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The Russian Spy

  • The story of Sorrento, Italy

    3 JUN. 2024 · It’s been a little while, and at first, I didn’t know what I wanted to share with you and then it came to me. A little story of Sorrento Italy, and a bit of freedom of the soul.
    Escuchado 9m 54s
  • The Russian Spy …win-win new spy tip

    14 ABR. 2024 · You’ll have to listen to find out your new how to be a spy tip …my spy in training.
    Escuchado 2m 17s
  • How did I become able to read minds?

    9 ABR. 2024 · Episode is just what it was titled. No need to give away the rest.
    Escuchado 3m 4s
  • Self Care Spy Tip

    1 ABR. 2024 · I’m not gonna tell you what the tip is. You need to listen to the episode to know.
    Escuchado 4m 5s
  • Names Spy Tip

    14 MAR. 2024 · Also, on video, my dear Spy In Training. But you’re gonna have to search for it. Because I’m a spy. And this is part of the lesson to search for things that are hard to find. OK here’s a link. Heh https://www.tiktok.com/@therussianspyshow
    Escuchado 3m 17s
  • Spy tip : how to blend in

    25 ENE. 2024 · Crucial. You can’t be a spy and be obvious. “Oh look, everyone, there’s a spy!” Can you imagine? Whole plan ruined. Everybody knows who you are. They’re pointing at you. Taking pictures. Cover blown. Let’s talk about a little bit. I keep these brief. To avoid surveillance clocking my location. There is video with this as well. https://www.tiktok.com/@therussianspyshow some rando’s here. You’ll see me going about my day, all over the world sometimes, trying to find my team.
    Escuchado 1m 30s
  • Focus : How to be a spy…tip

    25 ENE. 2024 · Why focus? WHY?!!! We spies have a lot going on. Understatement of the millennia. Focus isn’t easy. Especially for me. But it MUST be for you. Okay. And…me. Here’s how. Kinda. I tend to get a little distracted and lose my… What was I talking about? Topics may include: Espionage tactics Blending in How to focus
    Escuchado 3m 10s
  • Spy Tip 1 on How To Stay On Top Of Game

    21 ENE. 2024 · There are important things to know about how to be a spy. This is one. Tell only your closest closest. And if you have many closest, good. Tell them. More later. Follow.
    Escuchado 1m 53s
  • Ep 1 Trailer-ishy (Things You Must Know)

    20 ENE. 2024 · You will now get a taste of what’s to come. And some explanations of things you must know. Don’t tell anybody. Only your closest closest. And if you have a lot of closest closest, tell them. But watch them closely. That’s a lot of close. I’ve been using that word a little too much. Let’s just say, be careful who you keep close by you. I mean, nearby. But you already know them, so I’m sure you’re aware of this that they’re good people. Otherwise they wouldn’t be close to you. Right? Please say I’m right. Fiction podcast. TheRussianSpy.com If the site isn’t up yet, check back because it’s about to be, and we do things quiet and spy-like-y. The Russian Spy Mission Rarely Accomplished (Or it is, but after a bunch of bullsh**** and obstacles that probably could’ve been avoided. Cough.) Topics: How to be a spy? How to read minds How to share with only those who are friends Welcome to The Russian Spy. 🧥💄👠💫🔎🗝️🔒
    Escuchado 4m 27s

Be a spy. The Russian Spy trains you how. This is from her, but don’t tell anyone: Hallo. Nobody knows my name❤️‍🔥Someone knew it once but I haven’t seen him...

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Be a spy. The Russian Spy trains you how.

This is from her, but don’t tell anyone:

Hallo. Nobody knows my name❤️‍🔥Someone knew it once but I haven’t seen him in ten years. That’s how dangerous it is to know a spy. More dangerous to be one. 🕵️‍♀️

More fun too.

Tips on life and how to be a spy. And stories.

Try at your own risk. ❌

You are responsible for yourself. Always.

We spies take down bad guys all over the world. All of it.

Overreaching? Perhaps.

Do we do it perfectly? Not a chance.

Secretly? Always.

Quietly? Meh. Not really. Sometimes?

Still want to learn?

Don’t tell anyone. If you tell them, tell them NOT to tell.

If you tell them NOT to tell, tell everyone.

We have zero to do with the war. We are against war of any kind. In fact I have never shot anyone. I am vegetarian. Except for pepperoni pizza. Don’t judge.

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Basically, everyone will love this. Could love it. And could become a spy. Join and see. Give it a min. May need to work on bad habits.
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