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    Truth Wanted 07.25 06-21-2024 with ObjectivelyDan and Secular Rarity

    22 JUN. 2024 · In today’s episode ofTruth Wanted, Objectively Dan and Secular Rarity play with moonlight and Lucifer as they dive into utilitarianism that brings them full circle to the founding of our government and exposing clear violations of the First Amendment.   Howard in Spain is a theist searching for truth by using the scientific method and believes that being agnostic is the best position to hold. He asks why atheists ignore the existence of Lucifer when we can all see the “Light Bearer” with the naked eye as Venus. Cultures had very different ideas about planetary values and stars; why should we believe the culture that assigns Lucifer to venus? What reason do you have to think you know better than astronomers who have studied this? Venus is not directly in front of the sun relative to our position and does not emit its own light. How then is it a “Light Bearer”? We don’t have to be experts in every field to understand the consensus of facts. Howard then proceeds to state a debunked flat earth myth that water set out in moonlight has a lower temperature than water that is left in moon shade. If you are correct, why would all scientists be so hardcore against your position? Kyna in WA believes that utilitarianism is shaky as a moral foundation. As a basis this does not make sense, but as a way of navigation it is a good way. How would we deal with sociopaths with and without this method? Frank in TX asks which version of the Ten Commandments should be put up and if it should be the one that includes a feast of unleavened bread. There are different interpretations of these stories and Jesus did not care about most of them. This precedent set can very quickly roll out of proportion. For instance, why is it okay that a football coach stands in the public field inviting people to pray to his version of god? This is profoundly anti-American to its core. We don’t like violations of church and state.  Jon in Canada asks why the hosts are offended by the Ten Commandments being posted in public schools. Do you see problems with the Tenants of Satanism being posted? How Is the violation of The Constitution not enough of a reason? We are secular and the separation of church and state is a founding principle of our government. The “Year of Our Lord” is not mentioned in The Constitution, at all.  If you are a citizen, read The Constitution.  Thank you for discovering the truth with us! Question of the week is: Aliens would not abduct me because________. 
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    Truth Wanted 07.24 with ObjectivelyDan and Jon the Skeptick 2024-06-14 18-55-11

    15 JUN. 2024 · Discover the Truth today with ObjectivelyDan and Jon the Skeptick! They earn their wings as they fly with the angels swooping over Lake Worth to view a monster and then flap through the woods to debunk Slender Man right before landing in a convenience store parking lot where they give a panhandling angel some change.  Elane in KY asks how to respond to people when they say an angel saved them from a car wreck. Dan suggests asking questions to get them to talk about it more and Jon removes the angel from the equation entirely and suggests asking how sure they are that it was an angel. For example: On a scale of 1 to 100, how confident are you that it was an angel? What would it take to change that number? Billy Pilgrim in TX wants to talk about the Lake Worth Monster that was from the first man made lake in Texas that was built in 1913. He tells us the secret of how this monster was a contraption of intertubes and row boats. There was also a stark reminder for Dan of the terrifying Goat Man. The only monster is man once you think about it! There are some really dumb criptics out there! Allison in MO explains an experience as a kid where she saw this figure walk out of the treeline and back into the treeline. This figure was too tall to be a man and too small to be another animal. What could this have been? Could it have been a man on stilts? What could the most rational explanation for this be? It helps to take a step back and “Scooby Do” what you see. People do things to mess with others just out of fun. Remember when people dressed as clowns and scared others in the dark? Ben in VA was told a story where someone was contacted by an angel that disguised himself as a homeless person, but then said, “Your daughter is going to be okay.” This type of thing probably comes from The Gospels. If your friend was on the phone talking about his daughter prior to being approached by this homeless angel, what are the possibilities of this person hearing the phone conversation? If there is a way to get your friend to call in to describe the details, that would be beneficial to everyone. If you need to keep a low profile about this stuff, let us do the dirty work and take care of it.  Thank you for joining us, you truthful angels! Question of the week: Name a time win autocorrect went totally wrong!
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    Truth Wanted 07-23 Dr Ben and ObjectivelyDan

