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  • Power Plays and Political Maneuvers

    26 MAR. 2024 · From political power plays to historic sports victories and groundbreaking achievements, this episode has it all. First on the agenda, we unpack the aftermath of Putin's claimed landslide victory in a stage-managed election, delving into the implications for Russia's political landscape and international relations. In a courtroom drama, we discuss the judge's decision to deny Trump's bid to block Michael Cohen from testifying in the hush money case, shedding light on the legal battles surrounding the former president. Meanwhile, Stormy Daniels denies allegations as she faces pressure to testify, adding another layer of intrigue to the ongoing legal saga. Sports fans, rejoice! We celebrate the Jackson State women's basketball team punching their ticket to the 2024 NCAA tournament, marking a historic achievement for the program and the university. In political news, we analyze Trump-backed candidate Bernie Moreno's victory in the Ohio Senate primary, exploring the implications for the upcoming elections and the GOP's future. On the courts, Grambling's thrilling overtime victory against Montana State sets the stage for an epic showdown with Purdue, igniting excitement among college basketball fans nationwide. In the business world, we examine Trump's reported panic mode as a bond deadline looms, teasing his return to the stock market with an upcoming media merger. Shifting gears, we celebrate Morgan State University's record-breaking achievement of receiving the highest number of single-year patents awarded among all HBCUs, highlighting the university's commitment to innovation and research excellence. In a touching moment, Vice President Harris reaches out to congratulate Grambling State after their historic NCAA win, underscoring the significance of representation in sports. But not all news is uplifting, as we discuss the arrest of a father who repeatedly called an elementary school to complain about his son's homework, raising questions about parental involvement and school communication. Lastly, we explore Trump's anticipated return to the stock market through an upcoming media merger, analyzing the potential impact on the media landscape and his political aspirations. And in a welcome development, Lincoln University's president gets reinstated, marking a victory for the university community and the fight for academic leadership. With such a diverse range of topics, this episode of "Insight & Impact" promises to inform, entertain, and inspire meaningful conversations. Tune in now to stay ahead of the curve with the stories shaping our world!
    16m 8s
  • A Podcast Episode of Political Turmoil and Trailblazing Triumphs

    19 MAR. 2024 · From political standoffs to historic achievements, this week's lineup promises to keep you on the edge of your seat. First up, we delve into the Israel-Hamas war ceasefire talks, which have stalled as Ramadan begins, shedding light on the complex dynamics of conflict resolution in the Middle East. Shifting gears to domestic politics, we explore the Biden campaign's efforts to translate its support from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) into electoral support, highlighting the crucial role of these institutions in shaping national politics. In a significant development, US Housing Secretary Marcia Fudge announces her retirement, signaling a changing of the guard in the Biden administration and raising questions about the future of housing policy. Meanwhile, the House passed a bill that could potentially lead to a TikTok ban, underscoring the ongoing debate over privacy and national security concerns in the age of social media. In a courtroom drama, the father of the Michigan school shooter is found guilty of manslaughter, bringing a measure of closure to a tragic chapter in the nation's ongoing gun violence crisis. On the sports front, we celebrate the historic achievements of women's college basketball sensation Malaysia Fulwiley, whose stellar performances both on and off the court have captured the nation's attention. In a nod to privacy rights, Airbnb announces a ban on all indoor security cameras, addressing growing concerns about surveillance in the sharing economy. Excitement builds as the CPKC stadium prepares for its historic debut this weekend, promising a new era for sports fans in the region. However, not all news is positive, as ride-sharing giants Uber and Lyft announced plans to exit Minneapolis following the city council's decision to establish a driver pay increase, sparking debate over labor rights and corporate responsibility. Lastly, TikTok's favorite congressman, Jeff Jackson, faces backlash after he supports a bill that could lead to the platform's ban, highlighting the complexities of navigating political allegiances in the digital age. With such a diverse range of topics, this episode of "The Weekly Pulse" offers insights, analysis, and perspectives that are sure to inform and inspire. Tune in now to stay informed about the issues shaping our world!
    16m 34s
  • Viral Sagas and Legal Victories: The Week's Unmissable Stories

