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Thoughts on Talks - Rev. Mike & Malayna

  • Real Steps to Confront Racism- Thoughts on Talks #BLM special episode

    19 SEP. 2021 · Salaam Thompson joins Rev. Mike and Malayna once again, this time to share an event from his life -- #ShoppingWhileBlack at a local Ralph's supermarket. He and his family have been treated extremely unjustly and gotten no response to their attempts to communicate by phone, email or legal means. Together we planned real steps that we can take together as a community to remedy the situation and bring about the vision of a world that works for all. HEARTLESS RALPH'S BANS BLACK FAMILY FOR LIFE from ALL Ralph's and Food 4 Less supermarkets on threat of arrest without reason, proof or recourse. We invite you to join us in prayer and in action steps around the idea that the right people get this information within this structure and it is addressed in a respectful and meaningful way.
    1h 14m 25s
  • Emergency session - episode 51 - Thoughts on Talks

    24 MAR. 2021 · In this short, 40-minute episode, Rev. Mike, Salaam and Malayna called an Emergency Session to address all the shootings that have taken place in March of 2021. Salaam presented a perspective from within the Black Community, and Rev. Mike explained how it felt from his white male perspective and helped us consider the relationship to guns from the perspective of a veteran, a sportsman, a police officer. Malayna tried to find where we can each make a heart-to-heart difference in all of our communities, Salaam suggested we all lean into uncomfortable conversations, and Rev. Mike took it the the spiritual level where we're all connected as one. Can you stretch your perspective to hear another's? Try it by watching and listening to this episode!
    43m 45s
  • Judas and Infinite Invisible -BLM- ep 50 - Thoughts on Talks

    18 FEB. 2021 · The Sunday talk from Rev. Mike was about "unleashing the infinite invisible", and our regular co-host, Salaam Thompson, wanted to share about the film "Judas and the Black Messiah" on HBO Max--about the 1960's Chicago Black Panther leader, Fred Hampton. Malayna Dawn has a coughing attack in the middle and tries to recover by attempting to connect the infinite invisible to why empowered leaders seem a threat to those in power. Salaam shares from his vast wealth of knowledge and experience about the Black American experience and being a follower of Islam, which also connecting us to world history, mathematics and pop culture -- which is why we all get along so well. How does this information sit with you? Do your research, then let us know!
    1h 3m 53s
  • The It in Divinity - ep 49 - Thoughts on Talks

    26 ENE. 2021 · Rev. Mike and Malayna discuss the topic of the Sunday Jan 24th talk which was how to use the power of the Divine in your life. Examples from ancient teachers and modern poets are used, Heart Math and Transcendentalists -- get ready for some deep thoughts!
    50m 58s
  • Inauguration Day - BLM - ep 48- Thoughts on Talks

    21 ENE. 2021 · Join Rev. Mike McMorrow, Malayna, and Salaam Thompson as they talk about Inauguration Day firsts, The People's Inauguration.org, and the new movie "One Night in Miami" -- kudos for Regina King, and background info on the Nation of Islam. They discuss how advertising and marketing are responding to the Black Lives Matter movement, getting Colin Kapernick a medal and restoring the career of Jemele Hill, the Black American ESPN reporter who got fired for calling out white supremacy. (She's starting a media empire now!) And an ode to Amanda Gorman, the poet from West L.A. whose "The Hill We Climb" inspired us all on Inauguration Day. We've got work to do! HW: Participate in The People's Inauguration at https://thepeoplesinauguration.org/​ Sign a change.org petition for Colin Kaepernick... Check out Jemele's new podcast network on Spotify Learn more info on Amanda Gorman
    58m 58s
  • Visions of Color - BLM - ep 47 - Thoughts on Talks

    2 ENE. 2021 · Our final episode of 2020 with our friend Salaam had us talking about a bunch of great stuff including: Kwanzaa principles - Unity, Self Determination, Collective Work, Cooperative Economics, Purpose, Creativity, and Faith; Ma'at principles; Melanated Money Mondays.com and support Black-owned businesses! Jingle Jangle Bridgerton Hermione in Harry Potter on stage Hamilton Soul PS 5 ads with DWYCK -- "Do What You Can Kid" Nice and Smooth; DJ Premier/Primo; Gangstar Salaam Running for Neighborhood and City Council and Rev. Mike in Chamber of Commerce! ----------------------------------------------------------------- Center for Spiritual Living Granada Hills provides spiritual tools to transform our personal lives and help make the world a better place. We extend a warm welcome to all people in search of a spiritual community where they are embraced, affirmed and accepted for who they are, as well as inspired and supported to grow into their highest potential. Visit us, the Center with Heart: http://cslgh.org
    1h 21s
  • Preparing for Lightness - Ep 46 - Thoughts on Talks

