• Podcast Episodes will Resume in September 2024

    19 MAY. 2024 · The Sill has had a near seven year run, having posted 229 consecutive episodes without interruption, since July 10, 2017, and Harry and I have decided to take a production break. There will be no more new 'The Sill' podcast episodes added from May 6, 2024 to September 3, 2024. We will continue to post references to our existing 229 episode archive, covering an eclectic mix of episodes under 9 separate categories… All of this, and more, will remain available on The Sill website: https://thesillpodcast.com We appreciate and welcome your ongoing feedback and support and we’ll keep you informed of any changes or updates. Duration: 2:03 Posted: May 19, 2024
    2m 3s
  • TSP228 - Hernia Chronicles: Stories of Repair, Recovery, and Resilience

    5 MAY. 2024 · One in four men will have to deal with a hernia in their lifetime. Peter and Harry have a phone discussion about their respective inguinal hernias and compare their private versus public care experiences in Ontario, Canada: Peter at the Shouldice Hospital, Harry at a public hospital. SPECIAL NOTE: While private hospitals are not allowed under Ontario's Private Hospitals Act, Shouldice Hospital is one of seven private hospitals in the province grandfathered under the Act. The hospital has been continuously family run from its inception but is partially publicly funded. Shouldice Hospital - https://www.shouldice.com Duration: 31:39 Posted: May 5, 2024 Highlights - Inguinal hernia repairs - Personal experiences and insights - Surgical procedures and recovery processes - Private vs public healthcare systems - Informative details about hernias - Addressing hernias and seeking medical help - Different surgical procedures (mesh-free vs mesh repair) - Recovery experiences and timelines - Hospital experiences and level of care - Insights and support for others going through similar experiences
    31m 39s
  • TSP227 - My Chess Memoir: Kyle Creamer

    21 ABR. 2024 · It’s an open secret that Peter’s co-host Harry is obsessed with the game of chess, as is The Sill’s interview guest, Kyle Creamer, who harry met at the Bluenose Open chess tournament in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Kyle’s first published book chronicles his journey towards the title of Grandmaster. Kyle Creamer - https://kylecreamerauthor.com Duration: 37:07 Credit: Kyle Creamer reads an excerpt from his book ‘My Chess Memoir” and movie segment from ‘The Life Of A King’. Posted: April 21, 2024 Highlights - Strategic elements of the game of chess - Experiences and insights of guest Kyle Creamer in competitive chess - Mental and emotional challenges of competitive chess - Kyle's experience with chess and its impact on his life - Lessons learned from chess - Self-publishing a book and advice for writers - Challenges and rewards of promoting a book - Supportive and engaging dynamic between podcast hosts and Kyle - Anticipation of a chess match between Kyle and Harry
    37m 7s
  • TSP226 - A Defence of Poetry in the Digital Age

    7 ABR. 2024 · Following Harry’s recent talk at Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Peter reached out to him by phone to discuss the highlights of the presentation and celebrate the release of Harry’s latest poetry book titled ‘Fractures’. Duration: 27:23 Credit: YouTube Segment with Mary Oliver - Wild Geese Posted: April 7, 2024 Highlights - Harry discusses his poetry and latest book release "Fractures" - Peter engages in a conversation with Harry about the relevance of poetry in the digital age and the process of self-publishing - Harry shares insights on poetry, self-publishing, and the importance of poetry in modern times - The conversation delves into the relevance of poetry in the digital age and the impact of self-publishing on the literary world - Harry emphasizes the mystery and depth of poetry and its role in reconnecting people to the natural world and each other - The discussion explores the evolution of language and the impact of consumer culture on communication - Harry highlights the role of poetry in keeping language alive and authentic, countering the superficiality of modern communication - The conversation extends to the process of self-publishing and the challenges and rewards of bringing one's work to the public - Harry shares his motivation for releasing his latest book, 'Fractures,' and the significance of compiling his poetry into a cohesive collection - Harry shares his website where his work is available for reading and purchase, and recites a line from one of his poems, leaving a lasting impression on the host and listeners
    27m 23s
  • TSP225 - A Life of Travel: Stefania Ingrosso

