• TNT-Safer Drivers with Angus Poulain

    22 ABR. 2024 · It took a terrifying accident involving his kids to inspire a system to make safer drivers everywhere and method to test your professional driver's habits. Angus Poulain of Halifax, Nova Scotia created a system that essentially prevents you from texting while driving, and provides a report on your driving habits to help you be a better, safer driver. For trucking fleets, this is better, and less expensive than telematics. Stan Campbell talks to Angus Poulain about his creation and the high-tech team that created it.
    20m 10s
  • TNT-Julie's Laws

    25 MAR. 2024 · Her name...Julie.  You are her proud father of your bright, outgoing, attractive daughter, but one night, she doesn't return home. Six days later, Julie’s battered body is found in a ditch. You discover that your daughter, your beloved flesh and blood was kidnapped, tortured and raped. How do you deal with deal with this unspeakable horror?  For this father, inspired by Julie’s message to him, he became a crusader for justice for violence against women and for victims and the victim’s families. He became an advocate for the families who have suffered from the loss of a child or a spouse. He is senator Pierre Boisvenu. Although he just retired, he has not given up the fight to put more teeth in the laws that should put murderers, human traffickers and those convicted of spousal abuse and murder in prison for longer sentences. Those who lead anti-trafficking organization owe a debt of gratitude to Senator Boisvenu,a ti former MP, Joy Smith for enacting laws that out traffickers behind bars. Stan Campbell talks to Senator Pierre Boisvenu.  
    36m 59s
  • TNT-Caroline Drives With a Team of 4

    11 MAR. 2024 · She defied the male dominated field back when female truck drivers were not only unwelcome but often harassed by good-ole-boy truckers. Well, she challenged them and won...for almost 40 years! She is still driving and doesn't know when she will ever quit, simply because she loves the road and the job...and the money isn’t bad! Often driving long-haul over-the-road can be lonely, but not for Caroline Carter. Nope! She has her alcohol to keep her happy.  She loves her Irish Whiskey, Irish Cream, and of course a little Rosé.  Just listen. Caroline is a feisty driver who is quick to encourage women to consider the trucking industry as a satisfying and well-paying career.  (after all, we're told that there is a serious driver shortage)
    16m 19s
  • TNT-MacKenzie Was Warned About Trucking

    18 FEB. 2024 · She was warned, “you will be raped or killed”. Unfortunately, after all these years, the trucking industry is still faced with a negative stereotypical image by the general public. Therefore, it's not easy encouraging women to join the trucking industry. Our guest MacKenzie Melton was warned terrible things would happen to her physically and emotionally if she became a truck driver. Well, we talked to MacKenzie and she is perfectly fine. In fact, more than just fine. But how she suddenly became interested in trucking is interesting in itself, demonstrates that sometimes it just takes a simple positive unassuming role model and a company that cares about the image of their drivers. Listen to MacKenzie's story.
    17m 29s
  • TNT-Sherry Muckleston at UPS

    4 FEB. 2024 · Have you seen those little brown vans in your neighborhood. Or maybe you had one come to your door to deliver something really important and time sensitive. Yes, I’m referring to those UPS vans. Well, this week on my TNT Podcast I am talking to another lady in what might be a non-traditional job…but a rewarding one. Her name is Sherry Muckleston. She drove one of those brown vans picking up and delivering time sensitive parcels. Funny…parcel sounds like an old-fashioned way to say package but UPS is the United Parcel Service. Back in 1907, when Claude Ryan and Jim Casey launched the company with $100 loan, “parcel” was the word. A lot has happened since then and I am sure that that back then you rarely if ever saw a woman driving one of those vans. Well even today, most drivers are male. It’s not an easy job and it requires some physical strength. You need to be able to lift at least 70 pounds. That didn’t stop my guest, Sherry Muckleston. Listen!
    15m 43s
  • TNT-Alex Kis - The Truck Mechanic

    21 ENE. 2024 · This is another in our TNT series on women in non-traditional trades and careers. We decided to call them TNT Women. The Non Traditional. This week, we talk to a lady who has chosen a career that places her among men…often tough strong males. She chose to be a mechanic…and not just any Toyota or Chevy Malibu mechanic. That would be non-traditional enough….no she chose to be study and become a truck mechanic…and not just a Ford F-150 truck…we’re talking a big rig truck mechanic. Her name is Alex Kis. I wanted to know how she survived in an all class male class…and then after a successful graduation, how touch was it to get hired in a male dominated field. How would she be accepted in a testosterone filled environment out there on the floor in the shop. She has quite a story to tell.
    22m 37s
  • TNT-A Creative Wrap Artist

    21 ENE. 2024 · Angela Baltkois had a vision She saw a blank canvas and decided to paint it, with the result being a win-win for two divergent industries...one with a blank canvas, and the other with a message. In 2013, Angela Baltkois founded Big Rig Wraps Transport Truck Advertising, after identifying an untouched out-of-home marketing medium: transport truck advertising on independently owned fleets. Recognizing that only large companies with their own fleets were maximizing the benefits of non-competing ads on large vehicles, Angela created a business model where all-sized businesses can buy large-scale ads on trucks ranging from 20 feet to 53 feet. Currently, Big Rig Wraps partners with more than 50 reputable and well-known fleet owners who make their big rigs and their routes available to advertisers who want to generate more sales. Angela proves that there is a place for women in or working for the trucking industry. Listen to her story and hear her tell how she built this company, Big Rig Wraps. https://www.bigrigwraps.ca/about-us/angela-baltkois/
  • TNT-Claudia -From the Black Forest with Love

    30 DIC. 2023 · An impressive female truck driver with a great story of how she came to Canada from Germany and created a career in trucking, wearing several hats...but the one she loves is the one she wears behind the wheel. Her name is Claudia Winterhalter and she, like many other women in trucking, she destroys any remaining trucker stereotypes. A customs and border protection officer told her once, "you don't look like a trucker!" Claudia is an inspiration to women everywhere, especially those new empty-nesters who are wondering, "what do I do now?" The transportation industry is calling. Don't believe me? Listen to Claudia!
    25m 52s
  • TNT-Two Amazing Trucking Women-Brenda and Melanie

    5 DIC. 2023 · Why aren't more women looking at the trucking industry for a career? There are many opportunities in varied fields. For too long, men have dominated this industry. It's time for women to assume the many positions open for smart, educated and adventurous women to look seriously at the transportation industry for a great paying and secure career. We talk to two extraordinary women who have found meaningful careers in trucking...and, they love their jobs and the companies that employ them! We talk to Brenda Brajkovich, Director of Marketing at the Polaris Transportation Group. Then we chat with Melanie Bell, Director of Business Development at McLaren Doors, (yes, doors. The ones you see on the tail end of truck trailers) Both of these women will inspire you. They inspired me.
    28m 48s
  • TNT-James Menzies-Bankrupt & Electrified

    7 NOV. 2023 · We talk to Truck News Magazine Editor James Menzies about two topics. First, it about the trucking company bankruptsies in the US...one is a huge 100-year-old-company and there are others. The question is, can it...will it happen in Canada? James updates us the health of the Canadian industry. Our second topic is about the future and specifcially EVs and, one of our favorites, Hydrogen. Is the industry embracing the new technology, or are diesel fans digging in?
    25m 45s
News and Talk for and about the transportation industry and related topics with veteran broadcaster, Stan Campbell. Interviews with interesting people.

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