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  • Re-Release: Girls

    30 MAY. 2022 · While you wait for a new episode of 'TV. Watch. Repeat.', check out this old favorite! It's the voice of a generation... or the voice of a generation. It's 'Girls,' Lena Dunham's tour de force that premiered in 2012 to both critical acclaim and endless controversies. In the latest episode of 'TV. Watch. Repeat.', Kate and Allison dissect why the TV environment was ripe for a raunchy show about millennials, the one-page pitch that got Dunham the series, the nudity conversation surrounding the series, and Allison Williams' Peter Pan. (We couldn't resist.) Sources: New York Times, Fast Company, New York Mag, Vulture
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  • Re-Release: One Tree Hill

    23 MAY. 2022 · While you wait for a new episode of 'TV. Watch. Repeat.' check out this old favorite! There is only one Tree Hill, but there are nine(!) seasons of 'One Tree Hill,' the CW's little teen soap that could. In our latest episode, Allison and Kate talk about the humble beginnings of the quietest hit on TV — and the tumultuous behind-the-scenes drama that was revealed years later. Find out everything that went down on set, along with plenty of fun facts about the series. Plus, our hosts look back at their own high school existences, when Kate tried to fix her high school superlatives, and Allison was named "Most Unforgettable." Sources: The New York Times, Cosmopolitan, BuzzFeed, The Ringer
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  • Re-Release: Grey's Anatomy

    16 MAY. 2022 · While you await a new episode of 'TV.Watch.Repeat.,' check out this old favorite! From McDreamy to McDrama. In 2005, Grey's Anatomy surged onto the screen with a new kind of medical drama — one that was feminist, diverse, and, of course, sexy. (The series pilot starts with a one-night stand, after all.) But while the series' tight writing and talented cast brought it instant success, tensions behind the scenes started to brew, causing Grey's Anatomy to make headlines for all the wrong reasons. In the latest episode of TV. Watch. Repeat., co-hosts Kate Ward and Allison Piwowarski dissect the beginnings of Grey's Anatomy, the power of Shonda Rhimes, and the backstage drama that led to some of the biggest cast turnovers in TV history. Plus: Kyle Chandler. Of course.
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  • Re-Release: Friends

    9 MAY. 2022 · While you await a new episode of 'TV. Watch. Repeat.', check out this old favorite! Could we BE any more excited to talk about the 1994 debut of a series that changed television? Co-hosts Allison Piwowarski and Kate Ward tackle the history of Friends, a series that began as a logistical solution, and grew into a phenomenon that commanded $1 million per episode salary for its cast. Find out who could have played Ross and Rachel, why Lisa Kudrow thought her Friends days were over before they even began, what major plotline Matt LeBlanc labeled "wildly inappropriate," and more.
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  • Re-Release: New Girl

    27 ABR. 2022 · While you wait for a new episode of 'TV. Watch. Repeat.,' enjoy this vintage episode about 'New Girl'! What's that pilot... what's that pilot... it's 'New Girl,' the 2011 series that introduced the world to instantly iconic characters like Schmidt and Nick Miller, and instantly iconic lingo. (Hello, "chut-e-ney.") But 'New Girl' might have given us a completely different set of characters, based on the pitch doc co-hosts Allison Piwowarski and Kate Ward dug up for creator Liz Meriwether's "Chicks and Dicks." Plus, learn about the behind-the-scenes drama from the Prince episode, the most difficult character to cast, and why Kate's issuing a major mea culpa at the top of the episode.
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  • Re-Release: Gilmore Girls (with Sam Bush)

