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  • The Broken Compass- With Robert Parmer

    22 FEB. 2024 · This week, we have a conversation with Robert Parmer from the Broken System Podcast to explore his inspiration for launching the podcast. We delve into the case of Temujin Kensu, emphasizing the significance of shedding light on wrongful convictions. Following that, we engage in a lighthearted discussion about safety, pets, and everyday experiences.
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    Justice For Katie Palmer with John Palmer

    15 FEB. 2024 · In this poignant podcast episode, John Palmer bravely shares his harrowing experience of being hit by a drunk driver alongside his late wife, Katie, who tragically did not survive. Join us as John recounts the events, their love story, and the profound impact of this devastating loss caused by the senseless act of drunk driving. Join Chey and John, for this emotional episode. Join the Justice for Katie Palmer Facebook Group Here: 297586360_10118947352959660_1476645592161388742_n.jpg
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    Navigating Compasses

    8 FEB. 2024 · In this True Crime CrossOver episode, we sit down with Whitney and Melissa of Navigating Advocacy to talk all things advocacy and AdvocacyCon 2025! Join us as we dive into the intricacies as advocacy in true crime, what it’s like creating a conference, and how AdvocacyCon is different from other festivals and conferences! Instagram/Twitter/FB: @NavigatingAdvocacyPodcast
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    Finding The Loved-Jason Watts

    1 FEB. 2024 · Join us in this compelling episode as we sit down with private investigator, Jason Watrs, who sheds light on the enigmatic world of missing persons investigations. Drawing from his extensive experience, Jason shares riveting accounts of her most challenging cases, detailing the intricate processes involved in tracking down individuals who have seemingly vanished without a trace. From the emotional toll of dealing with distraught families to the ingenious methods employed in piecing together elusive clues, this conversation offers a poignant and insightful glimpse into the relentless pursuit of reuniting the missing with their loved ones. Tune in as we unravel the complexities and underlying humanity of this often unseen and deeply compelling line of work.
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  • Santa, Maybe Baby! With Jason Usry

    21 DIC. 2023 · In this Christmas themed episode, Chey Interviews one of True Crimes favorite pick-me-up host, Jason Usry of Santa, Maybe a Criminal. In this episode we dive into the history of Santa, Maybe a Criminal, such as favorite lines and characters. You even get some hidden gems behind the story! We also dive into some of Richie Bucks favorite holiday traditions, movies, desserts, and more! Join us on this jolly themed episode and get ready to spread Christmas Cheer for all to hear!
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    Finding Jason Landry-Three Year Anniversary

    14 DIC. 2023 · Jason Landry went missing Dec 13, 2020 in Luling Texas after missing a turn at an intersection on his way home to Houston, Texas from Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. This episode, Chey interviews Kent Landry, Jason’s father, so listeners can learn about who Jason was before and during the time he went missing. In this interview, we dive into media, case updates, search efforts and everything in between as we honor three years of search efforts for Jason. Jason Landry Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/FindJasonLandry?mibextid=LQQJ4d
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    Safety? Alaska? Military? Some Jive with Jo

    7 DIC. 2023 · In this episode of True compass, join Chey and Jo as they delve into a random conversation about safety, Alaska, and the military. From discussing the unique challenges of moving to Alaska to sharing stories about military experiences, this casual conversation is sure to keep you entertained and informed. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this engaging and enlightening chat between two friends on topics that are anything but ordinary.
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    Remembering Uziyah & Uvalde: A Conversation of Urgency with Brett Cross

    30 NOV. 2023 · This episode, we are remembering Uziyah Garcia and the other souls taken from us on May 24, 2022. In this interview with Uzi's father, Brett Cross, we dive deep into who Uziyah was, how this tragedy has effected his father and how we can keep this from happening to more families. In this emotional episode, we dive deep into the media, and their effect they have on the loved ones lost to gun violence. While remembering the other souls lost, Brett guides us through his advocacy and how he has handled such a devestating loss.
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    Keeping Your Kids Safe with Shannon

    24 NOV. 2023 · In this podcast episode, we have a special guest, Shannon, who you know from TheShamingOfJay (#JayBoNation) will be sharing insightful tips and guidance on the topic of building trust with your kids. One aspect she will discuss is the importance of using anatomical names for private parts when talking to your children about their bodies and personal safety. Additionally, Shannon will provide valuable advice on how to approach the sensitive topic of sexual abuse with your child. She will offer practical strategies for initiating these discussions, creating a safe space for open communication, and teaching your child how to identify and report potential abuse. Tune in to this thought-provoking episode as Shannon delves into these crucial aspects of parenting, empowering you to have meaningful conversations with your children and ensure their safety and well-being.
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    Get Defensive with Damsel Ninja Nancy

    16 NOV. 2023 · In this episode of True Compass, we dive into the world of self-defense weapons with our special guest, Damsel Ninja Nancy. Join us as Nancy shares her expertise on various self-defense weapons, such as how to effectively use them and what factors to consider when purchasing one. Whether you're a beginner or experienced, this episode will provide valuable insights and tips to help you feel more empowered and prepared for any situation. Keep yourself safe and be sure you are the one who makes it home at the end of the day. Damsel Ninja Nancy DISCOUNT WEAPONS!!! https://www.mydamselpro.net/PRONANCY/PublicUi.aspx/shop?eventId=E226978&from=DIRECTLINK&fbclid=IwAR07FUjRUR1-p0xSkSgRPrOeiLcNa84dE7JRFOD-8ThomLD-2u2WUA31dNQ Find Jason Landry Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/FindJasonLandry Jason Watts on X/Twitter: https://twitter.com/PIJasonWatts
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Welcome to True Compass, the podcast Cultivating Ethics and Awareness in True Crime. This groundbreaking podcast goes beyond the surface-level intrigue of true crime stories. Join Chey Vyshnya as she...

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Welcome to True Compass, the podcast Cultivating Ethics and Awareness in True Crime. This groundbreaking podcast goes beyond the surface-level intrigue of true crime stories. Join Chey Vyshnya as she explorers the human side of these narratives, focusing on empathy, ethics, safety, and awareness.
In episodes of True Compass where a human life is affected, we’ll briefly discuss the crime, acknowledging its significance. But our main focus lies in the aftermath—the lives impacted and the lessons we can learn. By understanding the people affected, Chey aims to reshape our perception of true crime and deepen our empathy for those involved.
But True Compass is not just about unraveling mysteries. Chey is committed to your safety, offering practical advice on personal security, crime prevention, and navigating potentially dangerous situations in everyday life. The goal is to empower you with the knowledge and tools to protect yourself and your loved ones.
Furthermore, Chey delves into the ethical considerations surrounding true crime consumption. She questions our role as listeners and examines the impact our fascination with these stories has on society. Through thought-provoking discussions, we strive to cultivate a more responsible and thoughtful approach to true crime.
Join Chey Vyshnya on True Compass as she shines a light on the stories that matter, the lives forever changed, and the enduring impact of true crime. Subscribe today and embark on a transformative journey that explores ethics, empathy, safety, and awareness in true crime and everyday life. Together, let's cultivate a compass that guides us towards a more compassionate and informed world.
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