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    Rowdy Ramblings: Conspiracy Theories, Cognitive Flops, and Other Wild Tales!

    11 FEB. 2024 · Rowdy Radloff is back! In this episode, Rowdy talks about a range of topics from the status of his podcast, his thoughts on Rowdy Garage Conspiracy Hour, current US state, border crisis, and the growing political divide in the US. He expresses his concerns about the alarming immigration rate, tension in Texas, failings of the government, and discusses the intriguing interview between Tucker Carlson and Russian President, Vladimir Putin. Radloff also explores the cognitive decline of President Biden and the implications this may have on the US. The podcast wraps up with a focus on excess mortality rates and speculation about the role COVID-19 and vaccines may play. 00:12 Introduction and Podcast Background 01:50 Reflections on Personal Life and Podcast Hiatus 02:36 Discussion on Current State of America 03:20 Crisis at the Southern Border 06:26 Political Tensions and Potential Civil War 07:34 Immigration Crisis and its Impact on Cities 11:38 Misuse of Funds and Corruption in Politics 11:57 Controversial Foreign Aid and its Consequences 19:58 Election Discussion and Political Division 22:48 Corruption in Pharmaceutical Industry 26:01 Tucker Carlson's Interview with Vladimir Putin 28:50 Discussing Tucker Carlson's Interview 29:04 Exploring Russia's Historical Claims on Ukraine 29:46 Putin's Interaction with Bill Clinton 30:53 Debating the Honesty of Political Figures 31:07 Questioning the Power Dynamics in U.S. Politics 32:35 Analyzing the Role of Media in Journalism 35:47 Reflecting on Biden's Cognitive Issues 39:46 Discussing Potential Future Presidential Candidates 44:21 Closing Thoughts and Future Plans 44:44 Addressing the Issue of Excess Mortality Rates
    55m 24s
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    Shamu don’t play that shit

    26 MAY. 2023 · I cover recent shark attacks and orcas attacking vessels near Spain. Jeffery Epstein and Bill gates spat. Dianne Feinsteins health. Plus vampire dad consumes from his “blood boy” (special appearance on this episode of Rowd's Dog)
    1h 7m 7s
  • Rowd Is Not Dead Yet

    18 MAY. 2023 · Producer of the show, Derek Releford here. Listen, I love Rowd, he's great. Love the guy. But if I am honest. I feel like he is kind of mean. Not sending me any show notes for this episode. I mean, it could be really dangerous to just let me write what I want. Like I could talk about that time you and Rand Paul held that mexican pizza guy hostage because he forgot your 2 liter of surge. I mean. This could get messy. Anyway. Here is Rowd's new show.
    1h 10m 18s
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    The Rowdcast: The Funspiracy Hour with Brandon Smith

    9 MAY. 2023 · In this episode, Brandon Smith and Jordan "Rowdy" Radloff dive into two very different topics: radio space signals and the infamous Jeffrey Epstein. First, they discuss the recent discovery of a repeating radio signal coming from a galaxy 500 million light-years away. The hosts explore the various theories about what could be causing the signal and what it might mean for our understanding of the universe. Throughout the episode, the hosts use their unique blend of humor and expertise to explore these complex topics and provide insights that will leave listeners informed and entertained. Whether you're a space enthusiast or a true crime buff, this episode has something for everyone.
    1h 17m 32s
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    "The Rowdcast: Mental Health, Rand Paul's Staffer, and THC - A Candid Conversation with Derek Releford"

    4 ABR. 2023 · Welcome back to "The Rowdcast" on the Back Home Media Network. In this episode, Rowdy Rowdy Radloff is joined by special guest Derek Releford to delve into some hot-button issues affecting our society today.The duo discusses the recent stabbing of Rand Paul's staffer, questioning whether it is a result of Rand's constant rhetoric surrounding COVID-19. They also dive into the topic of mental illness, with Derek opening up about his own struggles with bipolar disorder and OCD.Rowd shares his own experiences meeting people who were "not all there," before discussing Derek's impressive feat of eating over 200mg of THC in one sitting. They also talk about the problems the United States faces when it comes to mental illness and the opioid epidemic.Rowd shares his personal story of battling with opiates and making the decision to stop, followed by his experience working in the pharmaceutical industry before starting his current career.This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the important issues affecting our society today. Join Rowd and Derek as they discuss these topics with honesty and insight, providing a fresh perspective on mental health and the opioid epidemic. Don't miss out on this Back Home Media exclusive. Visit backhomemedia.com to learn more.
    1h 52m 57s
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    Twitter Files, Chat GPT, and THC Edibles - Oh My!"

    28 MAR. 2023 · Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to another exciting episode of "The Rowdcast" on the Back Home Media Network. In this episode, Rowdy Rowdy Radloff takes us on another wild ride through the latest and greatest in news and pop culture.Rowd discusses the new Twitter files and the implications they have on privacy and free speech. He also dives into the fascinating world of Chat GPT, exploring the capabilities and potential dangers of AI.Joining Rowd on the show is the one and only Brandon Smith from the Bearded Goods. Together, they delve into the world of creepy internet videos and microdosing THC edibles, offering their unique perspectives and experiences.But that's not all! Rowd also shares his thoughts on the recent interview with Alex Jones, where he famously began to bleed. Through all of this chaos and turmoil, there's one thing we can always count on - the fearless chubby leader himself, Rowdy Rowdy Radloff, to bring us the truth and keep us entertained.So sit back, relax, and get ready for another Back Home Media exclusive. Here is Rowd, ready to take us on a journey of enlightenment and entertainment that we won't soon forget.
    1h 28m 28s
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    They still made a profit, that is the country we live in.

    21 MAR. 2023 · Welcome to the inaugural episode of "The Rowdcast", the newest show on the Back Home Media Network. In this episode, Rowdy Rowdy Radloff breaks his silence and shares his personal journey since his last appearance on the airwaves back in 2017.He takes us through his journey of taking time to prioritize his mental health and family, before delving into the current state of affairs in the country. With the world being hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, Rowd offers a fresh perspective on what's really going on behind the headlines and the mainstream narratives.Through this Back Home Media exclusive, Rowd offers a refreshing take on the current state of affairs, bringing his unique perspective and voice to the conversation. He takes us through the events that have unfolded since his absence, and offers insights and opinions on what they mean for our future.Tune in to "The Rowdcast" and join Rowdy Rowdy Radloff on his journey of self-discovery and enlightenment, and learn more about the world we live in. You won't want to miss out on this thought-provoking and inspiring show. For more information on this and other Back Home Media Network shows, visit backhomemedia.com.
    1h 4m 2s

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourselves for the greatest story ever told. In a world where darkness looms and the truth is often obscured by mis-information, one man was sent to...

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Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourselves for the greatest story ever told. In a world where darkness looms and the truth is often obscured by mis-information, one man was sent to save us all. His name is Rowdy Rowdy Radloff, and he is no ordinary man. He is the only begotten stepson of God himself, sent down to Earth on a mission to save humanity from the forces of evil.With his unwavering faith and unrelenting courage, Rowdy Rowdy Radloff will take us on a journey of epic proportions, leading us through the dark forests of doubt and despair and into the light of salvation. His story is one of hope, redemption, and ultimate triumph, and it is a story that we all need to hear.So sit back, relax, and get ready to be inspired, because this is the best podcast on the planet. Join us as we delve into the life and times of Rowdy Rowdy Radloff, the man who was sent to save us all.
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