• Dawn Anderson-Butcher Swordsport S2 Ep.8

    16 MAR. 2024 · 🎙️ In the episode of the Swordsport Podcast Don Anthony sits down with Dawn Anderson-Butcher, the co-executive director of LifeSports at The Ohio State University, for a thought-provoking conversation on the role of youth sports in today's society and its intersection with the sport of fencing. Dawn brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, boasting an impressive background as a professor at the College of Social Work and affiliate faculty member in Human Sciences at OSU. Dawn is a leading authority in sport-based positive youth development, afterschool programming, and school mental health practice. As they delve into the discussion, Don and Dawn explore the profound impact that youth sports can have on young athletes, not just in terms of physical skills development, but also in fostering essential life skills such as teamwork, resilience, and leadership. Drawing from her own experiences as a college athlete and coach, Dawn sheds light on the transformative power of sports in shaping the character and values of today's youth. With a focus on inclusivity and accessibility, Dawn and Don examine how the principles of positive youth development can be applied within the realm of fencing, a sport renowned for its discipline and mental fortitude. From grassroots initiatives to high-performance training programs, they discuss strategies for creating an environment where every young athlete has the opportunity to thrive and reach their full potential. 🤺🌟
    49m 13s
  • Mika Guillen Swordsport S2 Ep.7

    10 MAR. 2024 · This week Don sits down with Mika Guillen, a remarkable individual whose journey into the world of fencing took an unconventional route. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mika found herself embarking on a thrilling adventure that would change her life forever. Mika shares her unique story of how she became friends with an OSU fencer who recommended she join the team when they were looking for a foilist Without prior experience in the sport, Mika's leap of faith led her to a world of elite athletes and Olympians, where she found herself on a journey of self-discovery and growth. From the initial skepticism to overcoming challenges and earning the respect of her teammates, Mika's resilience shines through as she reflects on her transformative four-year journey. With the support of her teammates and mentors like Don Anthony, and Elvis Gregory Gil. Mika navigated the intricacies of fencing, mastering the fundamentals from scratch and eventually finding her stride on the strip. As Mika prepares to graduate and move on to new horizons, she reflects on the profound impact fencing has had on her life. With a newfound passion and dedication, she shares insights on her plans for her future in fencing and in her career at Google. Join us as we celebrate Mika's inspiring journey, filled with perseverance, camaraderie, and the unwavering determination to embrace the unexpected twists and turns that life has to offer. Don't miss out on this captivating conversation that reminds us all of the power of seizing opportunities and forging our own paths, no matter where they may lead. Tune in now! 🤺✨
  • Miranda Freedman Swordsport S2 Ep.6

    3 MAR. 2024 · Join Don Anthony in an enlightening episode of the Swordsport Podcast as he delves into the intricate world of collegiate foil fencing with Miranda Freedman, a junior foil fencer for the Buckeyes. Through heartfelt anecdotes and candid reflections, Miranda reveals the profound bond she shares with her teammates, offering insights into the unique personalities and dynamics within the Buckeye fencing community. From heartwarming tales of late-night study sessions to lighthearted banter on competition trips, Miranda paints a vivid picture of camaraderie and support among the squad. In a poignant conclusion, Miranda imparts invaluable advice to aspiring fencers, emphasizing the importance of cultivating a multifaceted identity beyond the confines of the sport. Her message resonates with authenticity and wisdom, offering a profound reminder of the power of self-discovery and personal growth. Don Anthony's engaging interview style coupled with Miranda Freedman's candid insights makes this episode a must-listen for fencing enthusiasts and athletes alike. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of the athletes that define collegiate fencing at Ohio State University.
    38m 2s
  • Edriss Ndiaye Swordsport S2 Ep.5

    26 FEB. 2024 · Join Don Anthony in an insightful episode of the Swordport Podcast as he delves into the intricate dynamics and dedication of the foil squad, featuring a candid conversation with Edriss Ndiaye, senior foil fencer from The Ohio State University and 2024 Central Collegiate Fencing Conference champion in Foil. In this episode, Don and Edriss explore the essence of team cohesion and performance excellence within the foil squad. Edriss shares invaluable insights into the role of leadership, highlighting the pivotal contribution of their coach, Elvis Gregory Gil, in fostering unity and communication among team members. Through open dialogue and mutual respect, the foil squad maintains a transparent training environment, where every fencer's input is valued and acknowledged. Discover how the foil squad's collective mindset and unwavering commitment to each other create a foundation for success, both on and off the strip. Edriss reflects on his journey in the sport, expressing gratitude for the lessons learned and the personal growth attained through fencing. As the conversation unfolds, Edriss candidly discusses his decision regarding the future of his fencing career, emphasizing the importance of being present in the moment. Despite uncertainties, his dedication to fostering inclusivity and representation in fencing remains unwavering. Tune in to gain profound insights into the ethos of the foil squad and the transformative power of sport in shaping character and community. Don Anthony's engaging interview style coupled with Edriss Ndiaye's authenticity makes this episode a must-listen for fencing enthusiasts and beyond.
    29m 40s
  • Nolan Williams Swordsport S2 Ep. 4