    18 ABR. 2022 · The best trips down memory lane are the ones that take you past Luke's Diner, Miss Patty's School of Ballet, and, of course, the Dragonfly Inn. So it's no surprise that Stars Hollow — the fictional 'Gilmore Girls' town that inspires autumnal wanderlust every year — was born out of a memory of a trip. En route to New York at the turn of the millennium, Amy Sherman-Palladino drove through Washington, Connecticut, and realized she was in a town so idyllic, it might as well have been fantasy. So Sherman-Palladino put the fantasy on television and gave us 'Gilmore Girls,' one of the most well-crafted series to ever hit The WB, and one of the most well-crafted series to never get the acclaim it deserved because it was on The WB. But, thanks to subsequent DVD rewatches, and, of course, Team Jess, Gilmore Girls secured its place in nostalgic TV history, even locking in the 2016 Netflix follow-up, 'Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life.' But what was life like in the years 'Gilmore Girls was' on the air? That's the topic of our latest episode, featuring special guest Sam Bush (aka @bravohistorian and 'Gilmore Girls' superfan). Wherever 'Gilmore Girls' leads, we will follow — and come armed with plenty of fun facts.
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  • We are on a break!

    11 ABR. 2022 · The title is a Friends reference in case you didn't get it. (Listen to our Friends episode, by the way!) We know you're dying (ha!) to hear all about Castle, and don't worry, we'll get there! But we're currently on a season hiatus. We'll be back soon, but in the meantime, let us know what shows we should be covering! And listen to some of our old episodes and tweet us @thedipp with your recommendations, thoughts, and everything in between.
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  • Dharma & Greg

    21 MAR. 2022 · '30 Rock's Jack Donaghy once said, "Never go with a hippie to a second location." In 1997, a man named Gregory Montgomery defied that advice, and then some — not only did he go to a baseball game with a hippie, he also flew to Reno and got married to her, all within 24 hours. And that's just the first five minutes of 'Dharma & Greg,' Chuck Lorre's spirited comedy about two opposites who fall in love, and deal with the fall-out between their mismatched families. It's the subject of our latest episode, in which Allison and Kate dive into the very under-covered history of the series, including how anger, surprisingly, was the main inspiration behind the entire show. So grab your yoga mat and enjoy the story of 'Dharma & Greg'!
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  • Criminal Minds

    14 MAR. 2022 · Before 'Criminal Minds,' most police procedurals focused on the "who" bit of "whodunit." But, when the Mandy Patinkin CBS series debuted in 2005, it was one of the first to ask not only "who," but "why." What resulted was a series that lasted over 300 episodes and 15 years — even if all of its cast didn't. Patinkin included, who called his two seasons on the show his "biggest mistake." You, like the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit, might wonder... why? Our latest episode gets into it all, delving into the history and impact of 'Criminal Minds.' During the episode, we learn about Matthew Gray Gubler's surprising pre-'Criminal Minds' career, which gigantic series it actually beat in the ratings, and how Kirsten Vangsness lasted more than just the one episode she was cast for. Plus: 'Criminal Minds's 'Friends' tie-in, and Thomas Gibson's splash in a hot tub. So grab your private jets (wheels up in five, btw) and enjoy the story of 'Criminal Minds'!
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  • Jane The Virgin

    7 MAR. 2022 · There's so much to love about 'Jane The Virgin.' The impeccable writing. The refreshingly fast pacing. The heartwarming family moments. Michael. And, did I mention, Michael? Allison and Kate put aside their Team Rafe/Team Michael differences in this latest episode in order to tell the history of 'Jane the Virgin,' the beloved CW telenovela-fairy tale that attracted critical praise and Emmys. Along the way, we learn about why creator Jennie Urman Snyder almost turned the project down, the man behind the series' narrator, and Justin Baldoni's awkward run-in with Britney Spears. So grab your grilled cheese and enjoy the story of 'Jane the Virgin'!
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Kate and Allison are both editors for The Dipp and tv fans. TV. Watch. Repeat. is a new podcast brought to you by the subscription entertainment news site, The Dipp....

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Kate and Allison are both editors for The Dipp and tv fans. TV. Watch. Repeat. is a new podcast brought to you by the subscription entertainment news site, The Dipp. Each week, they'll rewatch pilot episodes from classic tv shows and dive deep into their backstories: What was the origin of the show? Who almost played the classic character that you know and love? How did it impact tv history? And, of course, how does it compare to the O.C.?

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