    12 MAR. 2024 · From viral sensations to pivotal legal decisions, this week's lineup promises to captivate and inspire. First up, we delve into the phenomenon of Reese Teesa's viral 52-part series, "Who TF did I marry?" Explore the twists and turns of this captivating saga that has taken social media by storm, sparking conversations and curiosity across the globe. In a momentous legal victory, the Supreme Court unanimously rules to restore Trump to the 2024 presidential primary ballots. Unpack the implications of this decision and its potential impact on the upcoming election season. Turning to the realm of politics, we bring you breaking news as Mississippi Senate Bill 2726 is declared dead, failing to move forward. Examine the factors at play and the implications for legislative priorities and public discourse. On the consumer front, we discuss a significant development from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which caps credit card late fees at $8. Learn how this new regulation aims to protect consumers and promote financial fairness. In a surprising twist, former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley suspends her 2024 presidential campaign, reshaping the landscape of the upcoming election cycle. Explore the factors behind this decision and its ramifications for the political arena. In sports news, we highlight the evolving narrative of women's college basketball, as the sport continues to make strides and rewrite its story. Celebrate the achievements and advancements of female athletes as they redefine the game. Finally, in honor of Women's History Month, we shine a spotlight on Dawn Staley, a trailblazing figure in the world of basketball. Learn about her remarkable journey and the lasting impact she has made on the sport and beyond. With such a diverse and compelling lineup, this episode of "The Weekly Insight" promises to inform, entertain, and inspire meaningful conversations. Tune in now to stay ahead of the curve with the stories shaping our world!
    16m 23s
  • Fire and Fury: Revelations and Resilience

    5 MAR. 2024 · Get ready for a riveting episode of our podcast as we dive deep into the week's most compelling headlines on "The Weekly Insight"! Join us as we unpack a diverse array of topics that have captured the nation's attention. First on the docket, we delve into the tragic news of a US airman who set himself on fire outside the Israeli embassy, resulting in his untimely death. Explore the circumstances surrounding this shocking event and its implications on international relations. In lighter news, we discuss AT&T's response to a widespread outage by offering $5 account credits to affected customers. Delve into the customer service strategy behind this decision and its impact on consumer trust. On the sports front, we analyze the NFL Competition Committee's proposal for a new kickoff rule change. Discover the potential implications for gameplay and player safety as the league strives for innovation. Shifting gears to the political arena, we examine the implications of Michigan's primaries, which send warning signs for both Biden and Trump. Unpack the electoral dynamics at play and the implications for the upcoming elections. In a shocking development, Wendy Williams' guardian is accused of robbing another client in a $30 million lawsuit. Explore the legal ramifications of these allegations and their impact on Williams' ongoing battles. Turning to the realm of entertainment, we discuss serious allegations as a male producer accuses Sean "Diddy" Combs of sexual assault. Delve into the complexities of power dynamics in the music industry and the #MeToo movement. Meanwhile, Reese Teesa captivates social media with her viral 52-part series, "Who TF Did I Marry?" Explore the allure of this captivating saga and its impact on online discourse. In international news, we mourn the loss of more than 100 lives in Gaza as the death toll surpasses 30,000 due to a devastating aid wait. Reflect on the humanitarian crisis unfolding in the region and the urgent need for global action. Closer to home, we discuss the proposed bill that threatens the closure of three Mississippi HBCUs, sparking concerns about educational equity and access. Examine the implications for students and communities impacted by these potential closures. Ending on a hopeful note, we spotlight the innovative efforts of Alabama A&M University students who have created food packaging that could make food safer and extend shelf life. Discover the potential impact of this groundbreaking research on food safety standards. Lastly, we discuss the CDC's decision to drop its 5-day COVID isolation rule, sparking debate and uncertainty as the pandemic continues to evolve. With such a wide-ranging lineup, this episode of "The Weekly Insight" promises to inform, engage, and inspire meaningful conversations. Tune in now to stay informed about the issues shaping our world!
    17m 45s
  • Shaping the Future: A Podcast Episode of Power, Progress, and Perseverance

