• Beyond the Porcelain Throne: Uncovering the Unexpected in Bathroom Stories

    11 DIC. 2023 · Get ready to laugh your pants off in this hilarious episode of the Strange History Podcast! We dive into some seriously funny bathroom-related news stories that will leave you in stitches. From toilet brush protests to hidden notes and unexpected encounters with reptiles, these bathroom tales will have you rolling on the floor with laughter. Don't miss out on the funniest bathroom stories you've ever heard!
    8m 8s
  • 129 Completely Out of Touch Ways to Land a Man.

    7 DIC. 2023 · In 1959 McCalls put out an article that advised women how to land a man, some of the advice is so far removed from what we know to be appropriate behavior of today. Take a listen and you can hear the standards our parents and grandparents lived by and how far we have come.
    8m 46s
  • Exploring the Mysterious Creatures and Magical Adventures of Icelandic Folklore

    7 DIC. 2023 · In this podcast episode of the Strange History Podcast, we delve into the fascinating world of Icelandic folklore and fairy tales, discussing various mythical creatures and characters, such as Greta the Strong, a legendary outlaw and warrior, and Deacon John, a figure known for his pact with the devil and practice of black magic. We also explores the story of a fisherman who takes a selkie, a creature that can transform from a seal into a human, as his wife, and the adventures of Freya, a young girl who discovers a collection of Icelandic dolls in her attic and embarks on a magical journey with them. The episode provides a captivating glimpse into the enchanting and sometimes dangerous creatures that populate Icelandic folklore.
    28m 28s
  • Beyond Life and Death: Exploring the Book of the Dead

    20 SEP. 2023 · In this podcast episode, we're gonna dive into the history and importance of the Book of the Dead in ancient Egyptian culture. We'll talk about why it was created, what it looked like, and how it helped guide people through the afterlife. We'll even check out some cool examples, like the Pyramid Text and the Papyrus of Ani, to get a better understanding of what these books were all about. And get this - each book was personalized for the individual, with special details and illustrations that were believed to have magical powers. So, if you're curious about ancient Egyptian beliefs and culture, this episode is gonna be right up your alley. Let's get started!
    8m 50s
  • The Epic of Gilgamesh: The Bad Boy of Ancient Mesopotamia

    8 SEP. 2023 · In this episode of "Strange History," we delve into the timeless epic of Gilgamesh, but with a twist – we're exploring the ancient hero as the ultimate bad boy of Mesopotamia. Join us as we uncover the daring exploits, wild adventures, and rebellious spirit of Gilgamesh, the legendary figure who refuses to play by the rules. Discover how this fearless ruler shook the foundations of his world and left an indelible mark on history as the original bad boy of epic tales.
    11m 54s
  • Secrets of the Sumerians: Unearthing the World's First Great Civilization

    30 AGO. 2023 · Join us on a captivating expedition back in time as we delve into the enigmatic realm of the Sumerians, a civilization that laid the foundation for human progress. In this episode, we unlock the mysteries of their advanced culture, ingenious inventions, and the birth of writing itself. From the epic tales of Gilgamesh to their intricate city-states, we unearth the secrets that shaped the cradle of civilization and continue to influence our world today.
    28m 48s
  • Simpsons Spectrum: Unearthing Oddities, Predictions, and Beyond in the World of Springfield

    26 AGO. 2023 · Join us as we dive deep into the iconic world of 'The Simpsons,' exploring its strangest secrets, uncanny predictions, and enduring cultural impact. Each episode, we uncover hidden gems, dissect classic moments, and decode the show's genius. Whether you're a lifelong fan or just curious, our podcast is your ticket to the wacky, satirical, and ever-entertaining universe of 'The Simpsons.'"
    6m 28s
  • From the 1st Viral Cat Video to the Lightbulb, Thomas Edison Had a Shady Past!

    21 AGO. 2023 · Discover the fascinating life and groundbreaking inventions of Thomas Edison, the prolific inventor known for bringing light to the world with the incandescent bulb, revolutionizing music with the phonograph, and shaping the entertainment industry through early motion pictures. Join us as we explore the genius and innovation behind 'The Wizard of Menlo Park'.
    8m 52s
  • Ghostly Antics at Yerkes Observatory - Casper's Cosmic Cousins

    20 AGO. 2023 · In this episode, we take a step back in time to unearth the intriguing history of the Yerkes Observatory Ghost. Join us as we journey through the annals of this iconic astronomical institution, tracing the origins of the ghostly legend that has haunted its halls for generations. We'll explore the tales, anecdotes, and mysteries that have shrouded Yerkes Observatory in an enigmatic and historical atmosphere, shedding light on the enduring intrigue of this venerable scientific landmark. Track: "Spooky Sting"Music provided by https://slip.streamFree Download / Stream: https://get.slip.stream/m00WXd
    5m 29s
  • Behind the Bun: Exploring the Mysterious McDonald's Illuminati Conspiracy

    17 AGO. 2023 · Delve into the intriguing world of conspiracy theories with our podcast episode on the McDonald's Illuminati conspiracy. Join us as we explore the wild claims and speculative stories that suggest a hidden connection between the fast-food giant and the secretive Illuminati society. From hidden symbols in logos to celebrity endorsements, we'll separate fact from fiction, shed light on the origins of these theories, and discuss the importance of critical thinking when encountering sensational narratives.
    7m 41s

Truth can be stranger then fiction, tune in to hear all the weirdly wonderful and sometimes not so wonderful history that has shaped the world into what it is today....

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Truth can be stranger then fiction, tune in to hear all the weirdly wonderful and sometimes not so wonderful history that has shaped the world into what it is today.

From the most wild to the most mundane we find the strange in history you may never have heard about.

If you have an idea for an episode please email strangehistorypod@gmail.com
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