    15 DIC. 2020 · "Preparing the Way" was the jumping off point for this week's conversation, as it was the topic of the Sunday Dec 13, 2020 talk from Rev. Mike, but it went in all kinds of directions: From Lollapalooza and using our phones to look things up, to Winter Solstice and Spirals of Light and stone, which led to thoughts of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Dune, and then down YouTube rabbit holes--- Colbert and James Corden, Paul McCartney and Willie Nelson, intellectuals and quantum thinkers Yuval Harari, Oprah and Thich Nhat Hanh, Joe Dispenza and Fearless Soul, Mel Robbins and Impact Theory, and back to meditation tools and practicing stillness, creating space in your thoughts and your life for the good and the light!
    56m 17s
  • Engaging from Spirit Within - Ep 44 - Thoughts on Talks

    16 NOV. 2020 · Rev. Mike and Malayna talk about the November 15th talk that asked about How Engaged is God as Us? We talked about how each of us can use our inner guidance to make our best choices, but also, how we can try to connect with others who may be doing the same, but who seem to be in opposition to us. We spoke of connections in the natural world and in mathematics that point us to inspiration and awe about our world. And we also ended up talking about how people unfamiliar with the Bible can understand some basics about the historical context and why a history of a tribe of people resonates with life today (and what to do when it doesn't resonate). Check it out! Visit us, the Center with Heart: http://cslgh.org
    55m 48s
  • Political Consciousness - Ep 43 - Thoughts on Talks

    12 NOV. 2020 · Whereas the Talks we share Thoughts on are usually those given by Rev. Mike on Sundays, this episode examines Talks by Joe Biden, Van Jones, Emmanuel Acho and more. Malayna shared her #BlackLivesMatter face mask with art from Jenny Hahn Art.com (to complement her eco tee shirt) and spoke with Salaam about seeing Van Jones in tears the morning the election was called for Joe Biden. He shared about Ice Cube and Kamala and his wise wife saying we can't imagine what it would be like to be a political commentator. Then we discussed Van Jones' TED talk asking 'what if a president refuses to concede?", his #LoveArmy and some of the organizations that are continuing to work for a more democratic democracy. (See below!) And have you noticed that Rev. Mike is of Irish descent, like Joe Biden and Malayna is half-South Asian like Kamala? Just sayin'. And we talked about talks with our friends and family members, abroad or across the nation; the CONSCIOUSNESS behind our political motivations; and the human condition when power is involved. A shout out to the Unity Southwest Region and Rev. John Washington, and an invitation from Salaam to watch his Facebook live chat with his friends coming up. Van Jones suggested organizations: ChooseDemocracy.us ElectionTaskForce.org ProtectDemocracy.org Mobilize.us AllAmericans.org CivicAlliance.com The Fight Back Table @ Demos.org Voter Fraud: The Heritage Foundation Gov't Accountability Institute SUPPORT: ACLU.org Leadership Conference on Civil Rights - civilrights.org NAACP Legal Defense Fund - www.naacpldf.org Indivisible.org Color of Change.org
    57m 51s
  • Bridging AND Gaps - Ep 42 - Thoughts on Talks

    19 OCT. 2020 · Starting with Rev. Mike's Oct 18 talk, "Bridge Over Troubled Water", Rev. Mike and Malayna spoke about Simon & Garfunkel, but also tales of ups and downs; the human condition; the evolution of money, power and greed; losing and finding faith; the ourobouros and cyclical nature of life; duality and manifestation; The Social Dilemma; Buddha and Jesus; Genius and common folk; forgiveness and compassion and politics.
    57m 25s

Malayna Dawn shares her Thoughts on Rev. Mike's Sunday Talks at the Center for Spiritual Living in Granada Hills, California. She also asks for *his* thoughts and research, choices, which...

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Malayna Dawn shares her Thoughts on Rev. Mike's Sunday Talks at the Center for Spiritual Living in Granada Hills, California. She also asks for *his* thoughts and research, choices, which he often answers with a pop culture or historical reference, some science or a song. It's a real and down-to-earth spiritual and philosophical life discussion with a fair amount of laughter.
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