    24 MAR. 2024 · Dreams can become a reality. In this informative and very expressive episode of travel adventures abroad, join our guest and world traveler, Stefania Ingrosso, as she shares her experiences and insights on embarking on her transformative journey, offering a glimpse into the joys, challenges, and rewards of exploring half the world’s countries together as a family. Duration: 39:11 Posted: March 24, 2024 Highlights - Stefania Ingrosso's extensive travel experiences (98 countries and counting) - Her first air travel experience to Disney World in Florida - Her first trip alone to Italy - Her passion for learning and speaking different languages - Meeting her husband and traveling with his children - Her reflections on domestic life and the importance of being present for her children - Her aspirations of moving to the South of France and Florence, Italy - Her writing projects and limited presence on social media - The value of being open to new experiences and destinations - The sacrifices and mental and physical preparation required for a travel-centric lifestyle
    39m 11s
  • TSP224 - Shattered Cultures and Simpler Times

    10 MAR. 2024 · The hosts reminisce on their formative years growing up in the 50’s, 60’, and 70’s, culminating in the question: Was life more straightforward and less fragmented in those days, as compared to life today? Duration: 31:17 Credit: YouTube Segment with Karen Morgan - Every Generation Explained Posted: March 10, 2024 Highlights - Comparison of culture and lifestyle between the 50s, 60s, and 70s and the current times - Changes in technology, information flow, and societal shifts - Impact of increased immigration, technology, and economic shifts - Importance of interacting differently with others and considering values for a good life - Reflection on significant events and information flow during the formative years - Impact of increased immigration and secularization on cultural cohesiveness - Changes in education, societal rituals, and societal landscape - Nostalgia for the simplicity and cohesiveness of the past - Concerns about the loss of compassion, critical thinking, and community cohesion - Emphasis on reintroducing traditional values and practices into the current culture
    31m 17s
  • TSP223 - The Evolution of Evil

    25 FEB. 2024 · The notion of evil is nothing new, but the word itself has become an increasing part of our daily lexicon. Is this word overused? Should we modify our understanding of this word and the way we apply it in our daily life? Duration: 31:27 Credit: YouTube Segment with Ricky Gervais - Invite Hitler Or Little Girl With Food Allergies Posted: February 25, 2024 Highlights: - Concept of evil and its evolution in society - Different types of evil and their connections to religious beliefs - Societal perception of evil in modern times - Empathy for the "bad guy" in movies versus real-world perceptions of individuals in power - Association of "evil" with religious connotations - Historical evolution of the concept of evil - Types of evil: moral evil, natural evil, bodily pain, and mental anguish - Evil as a failure to take action in situations of suffering - Societal perception of evil and its portrayal in popular culture - Impact of the word "evil" in modern discourse and its desensitization
    31m 27s
  • TSP222 - Relevant Voices Return