    8 JUN. 2024 · In today’s episode of Truth Wanted, ObjectivelyDan and Dr. Ben sort through unexplained UFO sightings before getting into a heated discussion about misgendering and morality as spooky trucks are spotted in the Afghanistan desert.  Daniel, a theist in Canada describes Jacques Vallee’s work on UFO sightings and how we tend to forget about the small percentage that have no explanation. There is a difference between what is said to the public and what they know because the press can leak far and the process of being stealth can be inhibited. If you did see a UFO, what would that change in your life and is it part of the reality that we experience? Why is there a need to explain something you don’t understand? How do we demonstrate this happened and do something about it? Annie, a theist in Canada asks why misgendering makes someone immoral, if morality is considered to be subjective. How you address somebody is a matter of respect and since people perceive respect differently, it is important to gain consent for things and have conversations. Problems arise when actions are in direct violation of someone’s communicated ways of being respected. We are not talking about accidental misgendering, but intentional disregard. Why is it such a big deal to call someone by the name or pronoun they have communicated to you? This is kindergarten level stuff. We live in a society that works together. Why would you not care about other people? Why would you not include as many different people as possible when deciding what is best for humanity? Would it be cool to secretly serve pork products to a group of people that do not eat pork? It is not much to ask to call people what they want to be called.  Why are you okay with having an institutional reason to hate trans people? Dan in Canada told us a spooky story where he could see a truck using night vision in an Afghanistan desert, and his mom woke up from her sleep worried about her son and prayed that he made it through the night.  Thank you for exploring the truth this week! Question of the week is: What hill would you die on?
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    Truth Wanted 07.22 with ObjectivelyDan and Tom Benson 2024-05-31

    1 JUN. 2024 · Find the truth today as ObjectivelyDan and Tom Benson transform into book publisher coaches right before our eyes. They work through ideas of book contests, Batman, religious practices, and inspiring theists to do things on their own.  Miguel in NH started the call with a book writing idea that he has been working on for years and includes a contest. How will this book be written and what is the plan? He then postulates that his approach to time travel will destroy the only universe we have and that will reboot science fiction. Why do you believe that this universe is the only universe we have? Is the multiverse idea supported by the fine tuning argument? What would change your mind about there being other universes?  Chloe in PA asks if theists can move away from the god claim and work on their religious practices. He asks if religious practices can lead theists down a slippery slope. Beliefs can be bad things when they are tied to unprovable ideas like god. Therefore it is still important to talk about whether god exists or not because this belief is tied to a lot of other beliefs. Rituals are worth examining to see if they are helpful or harmful. What are your motivations for these practices and what is worth keeping? How can we find something that can bring you joy that does not pose the same danger of believing in untrue things? Why do you need the god claim for these things? There are plenty of things for you to do but you just need to get creative with it. Religious beliefs are not a form of mental illness, however, it is always good to think about what you are doing and why. What are the spiritual priorities? When beliefs inspire action we need to be careful especially when there is an underlying god belief.  Nathan in OH is writing a book about Batman and wants to talk about how to be an inspiration to others to do things on their own without relying on god to tell them what to do. We are not sure about how the copyrights work with something like this. Sometimes people’s engagement in religious practice is their way of doing good and is their understanding of morality. You can ask people about their motivations to determine if it is what their god wants or not. Ask yourself if you can be a source of reflection for people. How can you be a pebble in their shoes?  Thank you for finding the truth this week and always keep wanting the truth!  Question of the week is: What sounds like a compliment, but isn't? 
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    Truth Wanted 07.21 with ObjectivelyDan and Kelley Laughlin 2024-05-24

