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This Organized Life: Organizing Tips for Busy Moms to Declutter, Boost Productivity, & Simplify Life

  • Tip of the Week- Organizing Your Medicine Cabinet

    20 MAY. 2024 · Hey Friends, Today’s tip came to me after Logan was rummaging through the medicine cabinet looking for allergy meds (geez, the pollen is bad this year!) May is a great time to go through your supplies to refresh and replenish things like: - Allergy meds - Bug spray - Antihistamines - Ibuprofen - Sunscreen - First Aid Supplies It’s always better to be proactive and have your staple supplies on hand rather than needing something and having to run out. Happy Organizing! Laurie P.S. If you have an organizing question, we’d love for you to be part of our show!  Check out our new Ask An Expert Series! https://simplyborganized.as.me/askanexpert
    6m 42s
  • 5 Tips for an Organized Party | Ep 388

    16 MAY. 2024 · Hey Friends, Today we’re talking about 5 Tips for an Organized Party.   Monday’s tip of the week was all about my favorite party planning tool- Pinterest!  If you haven’t already listened, here’s a link to the episode. https://simplyborganized.com/2024/05/13/tip-of-the-week-organize-your-party-planning-with-this-simple-tool/ Whether you’re having a backyard bbq, or a full on bash-the strategy surrounding planning an event remains the same.  In this episode I unpack 5 areas that are key to streamlining the party planning process:  BUDGET- Determining your overall budget is essential to making sure that you don’t overextend yourself financially.  Once you have your overall budget, you can then allocate funds to the different areas: food, decorations, etc. THEME-Clarifying what type of party you’re having “casual, sit down, adults-only, family friendly” are all important pieces of the party puzzle. Once you nail this down, it removes a lot of the overwhelm and decision fatigue. ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES-Establish who is only your team and what their job is. Are you outsourcing food or is someone in charge of the grill?  Who is doing the centerpieces? Do we need to order party favors? These are just a few questions that you’ll want to ask. TIMELINE-Every organized event, large or small, has a timeline that you’re working from. When do things need to be ordered? When do invitations need to go out? How long do we need to set up? You may not have all the answers off the bat, but it’s important to ask the questions early on so you are prepared. COMMUNICATE-One of the most important aspects to an organized event is clear communication with everyone involved. From vendors, to your team, and of course your guests!   Happy Organizing! Laurie P.S.  For more organizing tips, free checklists, or personalized support visit https://simplyborganized.com/
    12m 7s
  • Tip of the Week-Organize your Party Planning with this Simple Tool

    13 MAY. 2024 · Hey there, party planners! Whether you're prepping for a cozy gathering or a grand celebration, one thing's for sure: organizing a party can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. But fear not, because I've got a secret weapon up my sleeve to share with you today: Pinterest! If you haven't jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon yet, now's the perfect time. This visual discovery platform isn't just for finding mouth-watering recipes and DIY crafts (although it's great for those too). It's my favorite tool for streamlining the party planning process.  - INSPIRATION. Pinterest is a treasure trove of creative ideas for themes, decorations, and more. Just type your ideas into the search bar like “beach themed graduation” or “Barbie Birthday Party for a 6 year old” and let pinterest do the heavy lifting. - BOARDS. Create a dedicated board for your event and start pinning away! From decor ideas and color schemes to menu plans and party favors, you can keep all your inspiration and plans neatly organized in one place. - INFORMATION.  Pinterest isn't just about pretty pictures—it's also a goldmine of practical tips and tricks. Need help figuring out how much food to order? There's a pin for that. Looking for easy DIY decor hacks? Pinterest has you covered.  - COLLABORATION. Planning a party with friends or family? Pinterest makes it easy to share your ideas and collaborate in real-time. Simply invite your fellow party planners to join your board, and you can brainstorm ideas, make suggestions, and keep everyone on the same page. - ORGANIZED. Say goodbye to toggling between texts, emails and the internet.With Pinterest, everything you need is right there at your fingertips, saving you time and sanity in the process.  So whether you're throwing a birthday bash, a bridal shower, or a backyard BBQ, let Pinterest be your go-to party planning sidekick. With its endless inspiration, practical tips, and effortless organization. While you’re there, check out https://www.pinterest.com/simplyborganized which is filled with all sorts of organizing inspiration. https://www.pinterest.com/simplyborganized Happy Organizing! Laurie P.S. If you have an organizing question, we’d love for you to be part of our show!  Check out our new Ask An Expert Series! https://simplyborganized.as.me/askanexpert
    10m 12s
  • Planning an Organized Vacation with Angela Gillmeister

