• Blueprint for Change: Approach to Transformative Leadership with Michael Ford

    10 MAY. 2024 · Join us on The Uncompromise Podcast for our season finale with Michael Ford, Senior Vice President of Global Real Estate and Security at AT&T, a visionary leader whose dynamic approach has redefined the integration of technology and real estate. In this insightful episode, Michael shares the profound impact of his community and upbringing on his leadership style and professional journey. He discusses the critical role of inclusivity in the workplace and how diversity enriches corporate culture, creating win-win scenarios for all stakeholders. With a career spanning formidable roles at Microsoft and now at AT&T, Michael elucidates the strategic decisions that propel operational excellence and safeguard company assets while enhancing the global workspace. Michael also opens up about the challenges that push him out of his comfort zone, the leaders who have shaped his path, and offers advice he would give to his younger self about navigating the complexities of corporate leadership. His forward-thinking mindset and dedication to cultivating a culture of excellence make this episode a compelling narrative on leadership, innovation, and community impact. As we explore Michael’s strategies for change and his insights into effective leadership, listeners will gain valuable lessons on steering large-scale operations towards sustainable success and making meaningful impacts in their fields. Tune in to hear how Michael Ford is not just navigating but actively shaping the future of corporate real estate and security at one of the world’s most influential companies.  
    30m 35s
  • Leading with Authenticity: A Psychological Approach to Leadership with Anton Vincent

    3 MAY. 2024 · Discover the dynamic world of Anton Vincent, a visionary leader whose influence spans globally recognized brands at Mars Wrigley North America & Global Ice Cream. In this episode of The Uncompromise Podcast, Anton shares how his upbringing in Jackson, Mississippi shaped his approach to leadership and his relentless pursuit of growth and transformation within the corporate sphere. Anton's career trajectory from General Mills to Mars illustrates his exceptional ability to drive substantial value creation and reposition major consumer portfolios for accelerated growth. His strategic insights are enhanced by his roles on various industry boards and his impactful presence as a global enterprise leader. Tune in to explore how Anton crafts environments that foster sustained growth, his philosophy on leading transformative change, and the ways he navigates the complexities of being a boundaryless leader in today's fast-paced world. Through stories of risk-taking and influential leadership, Anton imparts valuable lessons on making a significant impact both within and beyond the boardroom.   Listen to this episode to gain insights into the strategies that have allowed Anton to excel as a leader and his vision for the future of consumer engagement and corporate leadership.  
    45m 38s
  • Shaping Communities: The Transformative Impact of Darren L. James, FAIA, NOMA

    26 ABR. 2024 · In this episode of The Uncompromise Podcast, we sit down with Darren L. James, FAIA, NOMA, the influential President and equity partner at KAI Enterprises. With a career that intersects design, construction, and executive leadership, Darren shares his holistic approach to building projects that echo the cultural and social fabric of communities. He uncovers the power of trust in bringing equity to neighborhoods and reveals the strategic vision behind KAI’s impactful work. Dive into the narrative of iconic projects like the South Oak Cliff High School and the Fair Park redevelopment—a testament to Darren's commitment to heritage and inclusivity. We discuss the delicate balance of progress without displacement and explore the hesitancy behind initiating change.  Key moments in the episode: - The roots of Darren’s values and his vision for equitable architecture - Insight into Fair Park’s transformation and the goal to enhance community spaces - Darren’s advice to his younger self and the pivotal experiences that have defined his leadership style  This conversation not only charts Darren's personal and professional milestones but also lays out a blueprint for the next generation of leaders to follow. Tune in to hear a story of resilience, innovation, and dedication to leaving a legacy that goes beyond buildings—shaping the very soul of communities.
    50m 53s
  • Leading with Intention: The Path to Transformative Leadership with Brooke Armstrong

    19 ABR. 2024 · Join us on The Uncompromise Podcast as we explore the insightful journey of Brooke Armstrong, a seasoned leader who is shaping the future of real estate through innovation and strategic foresight. In this episode, Brooke opens up about her roots, the challenges of standing firm in her values, and the strategies she's mastered to be seen and heard in diverse boardrooms. We delve into Brooke's key tactics for encouraging innovation within her teams, and how her experiences across various organizations have culminated in her becoming a transformative force in the industry. From the toughest lessons learned through adversity to the art of navigating change, Brooke shares valuable wisdom gleaned from her impressive career trajectory. Listen in as Brooke reflects on the delicate balance between professional drive and personal life, offering candid advice to her younger self and all aspiring leaders. Control the controllable, she advises, a mantra that has guided her through the complexities of managing vast real estate portfolios and achieving personal growth. Tune into a conversation that's not just about reaching the top but transforming the landscape along the way.
    40m 42s
  • Leadership Across Generations: The Carlisle's Legacy of Service and Innovation

