• Is Tom Delonge of Blink 182 correct about Aliens

    15 AGO. 2023 · Title: "Aliens, UFOs, and Blink 182: Unraveling the Congressional Hearings" Description: In this hilarious episode of The Wrants Show, hosts John and Matt dive headfirst into the mind-boggling world of congressional hearings on Aliens and UFOs. Buckle up, folks, because things are about to get extraterrestrial! Join John and Matt as they dissect the recent congressional hearings that had everyone talking. With their signature blend of humor and wit, they explore the jaw-dropping testimonies, mind-bending theories, and the burning question on everyone's minds: Was Tom Delonge from Blink 182 actually onto something? Prepare to laugh out loud as John and Matt hilariously break down the most outrageous moments from the hearings. From politicians trying to pronounce "extraterrestrial" to the awkward silence that followed some of the more outlandish claims, no stone is left unturned. But it doesn't stop there! Our dynamic duo takes a deep dive into Tom Delonge's involvement in the UFO community. Was he just a rockstar with a wild imagination, or did he possess insider knowledge that the rest of us were oblivious to? John and Matt hilariously debate the possibilities, leaving no conspiracy theory unexplored. So, whether you're a believer, a skeptic, or just looking for a good laugh, tune in to The Wrants Show as John and Matt hilariously dissect the latest congressional hearings on Aliens and UFOs. Get ready for a wild ride filled with laughter, absurdity, and maybe even a few revelations. Don't miss out on this extraterrestrial extravaganza!
    12m 57s
  • TikTok Cooking Influencers

    11 AGO. 2023 · In this uproarious episode of "The Wrants Show," hosts John and Matt embark on a side-splitting culinary adventure as they dive headfirst into the world of cooking influencer videos on TikTok. Get ready for a hilarious rollercoaster ride as they uncover the minds behind these outrageously crazy cooking recipes that have taken the internet by storm. #tiktok #cooking #influencer
    2m 20s
  • Why Women Love Cuffing Season?

    10 AGO. 2023 · John and Matt, the dynamic duo of The Wrants Show, return from their much-needed vacation, bursting with energy and ready to unleash their prowess. In this uproarious episode, they dive headfirst into the perplexing question posed by Matt: why do women find fall and winter so romantic, when all it seems to be is cold and wet? As the show ensues, John and Matt dissect the contrasting perspectives on romance during the colder seasons. With their trademark wit and charm, they share personal anecdotes, engage in playful debates, and even attempt to uncover the secret behind this enigmatic phenomenon. However, amidst the laughter, John finds himself facing a practical dilemma – the size of his house. Matt wonders if John’s abode is simply too big for him to efficiently cool and heat without resorting to solar panels. TheWrants.com #romance #relationships
    7m 25s
  • $5,000 who finds Eve Tilley-Coulson a husband

    13 JUL. 2023 · Who says money can’t buy love? Sick of being single, a wannabe bride is offering a hefty “referral bonus” to anyone who successfully finds her a groom. “So I feel like paying $5,000 for a husband who’s vouched for, meets my needs and is ready for a real relationship is totally worth it,” said Tilley-Coulson with a laugh. #EveTilleyCoulson #husband #tiktok
    19m 52s
  • MAGA needs to Bud Light BioSteel Rainbow Twist

    30 JUN. 2023 · maga #budlight #biosteel Title: "Boycott Alert: The Rainbow Twist Controversy" Description: On this episode of Matt & John's podcast, the hosts delve into a hot topic that has captivated public attention: the potential boycott of the sports drink Rainbow Twist by BioSteel, proposed by supporters of the MAGA movement. Drawing parallels to the Bud Light boycott of the past, Matt and John discuss the reasons behind this call for action and the potential impact it could have on BioSteel's market presence. Tackling the controversy head-on, Matt and John analyze the arguments put forth by those advocating for the boycott, examining the perceived political implications associated with Rainbow Twist. They explore the potential motivations behind the call to action and the concerns expressed by members of the MAGA community, seeking to shed light on the different perspectives surrounding this issue. Throughout the episode, Matt and John encourage critical thinking and open dialogue, providing listeners with a balanced analysis of the situation. They examine the potential consequences of such a boycott, touching on topics such as consumer activism, corporate responsibility, and the power of collective action. Listeners can expect an engaging discussion filled with thought-provoking insights as Matt and John navigate the complexities of the Rainbow Twist controversy. Tune in to this episode to gain a comprehensive understanding of the arguments surrounding this proposed boycott and to explore the broader implications it may have on the ongoing discourse around politics and consumerism.
    19m 45s
  • Trump has a Probation Officer

    14 JUN. 2023 · The leader of the Law & Order party now has a probation officer. #maga #trump #gop #politics
    5m 10s
  • The GOP has retired Law & Order

    14 JUN. 2023 · The Republican Party has officially retired being the party of Law & Order after their current simping for Trump. #maga #trump #gop #trumptrain
    3m 37s
  • Trump has been indicted…..Again!

    14 JUN. 2023 · In this video, Matt and John take on the latest Trump indictment from Miami in their own unique way. Buckle up for a wild ride, because these two don't hold back. They break down the charges with their signature humor and sarcasm, leaving no stone unturned. Their analysis is insightful and informative, but don't expect a dry, boring lecture. Matt and John spice things up with their witty banter and hilarious commentary. Whether you're a die-hard Trump supporter or a fierce critic, you won't want to miss this entertaining and informative breakdown. So grab some popcorn, sit back, and prepare to laugh and learn with Matt and John. #maga #trump #gop
    4m 44s
  • Is Stan Lane Lauren Boebert’s Daddy?

    13 JUN. 2023 · Professional wrestler Stan Lane has taken two paternity test to prove that he isn’t the father of Lauren Boebert. Do you blame him? #laurenboebert #stanlane #wcw #wwe #gop #maga
    10m 2s
  • Lauren Boebert’s Mother, Husband & New Boyfriend

    12 JUN. 2023 · In this episode Matt & John deep dive into MAGA warrior Congresswomen Lauren Boebert’s mother, her husband, and her new boyfriend. #laurenboebert #maga #gop
    4m 45s

No one is safe from the wrath of The Wrants. John is a former musician, married, father of 4. Matt is a former music industry executive, and father of 2....

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No one is safe from the wrath of The Wrants. John is a former musician, married, father of 4. Matt is a former music industry executive, and father of 2. They bring stories from around the world that you won’t hear anywhere else.

Never filtered, slightly moronic, possibly offensive, always clean, and so much randomness that you’ll wish they would just shut up already!

Trigger Warning: You’ll love us one episode and hate us the next episode.
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