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  • Sales genius describes how you can unlock your sales potential | Bill Becker

    10 JUN. 2024 · Welcome to a dynamic new episode of "The School of Heritage" where host Temitope Adegoke unpacks the strategies and skills needed to excel in today's competitive sales landscape. This episode, we talk about features an in-depth conversation with sales guru Bil Becker, a top sales strategist with over 35 years of experience. Bill reveals his top techniques for effectively closing deals, including the art of persuasive communication, building lasting client relationships, and mastering negotiation tactics. He shares practical tips and real-world examples that highlight the importance of understanding client needs, addressing objections, and creating value propositions that resonate.
    Played 32m 35s
  • Joe Masterleo throws light on how God is in different religions

    6 JUN. 2024 · In this enlightening episode, we dive deep into the profound and multifaceted nature of God. Join us as we welcome Joe Masterleo, a renowned psychotherapist and clinical social worker, to explore the attributes of God, the ways in which God reveals Himself, and the personal experiences that shape our understanding of the divine. Joe Masterleo begins by unraveling the complexities of God’s attributes—omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence. How can God be all-powerful, all-knowing, and present everywhere at once? 
    Played 28m 37s
  • Expert reveals how to focus on your dream and communicate with God | John Novello

    13 MAY. 2024 · In this special episode of "The Shool of Heritage," host Temitope welcomes John Novello, a Grammy Award jazz pianist & elite mentorand mindfulness teacher, to explore how mindfulness can be a powerful tool for communicating with God and finding calm amidst chaos.With the current state of the world, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and anxious. John Novello shares practical strategies and techniques for integrating mindfulness into our daily lives, even in the midst of uncertainty. From simple breathing exercises to mindfulness practices for dealing with difficult emotions, Temitope and John Novello provide actionable tips for listeners to cultivate inner peace and resilience.
    Played 34m 43s
  • HEALTH Expert: Ways you can discover yourself | Ifeoluwa Adegoke

    18 ABR. 2024 · Welcome to School of Heritage where we sit down with the bold pioneers and visionary leaders who are shaping the future of their industries and changing the world. In each episode, we dive deep into the journeys, insights, and inspirations of our guests, exploring the paths they've forged and the lessons they've learned along the way.In this captivating interview, we have the privilege of speaking with Ifeoluwa Adegoke, a true trailblazer in Mentoring. With a career spanning three years and a passion for encouraging people, Ifeoluwa Adegoke has blazed a trail of innovation and excellence, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.During our conversation, we delve into Ifeoluwa Adegoke early influences and formative experiences, tracing the trajectory of their career from humble beginnings to the pinnacle of success. We explore the challenges they've faced, the risks they've taken, and the moments of triumph that have defined their journey.But leadership is more than just a retrospective. It's an exploration of the future, as we discuss Ifeoluwa Adegoke vision for the industry and the trends that are shaping its evolution. From emerging technologies to shifting consumer behaviors, we examine the forces driving change and the opportunities they present for innovation.Throughout the interview, Ifeoluwa Adegoke shares valuable insights, practical advice, and words of wisdom gleaned from their years of experience. Whether you're a seasoned professional, an aspiring entrepreneur, or simply curious about the world of encouraging people, this conversation offers invaluable lessons and inspiration for anyone striving to make their mark on the world.Join us as we embark on this enlightening journey with Ifeoluwa Adegoke, exploring the intersections of passion, purpose, and innovation that define the lives of true leader. The future is bright, and the possibilities are limitless.
    Played 33m 18s

Welcome to The School of Heritage, where we interact. Join Adegoke Temitope as we dive deep into Education, Health, Business and others, exploring necessary aspect. Each week, we bring you...

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Welcome to The School of Heritage, where we interact. Join Adegoke Temitope as we dive deep into Education, Health, Business and others, exploring necessary aspect. Each week, we bring you engaging conversations, thought-provoking interviews, and insightful discussions with experts, thought leaders. Whether you're a entrepreneur, Writer creative professional, hobbyist, our podcast offers valuable insights, inspiration, and practical advice to help you to grow your business, enhance your skills, explore new ideas. 
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