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  • Divine Fatherhood: A Deep Dive into Fatherly Love and Wisdom**

    16 JUN. 2024 · this enriching episode, church leader John Paledino delivers a stirring Father's Day message on the themes of divine love, fatherhood, and spiritual discipline. John explores the biblical perspective of God as a loving father, reflecting on Christ’s mission to reveal this aspect of God to humanity. He emphasizes the profound impact of spiritual discipline and God's enduring love for His children, drawing parallels between divine and earthly fatherhood.The sermon delves into connections between the roles of earthly fathers and the divine nature of God as a Father. Highlighting key scriptures and personal anecdotes, John illustrates how God's love and discipline guide believers through trials. By examining the story of Jacob's wrestling with the angel (Genesis 32), he underscores the transformative power of struggling with God, which leads to a deeper understanding and embrace of divine love and identity.
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  • Case Law

    26 MAY. 2024 · In this deeply moving and spiritually charged episode, Pastor John Paledino expounds on the transformative power of faith and the significance of the spoken word in the pursuit of a fulfilled life. He delves into the biblical narratives of prophets and their encounters with God, emphasizing the cleansing and commissioning power of divine interaction. The episode is a compelling exploration of Christian beliefs, focused primarily on the themes of spiritual strength, overcoming adversity through faith, and the importance of alignment with sacred teachings. Pastor Paledino illustrates the concept of an "open door" provided by the Lord, urging believers to walk through it with unwavering faith, reminiscent of Peter walking on water. The episode touches on topics such as divine intervention, renewing one's strength, and witnessing God's glory. Furthermore, Paledino recounts personal experiences that testify to the impact of prayer and the Holy Spirit's power in daily life. His message is a powerful reminder of the relentless love and support bestowed by God, encouraging listeners to hold steadfast to their faith amidst life's trials. In this episode, Pastor John Paledino emphasizes the importance of walking through the open doors that God provides. He encourages listeners to have unwavering faith and to keep their eyes on Jesus, rather than being swayed by external circumstances. Pastor Paledino also highlights the power of the tongue and the need to speak God's word and promises over our lives. He reminds us that we have been infused with the strength and power of the Holy Spirit, enabling us to overcome any obstacle. This episode is a powerful reminder of the authority and potential we have as believers.
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  • Breakthrough with the Tithe

    5 MAY. 2024 · In this enlightening episode of the podcast, John Paledino takes listeners on a spiritual exploration of faith, blessings, and the power of adhering to biblical economic principles. Capturing the essence of Christian teachings, Paledino discusses how scripture can illuminate life's path and provide profound understanding. This transcript is not just a religious sermon, but a poignant reminder of the value of grace, presence, and the light we can be to others through our actions. John Paledino delves into the topic of financial breakthroughs by discussing the quintessential act of tithing, which underpins financial stability and generosity within the Christian doctrine. With a rich scriptural basis, he convincingly illustrates the significance of the tithe and its deep-rooted presence even before the establishment of the Law. By intertwining contemporary anecdotes with ancient verses, Paledino creates a compelling narrative that encourages listeners to align with God's plan for prosperity and abundance. Key Takeaways: - Tithing is not merely a religious duty but an act of faith and a foundation for financial breakthrough. - Biblical history illustrates the importance of tithing, starting from Cain and Abel to the New Testament teachings. - God intends to prosper His followers, as seen through the scriptural promise of life and blessings. - There is a distinction between blessing and cursing, life and death; choosing rightly brings abundance. - Adherence to tithing brings divine protection against financial devourers and
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  • Do You Believe What God Has Said In His Word

    21 ABR. 2024 · Many people will say they believe in God, but how many can say they belive what God has spoken in His Word?
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  • The Power of Breakthrough: How to Overcome Adversity and Experience God's Faithfulness