    25 MAY. 2024 · In today’s episode of Truth Wanted, ObjectivelyDan and Kelley Laughlin look for evil in The Garden of Eden while pilots report UFO sightings as a venomous snake bites Paul on The Island of Malta. Erasmus in CA states that Satan is a real being and does evil things. Christians developed the figure of Satan where the older Jewish religion assigns a different idea to Satan. What are your thoughts on Satan not killing as many people as god? Where in the Bible does it say that Satan actually does evil? How can we know what we are doing is evil if we don’t even have knowledge of good and evil? Why would there be a reason to believe that evil existed in the Garden of Eden when there was no knowledge of evil there in the first place? If eating the fruit was an evil act, then Adam was capable of doing something evil in a perfect environment. Why did god have to put the temptation of the tree there at all?  If we could create full fledged people out of the ground, why do we have to wait for anything else? These are all just stories and there is no reason to believe that any of this is real. Why is the Apostle Paul so special? How do you know that god did not tell Kelley in a vision last night that everything in the Bible is BS? Why do we take Jesus more seriously than anyone else in history who has claimed to be the son of god? How does the resurrection claim make this true? Dan in Canada wants to talk about the increase of UFO reports from airline pilots and if we should start considering non-terrestrial sources for this. How do we know this uptick is not correlated with the media paying more attention to sitings? Alien contact stories have evolved over time and there was a major shift in content after the Betty and Barney Hill abduction story surfaced.  The Seed in the US wants to talk about the New Testament dating and how it impacts the importance of the Bible. Mainstream consensus does not put the Gospels much earlier than the 70’s with some of them being as late as 110 AD, the timeframe of the earliest fragments. How do we explain the Gospel metaphors making sense in Greek and not Aramic, the language Jesus spoke? It is not plausible these fishermen knew Greek well enough to write these Gospels. We don’t have the original autographs of these fragments that were from 100 years later. Why should we think that the Book of Acts is a historical book? The consensus among scholars on the legitimate letters from Paul tend to date between 50 and late 60s AD.  Jeffrey in PA proposes that the commandment given in the garden was to prevent the suffering that results from evil. Why did god create suffering in the first place and why did god create evil? Have you considered that none of this is real and it is just a myth? Why does god have to protect people against evil? Thank you for tuning in the week and remember to always keep wanting the truth. Prompt of the week: What is the difference between Jesus and Pizza?
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    Truth Wanted 07.20 05-17-2024 with ObjectivelyDan and Kevin Bolling

    18 MAY. 2024 · Show notes will be posted upon receipt.
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    Truth Wanted 07.19 05-10-2024 with ObjectivelyDan and Darante' LaMar

    11 MAY. 2024 · Explore the truth with Truth Wanted as Objectively Dan and Darante’ LaMar explain the focus on religious gods while debunking yet another conspiracy theory about genocide, all while god is being defined by theists who use morality as a noun just before issuing a warning about predatory self help groups.  Bradley in NC is a pantheist who asks why the hosts tend to only focus on religious gods and not unusual gods. How prevalent is pantheism in our culture? People need to see this dialogue in real time because the religious indoctrination is so strong. If we know people have doubts about a specific god, we create spaces for those doubts. We don’t need an explanation of the universe to conclude that gods don’t exist. We still have lives to live that are affected by this belief. Connor in FL discussing the conspiracy theory about the number of Jewish people who were killed and cremated being inflated. The biggest problem with this idea is not all the people were brought to concentration camps. Many were just murdered or were starved to death. Even if these theories were true, why would it matter and what number of people would be insignificant? If you are ever in Amsterdam, make some time to go to the Anne Frank Museum and you wil learn that sadly, this is the most documented genocide in history.  Bob in Germany asks how the hosts define god. God has just as many meanings as there are people. It depends on the context and we don’t take one definition. God is extremely personal so we go to the person who is talking to us for the definition of god and let the interlocutor spell out how they define god. If they say god is the universe, we already have a word for that.  Marcia in NC observes that theists use morality as a noun, and non-theists use it as a verb. Most theists are in this camp where they just have to know all the rules to know what is right or wrong. How do theists separate god’s morality from human morality? Where do you get your morality from? Products of highly social species are often hard to define by individuals themselves. How can we lay the groundwork for philosophy when we can’t even agree on what morality is? Chase in the USA describes the Landmark Forum where people are pressured to become members, recruit friends, pay a bunch of money, and engage in group “therapy”. If you are going to a seminar where people can help with your problems, check the credentials.  This is the type of magical thinking that we want to prevent and this is predatory behavior.  There is something that does not make sense about being sold self help.  Thank you for tuning in this week for the truth. Prompt for the week is: What is an instant red flag? Keep rising!
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    Truth Wanted 07.17 with ObjectivelyDan and MD Aware 2024-04-26

