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The T. Gerard Williams Show

  • Live Remote with Von Treats and Party

    11 AGO. 2020 · This impromptu interview was conducted at a Farmers Market at Mt. Hermon AME Church, Von Treats and Party set up the booth displaying all of the baked goods and they were so appealing that it required more than a casual glance., One sample and I was hooked. One purchase later I was officially a fan for life. I had to let you know and so I am sharing this to the whole listening community. Von Treats and Party 786.284.5044 Call them right away!
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  • A Candid Conversation With Shannon Campbell and Guests

    3 JUL. 2020 · Shannon Campbell - Candidate for Council Seat 1 in the City of Miami Gardens hosts a dynamic conversation about current and trending topics. Moderated by T. Gerard Williams of Massive Leverage Digital Marketing Agency. Topics centered around Voting, Mental Health, Public Safety and the upcoming election, Guests: Julie Becker “retired” to Miami in 2015 where she runs 16+Vote (a voter registration organization), co-leads the WAGs (Women’s Action Group, formerly Women for Andrew Gillum) and chairs the Blue Wave Coalition Miami-Dade which brings together progressive groups to adopt one or more precincts and execute an aggressive GOTV plan from now until the election centered around door to door VBM. Angela C. Brinson, Ph.D. is a Licensed School Psychologist and Pediatric Cannabis Consultant. She is also the C.E.O. and Clinical Director of PsychEd Solutions Community Behavior Health Center. Dr. Brinson is a native of Miami Florida and received her doctoral degree from Barry University. In her years as a psychologist she has developed highly specialized assessment and counseling skills, as well as a compassionate and professional work ethic with a wide variety of clients. Mr. Aaron Campbell Jr. is a native Miamian. Upon graduating from high school (Miami Northwestern), he joined the United States Air Force where he served for four years before returning to Miami, Florida. He began his career in law enforcement where he rose through the ranks from Police Officer, Sargent, Lieutenant, Bureau Commander, to Police Major with Miami Dade Police Department. Campbell earned his Bachelor degree in Criminal Justice & holds a graduate level certificate in Public Administration from Florida International University, and he is a graduate of the Federal Bureau of Investigation Command Officers Academy. He retired after serving for 31 years of law enforcement with the Miami Dade Police department. Shannon Campbell is always searching for avenues to grow personally and professionally. She is a fighter for Education as evidence by her successfully raising a son as a single mother after the passing of his father. Youth & young adult initiatives are dear to her that’s why she became an educator. She has molded young people into positive productive citizens through reading skills & entrepreneurships. She is innovative & dynamic within her community & beyond. She serves on the City of Miami Gardens Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC). Where the members are the liaison between the city & the public as it relates to matters of public importance involving the Police Department. She was appointed to serve because she is a positive forward progressive thinker. She is a graduate of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Citizens Academy (Miami Branch). She is an active member of Antioch Missionary Baptist Church Social Justice Ministry, where she fought for ex-felons rights to be restored. She is a member of People Acting for the Community Together (P.A.C.T). P.A.C.T uses power of large organized people to hold public officials accountable to create systematic change in Miami-Dade County. Senior relations are additional things that Shannon enjoys. Whether it’s fishing trips, attending the circus, Meet me Monday’s or Bingo. Shannon is a fan of the Small Business because she wants everyone to succeed. Shannon bring work to the table and a voice for the people. She is a people person. This is evident by the high number of people who approach her with questions & concerns on a consistent basis. Shannon Campbell has a master’s in Leadership. For six years, she’s been elected as a steward for Broward Teachers Union. As well as serving on the School Advisory Committee (SAC). Shannon shows excellence in her field, knows how to manage power, use influence as leverage, & have passion for her public and the professionals around her. Our next Town Hall meeting will be July 7, 2020. Please join us!
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  • Group Economics - The Way of the Future Economy

    11 JUN. 2020 · Our sponsor shares the amazing benefits of group economics and how our listeners can be a part of it. Give a listen and you just might be amazed.
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  • Take a Break Wednesday

    20 NOV. 2019 · Musie for your listening pleasure.
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  • Lutz Buddy Up - Miramar Event

    7 SEP. 2019 · Lutz Buddy Up - Miramar is a social club for Military Veterans and First Responders to share a fellowship and a comradery that can only be shared by those who serve and have served. Come learn about the resources available that you may not be aware of. There is no hidden agenda, no membership dues or fees. We are convinced that none of us ever has to be alone...we are a band of brothers! September 18, 2019 is our first meeting at 7pm 3600 S. State Road 7 Miramar, FL 33023 Main Conference Room
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  • Living My Best Life

    8 FEB. 2019 · Just lighting up the airwaves with some of the best music around. Take a ride along with us and make the best of your day in the best possible way! If you are interested in carrying on the conversation...at the end of the episode you will be given a quick opportunity to leave a message. I will shout out to you if you will shout out to me!!
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  • Friday Musical FunFest

    25 ENE. 2019 · Chilling musically on a Fantastic Friday!! Great vibes all around...just the right place at just the right time. Enjoy the show with us!!
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  • The Wednesday Special

    23 ENE. 2019 · A laid back Wednesday afternoon with some cool sounds and some strong vibes to have a great day no matter what. Listen in and enjoy the ride.
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  • Live Interview with the Authors of "Wounded For My Destiny"

    8 ENE. 2019 · This is an impactful, heart wrenching live interview with authors Tiffany Denmark Belle and William Belle, Jr. as they share their inspiring story in the book..."Wounded For My Destiny" which is the true story of how they together overcame the devastating accident leading to traumatic brain injury of Mr. Belle. This is a must read for those who believe that anything is possible.
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  • Live interview with Mr Eddie Kane 2018

    1 ENE. 2019 · My guest Mr. Eddie Kane is an self-proclaimed, American street fashion model and influencer. He is bringing new meaning to the term “fashion model!” He doesn’t seek approval or recognition from the fashion industry! His unique and different style is encouraging others to set their own trend. His ultimate goal is to influence and develop a society where every style is cool because the person wearing it says it is! Don't miss this conversation!
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"If You Are Talking About It...It's Because We Are Talking About It!!" A Talk Show that deals with current issues across the global stage. As a business development promoter, we...

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"If You Are Talking About It...It's Because We Are Talking About It!!"

A Talk Show that deals with current issues across the global stage.

As a business development promoter, we share the passions of business owners as they seek to brand their business and themselves while effectively monetizing their bottom line.
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