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Transformative Perspectives

  • The Awareness- of-Indentity-God- Good as Statement of Being

    13 OCT. 2022 · I AM seeking My God. I AM seeking My Good. I AM Seeking My Good God. My Good is My Good. There is Good for Me and I Ought to Have IT. Good that is OmniPresent, Good that is OmniPotent, Good that is OmniPotent. That Good GOD is Now My Good!!! I Have My Good. NOW!!!
    Escuchado 45m 34s
  • Dynamic Laws of Prosperous Thinking #2

    13 OCT. 2022 · We continue our journey of exploration of what are the steps to becoming and remaining a prosperous, abundant, fulfilled and authentic person, living an opulent life in this present moment in time. Today we examine how you can start from any where, to get to everywhere you want to get to.
    Escuchado 33m 18s
  • Awareness of Identity is Good, is God, is SELF

    9 OCT. 2022 · When you know the Good You are Seeking is God your Being Aware, allows you to wake up to Become the Awareness of Your Identity of Oneness with the Divine Good, God, SELF Within. This releases an Awareness of The Mind within You, and the Power within You, which now allows you to become the architect of your own Destiny.
    Escuchado 44m 1s
  • Future Pacing to Serve You

    2 OCT. 2022 · Let us Know @ admin@rel-coach.com
    Escuchado 40m 46s
  • Music for the Last 4 8 A’s of Transformation Meditation

    23 SEP. 2022 · Music for the Theme of Association, Assignment, Accountability, and Assimilation
    Escuchado 56m 49s
  • 8 A’s of Transformation Meditation Music-first 4 A’s

    23 SEP. 2022 · Music of Awareness, Acceptance, Assurance, and Adoration
    Escuchado 40m 1s
  • You Are The One

    23 SEP. 2022 · You Are The Prime We Were Waiting for
    Escuchado 59m 29s
  • A Reach For You-Your Dream is Reaching For You

    10 AGO. 2022 · This is simply a call to make connections with us as we move to the next level
    Escuchado 1h 4s
  • Desire and Destiny

    3 AGO. 2022 · Partners of Possibilities
    Escuchado 48m 19s
  • Rel-Coach.com

    17 JUL. 2022 · Rel-Coach Coaching
    Escuchado 46m 11s
Looking at life from tomorrow.
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