    27 FEB. 2024 · Join us for an exhilarating ride through the latest headlines on The Weekly Pinch! This week's episode is packed with a diverse range of topics that will keep you informed and engaged. First, on our agenda, we explore the determination of Navalny's widow as she vows to continue his work to free Russia. Dive into the complexities of Russian politics and activism as we discuss the ongoing struggle for freedom and democracy. In financial news, we unpack the blockbuster deal as Capital One announces its plans to acquire Discover for a staggering $35 billion. Discover the implications of this acquisition and what it means for the banking industry moving forward. Turning to cybersecurity, we delve into the FBI-led takedown of the dark website belonging to the LockBit cybercrime gang. Gain insight into the world of cybercrime and the efforts to combat it on a global scale. In the realm of music history, we celebrate a groundbreaking achievement as Beyoncé becomes the first black woman to earn a country number 1. Explore the significance of this milestone in the context of Beyoncé's illustrious career and the evolution of country music. On the legal front, we discuss a landmark ruling by the Alabama Supreme Court, which declares embryos to be children. Delve into the ethical and legal implications of this decision and its potential impact on reproductive rights. In a historic moment for the U.S. Coast Guard, a Tougaloo College alum makes history as the highest-ranking black woman in the organization's 233-year history. Learn about her journey and the significance of diversity and inclusion in the armed forces. But amidst the triumphs, we confront sobering news as Wendy Williams is diagnosed with primary progressive aphasia and dementia. Explore the challenges of living with these conditions and the importance of raising awareness and support. Tech enthusiasts, brace yourselves as AT&T experiences a massive outage across America, disrupting communication and connectivity for millions. Gain insight into the causes of the outage and its implications for the telecommunications industry. And in international affairs, we delve into the Biden administration's imposition of more than 500 sanctions on Russia over the Ukraine war and Navalny's death. Analyze the geopolitical implications of these sanctions and their potential impact on global stability. Lastly, we examine the leadership shakeup at Boeing as the head of the 737 Max program is removed. Explore the fallout from the Boeing 737 Max crisis and the company's efforts to regain trust and confidence in its aircraft. With such a diverse and compelling lineup, this episode of The Weekly Pinch promises to inform, inspire, and ignite meaningful conversations. Tune in now to stay ahead of the curve with the news that matters most!
    15m 33s
  • Power and Peril: The Week's Most Pressing Issues Unveiled

    20 FEB. 2024 · In this episode, we bring you a comprehensive rundown of the latest headlines shaping our world. From the aftermath of the Kansas City Chiefs parade shooting to the escalating tensions between Ukraine and Russia with Ukraine's claim of a critical strike on a Russian warship, we delve into the global events capturing headlines and driving conversations. In the realm of politics, we analyze Tom Suozzi's victory in a special election, a win for Democrats that follows the expulsion of George Santos, along with the House of Representatives' historic decision to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Shifting gears, we highlight Sally Beauty's impactful "Rooted in Success" event series, which aims to empower HBCU students by connecting them with black founders in the beauty industry. Plus, we unveil the top 16 seeds for the upcoming 2024 NCAA Tournament, offering insights into the teams poised for success. We investigate the shocking revelation of a bribery scheme involving 70 NYC housing workers, described as the largest in DOJ history, shedding light on the complexities of urban governance and accountability. Lastly, we take a look at the verdict in Donald Trump's New York fraud case where he was ordered to pay $355 million. Join us as we navigate through these stories and more, providing in-depth analysis and thought-provoking commentary to keep you informed and engaged. Tune in to "The Weekly Pinch" and stay ahead of the curve with the news that matters most.
    13m 16s
  • Breaking News Blitz: From Super Bowl Triumphs to Legal Dramas, This Episode Has It All!