    11 FEB. 2024 · In acknowledgement of the exponential growth of podcast listeners around the world, The Sill presents a montage of episode segments for those of you who are new to our podcast. This episode includes excerpts from some of our past ‘Planetary Postcards’ and ‘The Undefinable Spirit’ interviews. The complete episodes of the included interviewees, in sequential order: 1. TSP064 - The Undefinable Spirit: Dr. Claudia Six on her book, Erotic Integrity. 2. TSP081 - The Undefinable Spirit: Re-imagining Architecture with Robert Arnone. 3. TSP096 - The Undefinable Spirit: Drew Marshall, a red letter agnostic theist. 4. TSP101 - The Undefinable Spirit: Andrea Bird - Dancing on the curve of life. 5. TSP131 - The Undefinable Spirit: Janet-Lynn Morrison - From 0 to fierce. 6. TSP147 - The Undefinable Spirit: Getting casually baked with Johanna Nuding. 7. TSP148 - The Undefinable Spirit: Andrew Welch - ‘Our Second Chance’, part 1 of 3 - Universal Basic Income. 8. TSP153 - Planetary Postcards: Pietro Noce - Bed & Bike in Southern Italy. 9. TSP156 - Planetary Postcards: Bongiwe Dlamini - Eswatini in Africa 10. TSP162 - Planetary Postcards: Ansgar Bittermann - Brainstorming in Berlin. 11. TSP163 - The Undefinable Spirit: John Arnone - Us and Them: Canada, Canadians and The Beatles 12. TSP170 - The Undefinable Spirit: Just Shrink Bigger - Croc E Moses on the road to home. 13. TSP175 - Planetary Postcards: Paul Denhoed - Talking Washi In Tokyo 14. TSP177 - The Undefinable Spirit: The Choice To Homeschool - Stacey Dittman 15. TSP210 - The Undefinable Spirit: The bassoon takes a bow, with Nadina Mackie. (TSP086 Revised) Duration: 37:38 Posted: February 11, 2024 Highlights: Here are the main topics of discussion present in the podcast description - Gender differences in emotional expression and sexuality - The balance between art and technology in architecture - Experiences with physically and psychologically demanding exercises - Facing mortality and the impact of cancer - Challenging childhood experiences and family dynamics - The exploration of human value systems and societal measures of value - The impact of COVID-19 on business and travel plans - Childhood experiences in rural settings and the impact on perspective - Redemption, personal growth, and the impact of historical and cultural perceptions These topics cover a wide range of personal experiences, insights, and reflections shared by the diverse array of guests on the podcast.
    37m 38s
  • TSP221 - Clearing The Covid Cobwebs

    28 ENE. 2024 · In this post - not - post period of the Covid Chapter, it seems clear that there’s still no absolute clarity about the impact this chapter is having on our individual and collective well being. What happened and how do we gain perspective on that period, and move towards a healing process? Duration: 37:28 Credit: Excess deaths debate on January 16 with UK Parliament member Andrew Bridgen - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ej5Se4gMRA Posted: January 28, 2024 Highlights: - COVID-19 pandemic - Excess deaths - Vaccine efficacy - Public health measures - Societal impact - Uncertainty and anxiety - Erosion of trust in institutions and experts - Importance of individual freedom - Open dialogue and inquiry - Well-being of individuals and societal implications
    37m 34s
  • TSP220 - Baby You Move Too Fast

    14 ENE. 2024 · A conversation exploring the physiological and psychological effects of a hurried lifestyle on people's innate and natural rhythms. As life’s tempo accelerates exponentially around us, how can we, not only cope, but also thrive in this frenetic environment? Duration: 29:01 Posted: January 14, 2024 Highlights: - Impact of technology on the pace of life - Negative effects of constant hurry - Devaluation of language and communication - Lack of thoughtful responses - Art of listening being lost - Physiological and mental benefits of slowing down - Differences in pace between urban and rural life - Impact of technology on writing - Anxiety driven by the fear of mortality - Importance of modeling a balanced approach to time and pace
    29m 1s

From Canada, with Peter Noce, a media producer and technology trainer/tutor and Harry Posner, a writer, author and former Poet Laureate; sharing our interests and passions with you, on 'The...

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From Canada, with Peter Noce, a media producer and technology trainer/tutor and Harry Posner, a writer, author and former Poet Laureate; sharing our interests and passions with you, on 'The Sill'. The original concept of our podcast was to explore areas relating to Art and Technology, evolving into a virtually ‘no limits’ conversation. Neither of us are experts, nor profess to be. We are on the same level as the listener, offering up ideas and thoughts that come from our life experiences, inviting listeners to eavesdrop on what we hope is an enjoyable and interesting dialogue. We discuss artificial intelligence, the power of poetry in the digital age, explore the worlds of tea and coffee, aging, death and dying, and interview a range of fascinating people. The whole point is to both educate and entertain, and to re-enliven the art of conversation.
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