    12 ABR. 2024 · Join us in an inspiring dialogue with Kimberly and Ansley Carlisle on The Uncompromise Podcast. This mother-daughter duo exemplifies leadership bridged across generations, uniting servant leadership with innovative foresight. Kimberly Carlisle, an esteemed legal mind and an advocate for public service, shares her insights drawn from her experiences at some of the world's busiest airports. Her journey from Spelman College to the forefront of aviation law encapsulates a story of tenacity and commitment to community development. Ansley Carlisle continues the legacy as an investor at Mark Cuban Companies, bringing a fresh perspective to venture capital. Her transition from environmental engineering to empowering new businesses signifies a pivotal shift in embracing her entrepreneurial spirit amidst global change.  This episode delves into: - The essence of servant leadership intertwined with deep-rooted faith. - Ansley's influential role in venture capital and her innovative podcast for entrepreneurs. - The critical moments that shaped their careers and impact on leadership. - Challenges of accessing capital and why inclusivity is a benefit for all. - Navigating and excelling in environments of diversity. Experience the unique synergy between Kimberly and Ansley as they navigate leadership roles in spaces where representation is crucial. Learn from their experiences on standing out and making a difference while upholding values that resonate with inclusivity and empowerment. Tune in to embrace the wisdom and dynamism offered by the Carlisles, as they share their vision for a future where leadership is inclusive, innovative, and influential.  
    45m 58s
  • "Life is good!”, The Pursuit of Editorial Excellence and Personal Passion with Christine Perez

    5 ABR. 2024 · Dive into an inspiring discussion with Christine Perez, the esteemed editor of D CEO, a publication heralded as the country's best regional business magazine. In this episode of our podcast, Christine shares her experience at the helm of D CEO's digital operations and the Dallas 500, shedding light on the traits that define successful leaders in North Texas and beyond. Join us as Christine delves into the commonalities of high achievers, narrates powerful stories of overcoming fear and adversity, and reveals effective change management strategies. She reflects on moments of unwavering conviction, the influential leaders who have shaped her path, and the most significant shifts occurring in the business landscape and her life. Christine also offers sage advice to her younger self, discusses the untapped wisdom she feels the world has yet to fully embrace, and explores the complexities of professional relationships with friends. Her journey is not only about career achievements but also about maintaining a vibrant lifestyle in downtown Dallas, where she enjoys downhill skiing, Michigan football, and the thrill of dirt bikes, all while embracing an eco-friendly, car-free lifestyle. Whether you're a rising professional, a seasoned executive, or simply someone passionate about leadership and personal growth, this episode provides a wealth of experience and thoughtful guidance for anyone aiming to lead with integrity.
    1h 17m 6s
  • Trust and Triumph: Navigating Corporate America with Vicki Blanton

    29 MAR. 2024 · In this episode of The Uncompromise Podcast, we are honored to feature Vicki D. Blanton, a legal luminary and influential leader whose work extends beyond the courtroom into the heart of community service and advocacy. As Assistant Vice President – Senior Legal Counsel for AT&T Inc., Vicki oversees significant legal responsibilities encompassing defined benefit and savings plans, showcasing her profound expertise in ERISA litigation and corporate governance. With a steadfast commitment to professional development and community upliftment, Vicki serves as the First Vice President of the Executive Board of the Dallas Bar Association and has been a driving force behind numerous philanthropic endeavors. Her involvement ranges from being a Founding Member of the Village Giving Circle at the Texas Women’s Foundation to holding pivotal roles in organizations like Broadway Dallas and the SMU Dedman School of Law. Vicki’s dedication to justice and equality is further demonstrated through her leadership in the J.L. Turner Legal Association and her contributions to the Texas Bar Foundation, where she has been instrumental in championing initiatives like the Equal Access to Justice campaign. Join us as Vicki shares insights from her distinguished career, her approach to overcoming challenges within the legal profession, and her unwavering commitment to fostering diversity and addressing the gender wage gap. Discover how her personal and professional journeys reflect a relentless pursuit of excellence and a dedication to making a tangible impact.  
    38m 54s
  • Leadership through Change: Change Management, and Data-Driven Decisions with Ronald C. Parker