    13 FEB. 2024 · Strap in as we take you on a whirlwind journey through the most captivating headlines of the week. First on the docket, we celebrate the thrilling victory of the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LVIII. Join us as we relive the excitement of the game and analyze the standout moments that led to their triumph on the gridiron.But amidst the cheers, there's also somber news. We discuss the recent conviction of Jennifer Crumbley, mother of Ethan Crumbley, for involuntary manslaughter. The legal saga surrounding the tragic school shooting case has gripped the nation, and we delve into the implications of this verdict. In the world of entertainment, we explore the shockwaves sent through reality television as Kandi Burruss announces her departure from "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." With Andy Cohen responding to her exit, the future of the beloved franchise hangs in the balance. Shifting gears to the political arena, we dissect the Supreme Court's hearing on the removal of Donald Trump from the Colorado ballot. This high-stakes case raises crucial questions about the intersection of law and politics, and we break down the arguments presented before the highest court in the land. Sports enthusiasts, get ready for big news! The Colorado Buffalos make waves by naming NFL Bengals' Robert Livingston as their new defensive coordinator, signaling a bold move for the team's future. And in a game-changing announcement, ESPN, Fox, and Warner Bros. team up to unveil a groundbreaking new sports streaming platform set to launch in the fall of 2024. Prepare to revolutionize how you experience sports entertainment like never before! But wait, there's more! A renowned historian known for accurately predicting previous presidential elections since 1984 makes a bold forecast: Joe Biden will win the 2024 election. We dive into the data and analysis behind this intriguing prediction. Lastly, music mogul Beyoncé takes the beauty world by storm with the announcement of her new hair care line, "Cecred." Discover the latest trends and innovations in the beauty industry as we explore Beyoncé's foray into hair care. With a lineup this diverse and exciting, this episode of "The Weekly Pinch" is not to be missed. Tune in now to stay informed, entertained, and ahead of the curve with the news that matters most!
    17m 32s
  • Breaking Boundaries: From Baseball Legends to Billionaires - A Podcast Episode of Revelations and Trends

    6 FEB. 2024 · In this jam-packed episode of "The Weekly Pinch," we've got all the latest headlines covered, giving you a comprehensive rundown of the most intriguing stories from the past week! First up, we dive into the exciting news that the Negro League Baseball Museum is offering free admission all Black History Month, thanks to the Royals' generous support. It's a fantastic opportunity to explore and celebrate the rich history of African American baseball players. Next, we uncover the drama behind Keith Lee's tip to Sweetly Seasoned food truck in Dallas, leading to an unexpected turn of events. The intersection of celebrity and small businesses makes for a compelling story you won't want to miss. Then, we discuss the recent fallout between TikTok and major artists as Universal Music Group and the platform struggle to reach a licensing agreement. What does this mean for the future of music for some of the most popular artists on TikTok? We break it down for you. Shifting gears, we explore the surprising decision by billionaire Ken Griffin to withdraw his financial support from Harvard University. Hear what prompted this move, and what he had to say regarding it. Plus, get ready for the return of Wendy Williams to TV with an upcoming Lifetime documentary. We delve into the details of her highly anticipated comeback and what viewers can expect from this revealing documentary. And that's not all – we also cover Dolton, IL Mayor Tiffany Henyard's announcement of a $1 million giveaway on Facebook, Amazon's latest trend of tiny homes among millennials and Gen Z, and the growing interest in alternative housing solutions amid soaring housing costs. With so much to unpack, this episode of "The Weekly Pinch" is guaranteed to keep you informed and entertained. Tune in now to stay up-to-date on the stories shaping our world!
    9m 58s

The Weekly Pinch is your go-to podcast for a quick and comprehensive rundown of the week's most buzz-worthy news stories! This podcast is your ticket to staying informed without the...

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The Weekly Pinch is your go-to podcast for a quick and comprehensive rundown of the week's most buzz-worthy news stories! This podcast is your ticket to staying informed without the usual overwhelm.

Join us as we dive into the latest headlines curated from the popular online news blog, Pinch News. Known for its bite-sized news stories that pack a punch, Pinch News delivers the most relevant and intriguing updates from around the globe.

Each episode of The Weekly Pinch brings you a concise yet insightful recap of the week's events, covering everything from politics and technology to entertainment and beyond. Whether you're on your morning commute or winding down at home, our podcast ensures you're up-to-date on what's happening in the world.

Don't miss out on staying informed and entertained – subscribe to The Weekly Pinch now and let us keep you in the loop with the news that matters most!
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