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  • Truman's Matrix - The Yoo Dynasty

    11 DIC. 2023 · A few days ago we saw a home in Virginia explode just as authorities were about to serve a warrant. But what is the back story? Here is a thread from CulturalHusbandry that has some great insight. Let’s go step by step. The house is owned by a man named James Woo. Where was James Yoo's house? 844 N. Burlington Street Arlington, VA Who is James Yoo's father? James Yoo’s father, Ki Hong Yoo, American University (CIA cutout), wrote plan to retake North Korea with bioagents for President of South Korea in this picture. Who is James Yoo's mother? James Yoo’s mother, Anne Shinn Yoo, US State Dept/CIA, Voice of America lead broadcaster for South Korean division of US propaganda mouthpiece Voice of America. Who was James Yoo? James Yoo had a long career but his most notable job was a"Head of Global Information and Physical Security" at Global Crossing. It gets deeper by the minute... TUNE IN!
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  • X-Files vol 7 - Tara Bull; Top 10

    3 DIC. 2023 · Top 10 headlines the media didn't tell you this week, Repost & FoIIow for more. 10. DeSantis vs Newsom debate turns into a sh*tshow as the Florida governor calls out San Francisco's human feces problem. 9. Elon Musk interview goes viral, causing mass cancelations of Disney Plus and other services. 8. Texas is suing Pfizer for misrepresenting COVID-19 vaccine efficacy and conspiring to censor the public. 7. KC Chief's fans plan to attend next game with black and red face paint after the media accused a child fan of racism. 6. Former official has been indicted on three grand jury charges for altering 2020 election results. 5. Reports of "White Lung" pneumonia affecting mostly children in China has been found in Massachusetts & Ohio. 4. BLM Leader endorses Trump for President in 2024, accuses democrats of racist policies. 3. CTIL files reveal how the government conspired to censor citizens and alter the 2020 election. 2. Joe Rogan says anyone who tells him to 'trust the experts' can suck his d*ck, Covid taught him that the so-called experts are bought and paid for. 1. James O'Keefe releases bombshell undercover report exposing China's operation of a biolab in California. How many more Chinese biolabs are there in the United States? BONUS: Speaker Johnson ramps up Biden impeachment, stating Biden has lied at least 16 times about his involvement in his family's business schemes. If you appreciate this Top 10 recap, remember to Repost and FoIIow me for another week in a clown world
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  • Moon Madness

