• #62 - Robin Morgan

    12 JUN. 2024 · The hilarious Robin Morgan chats to Chris on the show this week, sharing a variety of worst times from the safety of his Cardiff studio shed!  Robin reveals the worst job he had which coincided with the early days of social media, the car journey which left him a tad rattled and the comedy gig he almost certainly never actually invoiced for!  Robin is at the Fringe this year and he's on tour all this autumn. Go check out his website for details. Please note: there is swearing in this episode, including a very naughty word (although it is very funny when it is said).
    19m 36s
  • #61 - Dutty Moonshine

    5 JUN. 2024 · Dutty Moonshine AKA Mr Michael Rack steps up to the challenge of sharing his worst times on the podcast this week from backstage at a slightly damp Bearded Theory Festival!  Mike tells Chris about the time he was supposed to DJ in Ukraine but a hurricane had other ideas, the time he couldn’t quite keep it clean on a live broadcast and the time he hit problem after problem whilst performing at multiple festivals around the country with the Dutty Moonshine Big Band.  Catch Mike on tour playing multiple festivals with the Big Band throughout 2024 and watch out for their big 10 year anniversary plans in 2025! And please note – there’s a lots of swearing in this episode.
    25m 14s
  • #60 - Stuart Goldsmith

    29 MAY. 2024 · The brilliant comedian and podcaster Stuart Goldsmith joins Chris Arnold for episode 60 of the Worst Time Podcast!  Stu's worst times include being duped by an online advert for a local concert, a stressful airport customs experience and a pickpocket who wasn't quite up to scratch.  Plus, Stu recounts his time on Conan O'Brien's show, why he’s now focusing on climate comedy and what does Chris need to do to make his podcast as successful as Stu's one?  Check out Stu’s website to find out more about him, his tour dates and his podcast!
    25m 50s
  • #59 - Ria Lina

    22 MAY. 2024 · The very funny Ria Lina joins Chris in the midst of her Riawakening tour on the Worst Time Podcast this week!  She chats about her time as a Pointless guest-host, how her audience need to start bringing their kids to her shows and why selling tea towels could be a merchandise option for her moving forward. Plus the heckle during her Live At The Apollo performance which almost derailed her set but didn’t quite and why sending d**k pics could be a more complex moral quandary than you think!  Ria is on her debut tour at the moment with her show Riawakening, check out her website to see when she is coming to a town near you!
    23m 33s
  • #58 - Jeremy Vine

    15 MAY. 2024 · The broadcasting legend that is Jeremy Vine takes time out of his busy schedule and chats to Chris on the Worst Time Podcast this week!  Jeremy runs through a memorable Fall gig that he attended with his brother Tim, a penny farthing accident he won’t forget in a hurry and the sign that had an alteration following a TV interview. Plus the pair recount the time Chris and his Dad went on Jeremy’s Channel 5 show, and how a serial prankster got the better of Jeremy a few years back.  You can catch Jeremy Vine on Channel 5 and BBC Radio 2 every weekday, and he has a book on the way – watch out for that!
    27m 28s
  • #57 - Michelle Brasier

    8 MAY. 2024 · The fabulous comedian, singer and actor Michelle Brasier chats to Chris from Australia (oooh the podcast has gone international) and shares her worst times with the show!  Fresh from performing off-Broadway in New York, Michelle recounts the baffling online scam which resulted in a whole new show being created as well as a truly chaotic trip which included the US, Canada and Scotland! Plus respect for Helen Mirren, lockdown purchases and the coolness of Bristol.  Michelle is touring the UK & Ireland this year with her show Reform. Go check her out! And please note, there is plenty of swearing in this episode!
    29m 58s
  • #56 - Jonny Owen

    1 MAY. 2024 · Actor, presenter and daytime DJ Jonny Owen shares his worst times with Chris on the podcast this week!  Jonny recounts a lonely show in Wolverhampton, getting names muddled and the Xmas Eve drinkathon which he’ll never repeat again!  Plus – the beauty of daytime parties and why the kebab is an underrated takeaway!  You can catch Jonny DJing at Day Fever all over the UK and you can hear him presenting the BBC Sounds podcast Strike.
    21m 27s
  • #55 - Jo Caulfield

    24 ABR. 2024 · Comedian and writer Jo Caulfield joins Chris for a very funny, and in parts very touching, episode this week on the Worst Time Podcast.  Fresh from a relaxing holiday in Malaga, Jo recounts some tremendous tales including waitressing for badly behaved policemen, accidentally becoming a peeping tom and being compared to someone’s dog.  Also – doing gigs in Saltburn, harsh feedback from TV producers, meeting George Michael & George Martin (double George!) and much more.  Jo is on tour all over the place (including Saltburn) with her show Here Comes Trouble and her book The Funny Thing About Death is available from all good online bookstores!
    31m 34s
  • #54 - Dheanasaur

    17 ABR. 2024 · Comedian, sketch maker and TikTok icon Dhean Morris AKA Dheanasaur joins Chris to share his worst times on the podcast this week!  Dhean reminisces on how he threw his nana around for the internet (in a nice way), how recreating a bank robbery for a sketch brought him a hell of a lot of stress and how he once ended up in a bathtub with the host of this very podcast.  Plus, not one, but two urine-related stories. Don’t say we never treat you on this show!  You can join the hundreds of thousands of people that follow Dhean on TikTok and Instagram! Just seach Dheanasaur.
    29m 14s
  • #53 - Alasdair Beckett-King

    10 ABR. 2024 · Comedian, animator, author and the king of going viral, the brilliant Alasdair Beckett-King joins Chris to share some of his worst times on the Worst Time Podcast.  ABK reminisces of the tube station fall which might have turned his beard hair white, the filming experience in a museum which resulted in him being frog-marched out through the gift shop and the vegan haggis experience that wasn’t quite so vegan after all.  Plus – dealing with frosty comedy crowds, spending hours making short form content and how to deal with a Burns Night invitation.  Alasdair is on tour at the moment with his show Nevermore, plus there’s a new Montgomery Bonbon book on the way – watch out for that!
    29m 49s

People love to talk about their achievements & milestones, but actually we all know the best stories stem from when things completely fall apart and go terribly wrong! The gig...

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People love to talk about their achievements & milestones, but actually we all know the best stories stem from when things completely fall apart and go terribly wrong! The gig that was a disaster, the TV show where your part got written out, the holiday where you lost all your baggage and had to go hiking in your flip flops - everyone has a few tales of woe up their sleeve and Chris Arnold is a man who wants to hear as many of them as possible! Cue a podcast and vessel for these stories - The Worst Time with Chris Arnold.
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