    27 ABR. 2024 · Join us today on Truth Wanted with ObjectivelyDan and MD Aware! Dive into why humans go to war over photos of aliens on mars and is telecasted as a sporting event to vegans worldwide.  Mark with no location is troubled with how humans are the most intelligent animals yet we still engage in war. Animals are capable of both conflict and cooperation and humans are the same. The goal of humanism is to expand the ingroup to include the entire human species while times of hardship bring out the in-group/out-group instincts. People have a long way to go, for instance, we started this show by discussing why beating disabled children is considered to be okay. We still have lots to figure out! Chase in ID wants to talk about the health benefits of a plant based diet such as reduced risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes. There are benefits to a lot of different diets, and we all metabolize things differently. Studies with nutrition are difficult and not like other studies because there are practical aspects of the science that are challenging. There are clear links between cancers and consuming certain kinds of meats. The focus from a health perspective is to have a more varied and balanced diet. What have humans evolved to eat and how does your heritage factor into this? What does a balanced diet really mean? Meat is calorie dense and we have cheap access to it in the U.S. This is one of the reasons why it is so over consumed. We need to come up with solutions for diets that people can do something about. If you reduce your consumption of meat, that is a positive change.  Daniel in Canada called to discuss the photos of aliens on Mars that he sent and was hoping the hosts would meet him halfway on how the photos looked lifelike. Do you believe that aliens are a thing and the government is covering it up? What would be the social ramifications of this? Why would vague Neil Armstrong quotes and screenshots be sufficient evidence? Photos looking like aliens are not the same as there being an actual alien on Mars. How can your belief in aliens be falsified? Something being possible is not a reason to believe it is true. Look at all the reasons why you believe this and start trying to disprove it by poking holes in these reasons. Can someone who is an authority in a field still be wrong? Ask yourself what this information is really telling you.  William in AR brings up how the pursuit of sports careers are popularized as a way to get out of poverty. This is a marketing problem, however, the bias is also on the consumer end. Sports is just a subcategory of celebrity culture. If it is not sports stars, it is Youtubers or rock stars. Racial stereotypes are played up in sports movies and people make money doing this. The pursuit of a higher education is just not as appealing as being a sexy hot person that everyone wants to be.  Thank you for tuning in to our show! Eat a balanced diet on Mars while you consider the question of the week: What is an alpha male?
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    Truth Wanted 07.16 Truth Wanted 07.16 with ObjectivelyDan and Michael Wiseman @BSWthepodcast

    20 ABR. 2024 · Title: Talking to God, Evolution/God,  Morality Debates, and Atrocity of Religion. SHOW TIME-STAMPS 00:00 Intro 16:21 Messages from the Universe-USA | Talking to God 35:00 Just Some Guy-Ireland | Evolution disproves God? SHOW NOTES Welcome to Truth Wanted, where all the truthers gather! Tonight, our host Objectively Dan is joined by Michael Wiseman of the Bible Says What?!  Messages from God from the USA is our first caller. Ohh boy people! This is a doozy. Messages claims we just choose to hear God and we have to be open to it. And God especially picked her for us to receive this information so we can talk to God. Also, we exist and yet we don’t exist in this dimension. I am trying people, just listen to the call as this show notes writer is struggling. Seriously, both Dan and Michael try and pin down her premise and how she came to the conclusions she has and the message she wants to impart. Buckle up folks! Just Some Guy from the Green Isle gives our hosts a ring to talk about do atheists deny God because of evolution? No, as there are plenty of believers who accept the theory of evolution. Somehow, the conversation shifts to objective vs. subjective morality. The hosts and Just Some Guy get into some interesting philosophical questions and how God doesn’t resolve any of these issues.  Last but thankfully not least is Philo-Sophistry from also the USofA calls to discuss the harm of religion, if it does have any benefit, and when do we, as atheists intervene? These are some questions to ponder and worth it to do so. 
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Truth Wanted is a show about getting to the bottom of beliefs, whether it’s karma or Christ, Bigfoot or crystals. Truth Wanted would like to know how you know it’s true. Hosted by ObjectivelyDan, Truth Wanted takes calls from the community (that means YOU!) and features new guests every week, emphasizing thorough conversations over name-calling and scoffing (most of the time). Truth Wanted focuses on how and why people believe what they believe, and how you can talk about beliefs in more effective ways. Join us for truth investigations and lively conversations every Friday 7-8:30pm CT 1-512-686-0279
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