    30 NOV. 2023 · https://diggingdeeper.net/2023/11/29/googles-ai-determines-moon-landing-was-faked/ https://diggingdeeper.net/2023/11/29/googles-ai-determines-moon-landing-was-faked/ Transcribed by Free MP3 to TEXT Welcome to Truman's Matrix. A podcast built around craziest headlines around the world. A production of digging deeper media owned by Hail multigene. Where you don't know who's watching who, or who's controlling you. The world is so much bigger than what we know. One of those frontiers that we started exploring, the United States and many countries, have been exploring for a long time is the old space. Well, one of the things that we thought would be interesting to dig into would be the 50th anniversary of NASA's amazing, amazing, unbelievable, and incredible, incredible feet that they pulled off. Everybody knows it was the moon landing in July. Supposedly they took off around the 16th of July and then landed there pretty soon, you know, pretty quick. And then they got out, eventually two out of the three walked on the moon on July 20th, right? That's what they say. Yeah, so this week was the Apollo 11 anniversary, so we thought we did get a little deeper into the conspiracy behind the fact that it didn't happen. Of course it happened. Everybody knows it happened. We saw it on TV, right? Okay, so we're going to take a look at both sides of the story here tonight. So what are some things that make you go, hmm? Well, 50 years ago, NASA had technology in shuttle crafts to travel 230,000 miles away to the moon. Yeah, 240,000. Okay. Okay. The shuttle needed only one tank of gas and could easily, supposedly, travel through the Van Allen radiation belt with no problems. Do you know what that is? No, no, it must be pretty serious for that. It's kind of like a figure eight around the world. Yeah, I saw a diagram of it. Yeah, yeah. So I don't know a lot about it, but I guess it's kind of tough to get through us what they're saying. Hmm. All right, you doubt her. I can already tell by the tone of your voice that you're a doubt her in this article. I can't wait to get to the high resolution pictures from 1969. The high resolution pictures you're talking about. Oh, they're all over the place, honey. Okay. Don't worry. All right. They've been doctored all over. Uh huh. Today, NASA can and has only traveled one thousandth of the distance since. Right? That's what you mean? Since December of 1972. Since the last trip to the moon, they've only gone one one thousandth of that distance. Yes. Yeah. Back then they had technology that was only one millionth is strong and capable of today's smartphone. One millionth of today's smartphone. Okay. I'll give it to them that they were the high tech people and the common person didn't have that. But still, right? It still wasn't near what we have today, regardless. Well, let's say it was equal to today's cell phone. Could our cell phone get us to the moon? Probably not. Who doesn't have enough power? Okay. Good point. Good point. Good point. Today, all evidence of Apollo 11, the shuttle craft, blueprints, original videos have been destroyed. Oh, yeah. Nothing has been saved from this historic crash in records. The camera, the camera, I cannot believe they didn't dismount the camera or dislodge it or take it or do something with the camera. They left it there. Yeah. It was on the craft, on the leg of the craft, right? Yeah. And when they detached it and jettisoned it into space back to the moon's surface, it ended up crashing somewhere on the moon, but they don't know where. They just know that it's gone. So they don't even have the camera that took this supposed movie. All that remains are edited videos of a moon landing that shows three different shadows from the different lighting sources in the same clip. No stars in the background, although those were added later. Well, hold on, three different lighting sources. They were there for three and a half hours, and I actually watched the entire three hour video. Which will make available on our on-demand channel for you so that you can actually see the full length video of the entire time and real time of what they were talking about. The most interesting thing to me is how detailed buzz was, or excuse me, how detailed Neil Armstrong was when he talked about, before he even said the infamous statement. And how it felt and how it was attracted on the side of his boots and how little he sunk into the surface and the gravitational pull and how the ladder didn't come down. And actually, did you know that the spikes from the lander only went in two inches? Because there wasn't enough pole. Or it was so soft, or just that sand, that dust was just something you just didn't have. But you can watch that full video after tonight. We'll have that up on our channel at diggingdeepertv.com on-demand. So this is a little video about how they create our graphics. Yes, from the CGI company, from NASA CGI company. Is that who it was? This one? Yeah. Watch this. Oh, we don't use CGI. In the meantime, they are images that inspire, educate, and sometimes just make us say, wow. Over the years, NASA has given us spectacular photos and renderings that reveal a colorful and mysterious universe. Robert Hirt and Tim Pyle bring the universe to life. What we're doing does have real science underlying it. Robert is an astrophysicist turned artist. Tim, once a Hollywood animator, is now a planet illustrator. Together, they produce some of NASA's most popular images. From renderings of how planets light years away could look, to actual photos of stars and galaxies captured by NASA's powerful telescopes. And this is how it comes to me. Many of those images have a dark, greeny start. But color and light reveal an astonishing glimpse of deepest regions of space might appear to the human eye. What I'm trying to do is show people sort of the broader colors that the universe has to offer. It's a delicate blend of imagination and data. The artists meet with NASA scientists over many drafts to ensure a planet or galaxy's look lines up with the research to make each one as accurate as possible. I love the challenge. It's kind of like a puzzle to me of trying to create something that looks really cool within the restrictions that were given by the scientists. It can take days, even weeks to produce just a single image. The dazzling final results, enough to keep us all dreaming of the final frontier for years to come. Chris Martinez, CBS News, Pasadena, California. The artists also say they have to be especially careful when it comes to illustrations of other planets to avoid colors. Many of us would associate with Earth, like blue for water. Only one photo of Earth was made public for 50 years, and that was that 1975 one until they started recreating it. Hmm. See that? You know when it was easy to tweak. Right. Just that one photo. Yeah. Look at that stuff. Okay. On the screen there. Can you guys see? No. Yes. It's going to look a little different as the world turns, right? But with weather and clouds and all that. But if you look at some of these, the continents look bigger than others. So what's going on with that? Why would they like distort this thing? I know. It's all. It's weird. Bad graphic artist, I guess. Well, Tara, are you kidding me? You can work for NASA. It'd be an idiot. Well, you know, like the carbon copy clouds in this other way. Oh, I know. I can't ask for you. It doesn't have enough cloud space. Let's just copy and paste, copy, paste, copy, paste, copy, paste. Yeah. I thought that was pretty interesting myself. Huh. Isn't that interesting? Well, take a look at it there on the screen for yourself and tell us if you're not in the matrix. It was watching you now. So the astronauts, they're the ones who should know, right? Yeah. Right? Well, they were warned not to give interviews. All right. And seldom do. Buzz Aldrin admitted that the televised version was fake. But how far did that fake go? Oh, okay. So many, many times we have seen videos and different indications of this. How many are you going to show us tonight? Are you going to show us some of those Buzz Aldrin admissions? Oh, yeah. There's a couple in here. All right. All right. Because before we get to that, I want people to just take a moment and pray for the families of those who perished in Apollo 1. There's a story behind that. If you want to do some research while we're talking to you here, jump on there and find out Apollo 1 fire. And you will be amazed at that. Anyway, we'll dig deeper into that conspiracy on why those astronauts burned up and died unnecessarily. But go ahead and get back to our current report. Okay. Let's watch this video. And this has several visuals. If you're on the podcast, you're not going to see, but we'll try and describe them to you. All right. We're going to narrate you through this in case you're listening on the radio or the podcast. Okay. So right now we have Adolf Hitler on the screen. This is a video and he says, make the
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  • X-Files vol 5 - Mr. X Himself

    4 NOV. 2023 · Welcome to Truman's Matrix with Andi and Brian Hale! On this episode of Truman's Matrix, we explore the twitter account of Mr. X Himself, Elon Musk. Mr. Musk has been making news by bringing attention to things we've been shouting from the rooftops for 3 years about. That's good news. We support what he's doing because he stands for the truth. Watch Live Friday Nights on Rumble 9-11 pm cst Or on-demand anytime on Rumble or www.diggingdeepertv.com
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  • X-Files vol 4 - Inversionism

    30 OCT. 2023 · Each week, we collect the most outlandish or interesting things we find in twitterland, and share them with you on The X-Files! Tonight, it’s Volume 4
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  • X-Files vol 1

    7 OCT. 2023
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The craziest headlines from around this inverted globe... it's Truman's Matrix... cause you don't know who's watching who, or who's controlling you...

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