    21 ENE. 2024 · In this episode of the Swordsport Podcast, host Don Anthony engages in a conversation with Nolan Williams, a sabre fencer from The Ohio State University. Nolan spoke about his journey through his fencing origins to how he ended up a Buckeye. Nolan also describes the unique challenges and triumphs of being a student-athlete, offering a compelling glimpse into the world of fencing at the collegiate level.
    39m 6s
  • Swordsport 2023 Ep. 3 Media Panel

    15 OCT. 2023 · In this episode of the Swordsport Podcast, we bring you a panel discussion that delves into the world of media and its impact on the sport of fencing. Hosted by Don Anthony, our panel comprises seasoned media professionals with a shared passion for fencing and a wealth of experience in various mediums such as video production, web design, journalism, photography, and podcast production.
    33m 43s
  • Swordsport 2023 Ep. 2 Sam Cheris

    8 OCT. 2023 · Join us for an enlightening episode of the Swordsport Podcast as Don Anthony sits down with the Sam Cheris. Sam takes us on a journey through his rich history in the sport, from his early days as a high school and college fencer in New York to his role in establishing the first varsity fencing program at Stanford University. Sam's contributions to fencing extend far beyond the fencing strip. He has worn numerous hats in the fencing community, including serving as treasurer for USA Fencing. Interestingly, he worked alongside Don when Don held the position of President of USA Fencing. Tune in as Sam Cheris shares his unique perspective on the evolution of fencing and his significant impact on the sport. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the fascinating history and development of fencing in the United States. Don't miss the captivating conversation between two influential figures in the world of fencing.
    59m 57s
  • Swordsport 2023 Ep. 1 Paul Veltrup and Julieta Toledo

    1 OCT. 2023 · In the debut episode of the newly re-launched Swordsport Podcast, we delve deep into the thrilling realm of collegiate fencing. Join us as Don Anthony, the Head Fencing Coach at The Ohio State University, engages in a captivating conversation with Paul Veltrup, a junior Epee fencer who proudly clinched the 2022 NCAA silver medal. Originating from Germany, Paul's path to OSU was paved with the accolades of a distinguished junior career. Adding to the excitement, Paul's parents, visiting The Ohio State University for the first time, share their unique perspective on supporting their son's NCAA fencing journey all the way from Germany. Discover the challenges and joys of following an international athlete's rise in this engaging family discussion. But that's not all! In this inaugural episode, we also have the privilege of sitting down with Julieta Toledo, a former OSU Fencing Team captain and an Olympic Sabre fencer representing Mexico. Julieta recently embarked on a new adventure in her fencing career, having been appointed as the Director of Operations for the Ohio State University Fencing team. As she takes on this coaching role, she's simultaneously pursuing her dreams of representing Mexico at the Paris Olympic Games in 2024. Join us as we explore Julieta's remarkable journey, where she balances coaching responsibilities with her ongoing quest for Olympic glory in her native Mexico.
    40m 26s
  • Ep. 14 Aldo Montano

    23 ABR. 2018 · On a recent trip to Italy, Don Anthony sat down with former Olympic and World Sabre champion Aldo Montano. Aldo spoke about what it was like to be the third generation Olympic fencer from his family and how he is working currently to represent athletes in the sport of fencing
    14m 56s
  • Ep. 13 Olga Kharlan

    10 ABR. 2018 · Don speaks with Olga Kharlan at the Junior World Championships about her past success as a four-time Junior World Champion. Don and Olga also discuss a variety of topics including athlete sponsorship, her new role with the FIE and her recent success at the last grand prix event.
    12m 29s

NEW EPISODES COMING SOON! Weekly Podcast hosted by Don Anthony. The show features news and events in the world of Fencing. Plus, a weekly interview segment with members of the...

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NEW EPISODES COMING SOON! Weekly Podcast hosted by Don Anthony. The show features news and events in the world of Fencing. Plus, a weekly interview segment with members of the fencing community.


Fans of the sport of Fencing who like to keep up with the latest news concerning rules and regulations, tournaments, rankings, national teams, collegiate, and youth. Also, fans that would like to hear interviews with some of the top fencers, coaches, and officials in the sport.
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