    22 MAR. 2024 · In this enlightening episode of The Uncompromise Podcast, we sit down with Ronald C. Parker, an esteemed leader and advocate known for his strategic vision and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). As President and CEO of The National Association of Securities Professionals and former leader of The Executive Leadership Council, Ronald has spent decades influencing the highest levels of corporate America and advocating for underrepresented communities. Throughout his illustrious career, Ronald has not only shaped corporate strategies but has also been a pivotal force in promoting DEI across various sectors. Drawing from his extensive experience at PepsiCo and serving on numerous boards, including the Baylor Scott & White Hospital and Howard University’s School of Business, Ronald shares invaluable insights into fostering inclusive environments and the power of representation. In this episode, Ronald delves into the critical importance of change management, explaining how effective leadership can guide organizations through transformative periods. He underscores the necessity of adopting a data-driven approach to decision-making, illustrating how data can inform strategies and lead to more equitable outcomes. Listen as Ronald Parker discusses the integration of DEI initiatives into corporate culture, the nuances of managing change in dynamic environments, and the significance of leveraging data to drive impactful decisions. This episode is a masterclass in leadership and innovation from a man who has not only witnessed but also instigated change at the nexus of business and society.
    1h 4m 55s
  • Sports, Family, and Faith! Building Legacy through Leadership with Tim and Terrence Maiden

    15 MAR. 2024 · In this compelling episode of The Uncompromise Podcast, we delve into the lives and careers of Terrence and Tim Maiden, two brothers who have significantly impacted the Dallas community and beyond. Terrence Maiden, the visionary Chairman of the Maiden Foundation, has dedicated his career to uplifting communities and fostering positive change through numerous initiatives. His remarkable journey in real estate as the CEO and Managing Partner of Russell Glen Company showcases his commitment to revitalizing urban spaces, most notably with the redevelopment of the Shops at RedBird. His leadership spans across various sectors, contributing significantly to the growth and development of the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Joining Terrence is his identical twin brother, Tim Maiden, whose expertise in the finance industry and dedication to education and nonprofit work mirror the impactful leadership of his brother. As a Banking executive and an adjunct professor at the University of North Texas at Dallas, Tim has influenced the banking sector and educational frameworks to create pathways for future leaders. His work extends to various community organizations, highlighting his commitment to public service and community development. In this episode, the Maiden brothers share their inspiring stories, from their beginnings in Fort Worth and their collegiate football careers at Texas Christian University to their impressive professional achievements and philanthropic efforts. Discover how their shared values, work ethic, and dedication to their community have shaped their paths and how they continue to drive change and foster leadership in others. Tune in to hear how Terrence and Tim Maiden are not only shaping the physical and economic landscapes of their community but are also building a lasting legacy of leadership, service, and inspiration.
    47m 14s
  • Social Impact Through Food and Urban Agriculture with Whitney Strauss

    8 MAR. 2024 · In this enlightening episode of The Uncompromise Podcast, we sit down with Whitney Strauss, Senior Counsel at Sunwest, whose career has been a beacon of strategic leadership and dedication to corporate social responsibility. Whitney's collaborative efforts have significantly expanded services in strategic planning, fund development, and process management, primarily focusing on civic projects and nonprofit organizations. Whitney's journey through the realms of nonprofit and corporate social responsibility has seen her making impactful contributions to organizations such as the AdvoCare Foundation, March of Dimes, and the Dallas Regional Chamber. Her commitment to societal betterment is further highlighted by her extensive board service, including her work with the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum and Texas Ballet Theater, emphasizing diversity and inclusion in every sphere she touches. As an acclaimed author of children's books, Whitney combines her passion for storytelling with her commitment to social change, a journey she continues as she pursues a doctoral degree in behavioral science and organizational development at SMU. Her goal? To deepen her impact as a specialist in social change and community impact. Join us as Whitney shares insights from her multifaceted career, her approach to leadership in complex environments, and her vision for a more equitable and engaged society. Discover how Whitney Strauss is not just witnessing change but actively shaping it, inspiring others along the way.
    57m 30s

The Mission: Creating a safe and comfortable yet professional atmosphere where top executives in corporate leadership can share and learn. We aim to disrupt systems inhibiting inclusivity and growth through...

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The Mission: Creating a safe and comfortable yet professional atmosphere where top executives in corporate leadership can share and learn. We aim to disrupt systems inhibiting inclusivity and growth through vulnerability and diverse perspectives. We will bring visibility to the "realness" of these executives and the challenges they face while navigating the corporate landscape, and provide tactical methods for enacting change.

The Objective:
  1. Provoke deep thought: Challenging conventional norms and stimulating intellectual growth by discussing diversity and changing the corporate system.
  2. Vulnerability and Emotional Connetion: A safe space to share fears, adversity, and victories. Encouraging change by embracing vulnerability.
  3. Drive Positive Change: Empower listeners by providing practical insights and strategies directly linked to success in disrupting outdated systems and driving meaningful change.
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