    14 ABR. 2024 · Encourage your spirit and deepen your understanding by listening to this full, enlightening episode with John Paladino. Dive into a soul-stirring conversation that promises to uplift and guide you in your daily walk of faith. Stay tuned for more inspiring content that will help you navigate life's challenges with divine wisdom and understanding. Faith Under Pressure: Navigating Life's Challenges with Scripture and Community Support The journey of faith isn't a sheltered path shielded from the harsh elements; it's often traversed through the ebbs and flows of life's adversities. Reflecting on the intricacies of this journey, we unpack the layers of the transcript to draw insight into how faith, when tested by life's pressures, showcases its true colors and leads one to realms of breakthrough for themselves and their community. Key Takeaways: - Adversity paves the way for personal growth and community breakthroughs; through it, our faith is tested, proven, and strengthened. - Success and prosperity, as seen through the lens of faith, benefit others and are not simply for personal gain. - Faithfulness in small things is a cornerstone of spiritual growth and community blessing, setting the stage for greater responsibilities and impact. Faith Under Pressure: Finding Strength in Adversity "Consider it a sheer gift, friends, when tests and challenges come at you from all sides." This direct quote echoes the sentiment that trials are inevitable parts of life, but they carry with them the potential for growth. Adversity isn't just a hindrance; it's a catalyst for maturity when faced with the right mindset. The transcript reveals that enduring adversity is not synonymous with defeat. Instead, it is an invitation to examine where one's strength originates. If strength is drawn from self, limitations will soon be reached. But if strength emanates from a profound relationship with a sovereign, all-powerful God, then pressures become opportunities for faith to shine and for character to be refined. The emphasis on harnessing one's adversity into experiences that mold and fortify faith resonates deeply with the understanding that, as believers, the convergence of faith and adversity is not to be evaded, but embraced. Success and Breakthrough: Its Impact on Community Breakthroughs in life, particularly in faith, are often anticipated with a personal lens. However, the true measure of a breakthrough's significance is seen in its ripple effects on the community. The transcript stresses that genuine success through faith extends beyond individual gains—it spills over to benefit others. This biblical principle, mirrored in Christ's life and ministry, finds its roots in the directive to use our worldly resources for the welfare of others. This theme's broader impact stretches into how communities perceive and interact with faith; generous, compassionate living validates the power and reality of faith to non-believers. It sets a stage where faith's tangible outcomes beckon attention, and its voice finds a willing audience. In paralleling this scriptural wisdom with modern philanthropy, the transcript beckons readers to view their potential breakthroughs as conduits for community advancements, social healing, and transformation. Stewardship and Faithfulness: Blueprint for Greater Works Echoing through the transcript is the clarion call to faithfulness in handling what seems small or belonging to another. Citing the scriptural parable of the unjust steward, an essential truth crystallizes: God entrusts greater responsibilities and resources to those who prove faithful with little. This notion that faithfulness in lesser matters is the precursor to divine promotion and broader influence nudges believers towards a meticulous examination of their daily stewardship. In a culture that prizes personal achievements, this paradigm beckons a radical shift where faithful stewardship is recognized as a critical factor in determining one's spiritual trajectory and communal impact. Drawing upon a life of integrity and diligent care for the entrusted responsibilities, regardless of their magnitude, believers can anticipate waves of breakthrough that not only elevate them but also edify and bless the community they are a part of. The interwoven themes of the transcript present a multifaceted portrayal of life's journey through faith. Navigating adversity with the assurance of divine presence, embodying success that enriches one's community, and embracing faithfulness in small things as a stepping stone to greater responsibilities—these tenets collectively illuminate a path laden with potential breakthroughs. These insights offer far-reaching implications across personal and community spheres, underscoring the transformative power of lived-out faith. As this exploration of transcending pressures with scriptural integrity concludes, the enduring lesson is that the walks of faith are trails blazing through adversity, leading to pastures where others may find rest and nourishment.
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  • Resurrection Power: Unleashing the Miraculous in Your Life

    31 MAR. 2024 · In this uplifting and spiritually charged episode, Pastor John Paledino delves into the profound significance of Easter Sunday, a day that commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Providing a ray of hope and affirmation to his congregation, Pastor Paledino emphasizes the Savior's death and triumphant rise as the fundamental pillars of the Christian faith.The episode is a moving sermon that showcases the unwavering belief in resurrection and eternal life. Amid the jubilant celebration, Pastor Paledino offers insights into the biblical accounts of Christ's resurrection, counters skepticism regarding the event's true day, and discusses the subsequent transformation of the disciples' lives. Engaging with his audience, he highlights the importance of witnessing and proclaiming the gospel. The sermon is rich with references to the gospel books of Matthew, John, Luke.
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  • Embracing God's Grace and Praising Him in All Circumstances. On Palm Sunday 2024

    24 MAR. 2024 · In this episode, Pastor John Paledino delivers a powerful message on Palm Sunday and the significance of Jesus' entry into Jerusalem. He emphasizes the importance of not being swayed by the opinions of others and staying focused on praising and thanking God. The episode also includes testimonies of breakthrough and miracles, reminding listeners of God's faithfulness and the power of prayer. Don't miss this inspiring and uplifting episode.
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True Lasting Change is a ministry of Harvest Church of Tampa. Join us as we offer praise to the Lord teach the Word of God! Please visit us. We are...

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True Lasting Change is a ministry of Harvest Church of Tampa. Join us as we offer praise to the Lord teach the Word of God!

Please visit us. We are currently meeting at:

Spring Hill Suites
5396 Primrose Lake Cir,
Tampa, FL 33647

Service Times: Sunday 9:30 AM and 5:00 PM
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