertaining to God and Christianity using the Bible and early authentic Christian historians such as Eusebius and Josephus.

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