• Working To Ban The Jab - Dr. Joseph Sansone

    17 JUN. 2024 · He's "a psychotherapist opposed to psychopathic authoritarianism"! Tom's guest today, Dr. Sansone, is the catalyst for the “Ban the Jab” movement. He was instrumental in getting the GOP executive committee in 10 Florida counties to join the effort. Sansone believes if Hillary Clinton had been President in 2020 the lockdowns, mandates, etc. would not have happened because Republicans would have fought for freedom. Instead, we've seen GOP lawmakers on the Federal and state levels go along with a Republican President and many Republican Governors. Dr. Joseph Sansone is a psychotherapist specializing in clinical hypnosis. Dr. Sansone has a B.A. in psychology, a M.S. in clinical mental health counseling, and a PhD in psychology. Dr. Sansone says, "Truth influences other people". This is why we must speak the truth!
    1h 36m 25s
  • Motivated To Make A Difference

    14 JUN. 2024 · Glenn Newman and his wife Karen started a movement to educate & motivate people to make a difference in their community 15 years ago. Glenn is the founder of MOVCAC.com (Motivate Organize Volunteer Citizens Action Coalition). Tom talks with Glenn about the attack on homeschoolers and our freedoms in general. His organization has a Trump Train Parade Rally scheduled for Saturday, July 6th starting in Marietta, OH.
    1h 38m 9s
  • The Rebel Patient - Dr. Margaret Aranda

    13 JUN. 2024 · Dr. Margaret Aranda was bedridden for a dozen years after an accident. She tell her story of how she became The Rebel Patient. Her story will not only inspire you to be an advocate for your loved ones, but also inform you on how you avoid the deadly hospital protocol.
    1h 26m 37s
  • Government Official: Attack The Homeschoolers

    12 JUN. 2024 · More than one official in WV believes there's too many homeschool students in the state! Listen as Wood County, WV BOE candidate Chad Conley and WV GOP Delegate Jonathan Pinson share their thoughts on the efforts of some to "attack the homeschoolers".
    1h 19m 1s
  • Homeschool Laws On Trial

    11 JUN. 2024 · Homeschoolers in West Virginia enjoy freedoms today that were not possible 30 years ago. Christian parents and many other advocates for educational choice/freedom have fought tough battles to get to where we are now. But the horrific case of a teenager's death in Boone Co., WV is being used to erode those advancements. Roy Ramey is the President of the WV Home Educators Association and vows to stand for those hard-fought freedoms for homeschooling families.
    1h 29m 51s
  • Tyrannicals Coming After Homeschoolers

    10 JUN. 2024 · WV Gov. Jim Justice and Senate President Craig Blair and others are pushing for stricter homeschool regulations after the death of Kyneddi Miller. Nevermind that Justice instilled fear in all students by repeatedly giving the Covid death numbers for three years. Blair enemy and GOP Senator Robert Karnes is a homeschooling parent who believes the attempt is aimed at him and other homeschooling lawmakers.
    1h 10m 36s
  • Make "Homeschooling" The Scapegoat?

    7 JUN. 2024 · WV Delegate Kathie Crouse (R-Putnam) joins Tom to talk about the recent press conference regarding the death of Kyneddi Miller - the 14 year old who was supposedly being homeschooled in Boone Co., WV. Some lawmakers and other government officials have indicated a desire for stricter homeschool requirements. Crouse, a homeschool mom and advocate, says the laws already in place need to be followed, not additional ones.
    1h 42m 44s
  • A Conversation With WV Delegate Jim Butler

    6 JUN. 2024 · Jim Butler, a Marine Corp Veteran and GOP WV Delegate from Mason Co. talks with Tom about everything from Joe Mancin's political future to the CPS Case and lack of transparency from the Jim Justice administration.
    1h 32m 56s
  • We Told You So

    5 JUN. 2024 · Rush Limbaugh's bestselling book, "See, I Told You So", was written more than two decades ago, but the titles comes to mind now the facts are coming out about the Government's response to Covid. Congressional hearings have shown that Dr. Fauci and others knew all along that there was no science behind social distancing and other restrictions. Study after study now proves that the vax has caused numerouse health problems and mass casualties. Many are starting to come around, but at least one talk show host and his guest today, Dr. Bret Barker, DNP, were right all along - "it was all about control" and it was "pre-planned".
    1h 13m 6s
  • The Fauci Fallout

    4 JUN. 2024 · Conspiracy theorists have been proven right! There was NO science behind masking, social distancing, lockdowns, etc. The truth about "Gain of Function" is coming out and the lie about "Safe and Effective" vaccines is being exposed. Tom shares thoughts about, along with clips from, the Congressional hearing with Dr. Fauci.
    52m 38s

The “Straight Shooter” returns! Tom Roten is the former host of the #1 rated local talk show in the Huntington, WV market. The Tom Roten Morning Show aired for more...

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The “Straight Shooter” returns! Tom Roten is the former host of the #1 rated local talk show in the Huntington, WV market. The Tom Roten Morning Show aired for more than two decades – urging listeners to consider different ideas than what they have always been taught.For 22 years, Roten discussed politics, current events, and controversial issues with hard-hitting opinion and featured local, state, and national guests. For its entirety, it was the #1 talk show in the Huntington, WV market. The most recent ratings period showed the station overall at #5 in the market, #1 for AM stations (highest ever ranking).Tom built a reputation of holding politicians and government accountable in West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio. His efforts have been recognized in numerous ways. Tom has been honored several times by the WV Broadcasters Association for excellence in broadcasting. The KY Baptist Convention recognized Tom with their annual Integrity Award for “accurate, fair and balanced coverage of faith issues” in 2018. The Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels presented a plaque commissioning Tom Roten as a Kentucky Colonel in 2021.Tom is from Glenville, WV and graduated from Gilmer County High School. He attended Marshall University where he began working at the college radio station in 1986. He has worked at various commercial stations including WSGB in Sutton, WV and WVHU in Huntington, WV.Tom, his wife and four sons, live in Barboursville, WV where they are active in the community and serve in various ministries at their church, Bloomingdale Baptist.
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