    9 MAY. 2024 · Hi Friends, If you’ve ever planned a vacation you know how much work goes into making it memorable. From picking the destination, to figuring out where to stay, where to eat, what sights to see and excursions to do-the options can easily become overwhelming. Joining me today is Angela Gillmeister-a custom vacation designer and the founder of Wild Hair Travels,  and host of the podcast, https://directory.libsyn.com/episode/index/show/happywomentravelmore/id/31005713 where she brings a breath of fresh air to vacation planning by offering high-touch and highly personalized services designed especially for busy professional women. As we embark on spring/summer here in the US, people are busy trying to plan travel-from day trips to long adventures and Angela is here to help share some of her best tips on how to avoid decision fatigue throughout what should be a fun process. During our conversation we talked about: - Connecting your vacation to a purpose-do you want to relax, reenergize, seek adventure - Establishing your Budget-how and where do we want to spend our money - Angela’s favorite travel tips that you can use today! Whether you’re planning your next big adventure, or daydreaming about relaxing on a secluded beach you’re going to want to listen to this episode. Make sure to check out our show notes for links to everything we discussed in today’s episode. XOXO- Laurie P.S. Got a burning organizing question? Join us on our show and let's tackle it together! Dive into our new Ask An Expert Series now:https://simplyborganized.as.me/askanexpert Links Mentioned in this Episode:https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/how-to-tackle-calendar-clutter-and-ditch-the-overwhelm/id1545830557?i=1000654023569https://wildhairtravels.comhttps://instagram.com/wildhairtravelshttps://facebook.com/groups/happywomentravelmoreAngela’s Book Recommendation:  https://amzn.to/4a76Rim https://amzn.to/4a76Rim
    39m 55s
  • Tip of the Week- Packing Tips for an Organized Vacation

    6 MAY. 2024 · I love going away, but packing…not so much.  I am always on the hunt for a way to simplify and streamline the process to make it less overwhelming. If I am being honest, making sure that my bag or suitcase has room to spare is always in the back of my mind since there’s a strong likelihood that I’m picking up some sort of souvenir or gift during my travels. Below are 3 of my favorite packing tips: - My favorite packing tip is what I call NESTING. Essentially you’re taking a bunch of smaller items and “nesting” them inside a larger item.  Shoes, Boots, and Sweatshirts are great to hold anything from undergarments to toiletries. You will be amazed at how many socks you can fit inside a boot shaft! - If you’re doing any sort of air travel, I recommend keeping any MUST HAVE items with you at all times. This includes medicines and any other items that would truly impact you if they were lost.   - If you’re a chronic overpacker, try the 3 to 1 model.  For every 1 bottom, pick three tops that go with it. This allows you to mix and match without having to pack 3 separate outfits. If you have an organizing question, we’d love for you to be part of our show!  Check out our new Ask An Expert Series! https://simplyborganized.as.me/askanexpert Xoxo- Laurie P.S. Use Code MOTHER and receive 20% off a 1 hour strategy session! Valid through May 9th! https://simplyborganized.com/clutter-coaching
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  • Time Management Strategies for Busy Seasons | Ep 386

    2 MAY. 2024 · Hi Friends,  First of all I’d like to personally invite you to be part of This ORGANIZED Life with our new segment ASK AN EXPERT! During our 20-minute interview you can get your questions answered about clutter, organizing, or the Enneagram! Hop on my calendar here. https://simplyborganized.as.me/askanexpert Now onto today’s episode, if you’re anything like me, this time of year is hectic to say the least.  During this busy season I wanted to give you some practical and actionable tips to organize your calendar and effective time management strategies. Let's talk about priorities, open communication, and seeking support when needed. Life can throw curveballs, but it's all about adapting and staying flexible. Now, when it comes to meal planning during hectic times, I've got you covered with some top-notch tips. From convenient takeout options to quick grab-and-go meals, and yes, even breakfast-for-dinner ideas! Happy Organizing! Laurie P.S. If you’re struggling with clutter, hop on my calendar! For a limited time you can get 20% off a single strategy session with code MOTHER https://simplyborganized.com/clutter-coaching/
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  • Tip of the Week-Decluttering Cosmetics

    29 ABR. 2024 · Hey Friends, As we wrap up April, I wanted to talk about decluttering cosmetics. This includes make-up, hair care, and skincare. During this quick tip episode I’m sharing: - When to get rid of old cosmetics - How often to assess your inventory - The “right” amount of products for each category If your guilty pleasure is make-up, face products, hand and body lotions, shampoos, conditions, styling products, etc. this episode will help you decide what to keep and what to toss.   Bonus: if you’re a parent of a tween/teen it’s a great episode for them too! XOXO- Laurie ***NEW SEGMENT!***  https://simplyborganized.as.me/askanexpert Do you have a question about organizing, decluttering, or any of the other topics we discuss on This ORGANIZED Life-now you can ask me directly!  Click on the link below to ask your question and schedule a time to be on our show https://simplyborganized.as.me/askanexpert
    10m 50s
  • Digital Spring Organizing | Ep 385

    25 ABR. 2024 · Hi Friends, Digital Clutter, or as I like to call it, “invisible clutter” is one of the leading culprits of time management and  productivity struggles. Today we’re looking at 4 pain points caused by digital clutter and how to combat each: 1. Distraction 2. Overwhelm 3. Decreased Efficiency 4. Increased Stress  Try Clean Email for FREE using our promo code: https://cleanemail.com/organized  (feel free to share this code with your friends!) There’s no denying that digital communication can be both a blessing and a burden, but if we continue to practice strategies and use tools to keep organized you’ll be able to focus on what’s most important. XO- Laurie P.S. Curious about our clutter coaching services? Click here:https://simplyborganized.com/clutter-coaching/ to learn more and see if it's the right fit for you.
    23m 44s
  • Tip of the Week-Ditch Old Towels and Sheets

    22 ABR. 2024 · Hey Friends, Today’s challenge if you choose to accept it, is to go through old sheets and towels.  During this quick tip episode I’m sharing - My rule of thumb of how to determine the number of sheets and towels per person - Where to store seasonal linens - What to do with the items you no longer want  Spring is a great time to hit the linen closet and I hope this episode gives you the boost you need to get motivated! Xoxo- Laurie P.S. Looking for some personal clutter coaching? Let’s chat! https://simplyborganized.com/clutter-clinic
    10m 59s
  • Closet Refresh with Color Guru, Jeannie Stith | Ep 384

    18 ABR. 2024 · Hi Friends, You are in for a treat today!  In honor of Spring Organizing, I invited my friend Jeannie Stith to join me to talk about simplifying the clothes in your closet so you love and wear what you have. Jeannie is the founder and CEO of https://yourcolorguru.com/affiliate/LauriePalau/ where her team analyzes your hair, skin, and eye color to match you with your ideal color palette for clothes. https://yourcolorguru.com/affiliate/LauriePalau/ has been featured in VOGUE magazine, Apartment Therapy and if you’re a long-time listener you might remember Jeannie from https://open.spotify.com/episode/7HXpl8HZZwHEttuhqR812W?si=FhoSHDbkQOCMNSyrdNBeWw of TOL. During our conversation we talked about:   - The biggest mistakes people make when they go shopping - How to simplify shopping regardless of your age, size, or season of life - Specific strategies you can do to eliminate unflattering clothes in your closet I have personally used her services and can tell you that it’s changed the way I shop. I no longer struggle with decision fatigue or overwhelm, (fyi this is not a paid endorsement!)I have a special link for all our TOL listeners visit https://yourcolorguru.com/affiliate/LauriePalau/   Your Color Guru https://yourcolorguru.com/aff/10/  Happy Organizing Laurie P.S Special Thanks to Our Sponsor Clean EmailWelcome Simply B Organized listeners! We are inviting you to try Clean Email, a privacy-first online service that helps you clean your Inbox, stop unwanted emails, and automatically organize new mail going forward. https://cleanemail.com/organized
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If you're struggling with clutter, or looking for simple tips to simplify your life, you're in the right place. Our podcast is where everyday folks and professional organizers go for...

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If you're struggling with clutter, or looking for simple tips to simplify your life, you're in the right place.
Our podcast is where everyday folks and professional organizers go for inspiration on what it takes to live an organized life. New episodes released every Monday & Thursday!

If you're interested in working with us visit: https://simplyborganized.com/
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