• Episode 21: The Trinity

    27 MAY. 2024 · The most basic of Christian beliefs, the Trinity, is also one of the most confusing.  How can a god be three-in-one?  A lot of people wonder but do so privately, assuming that everyone else has it figured out.  But that's what this podcast is for, to give space to explore the things we're all questioning.  Join the Unfolding Wings team to get an honest look at some (nowhere close to all!) of the questions you may have about the Trinity, to help you unfold your own wings. For more reading, some of the books mentioned in this episode: The Trinity (Guides to Theology) by Roger Olson and Christopher Hall Triune Atonement: Christ's Healing for Sinners, Victims, and the Whole Creation by Andrew Sung Park
    57m 12s
  • Episode 20: On Abortion

    22 ABR. 2024 · Abortion is one of those hot-button issues that seem particularly relevant for Christians.  But is the public perception that a Christian equals a strict pro-lifer accurate?  Does it apply to all Christians?  Can young adults trying to figure out their own path be faithfully pro-choice? Check out this episode as the Unfolding Wings cast continues to try and give a safe and brave space to all young adults trying to faithfully unfold their wings in the world.
    1h 4m 59s
  • Episode 19: Gun Violence and Gun Ownership (Part II)

    24 MAR. 2024 · Part II of the conversation on gun violence and gun ownership.
    50m 4s
  • Episode 18: Gun Violence and Gun Ownership (Part I)

    26 FEB. 2024 · How do we respond, faithfully, to the consistent and tragic gun violence in our country and world? How are young adults, specifically, affected and formed by gun violence and how are young adults called to respond? In this Part I on gun violence and gun ownership, the host of Unfolding Wings addresses the basic facts, history, and second amendment. Part II will cover the various opinions on how to actually limit violence and why people own guns.
    29m 8s
  • Episode 17: Work and Sabbath

    28 ENE. 2024 · Struggling with work/life balance? Don't know what to do about it? We're not sure we have the answers, but we can help get you started. What does the Bible really have to say about work and sabbath, and what does our faith tradition say? Join the crew on Unfolding Wings to start finding more meaning in your life.
    45m 57s
  • Episode 16: Gender and Sex

    22 OCT. 2023 · After a summer of sabbatical, Pastor John and his cool cat young adult friends are back to talk about gender and sex. How can Christians think of gender and sex and be faithful to God and compassionate to one another? How can we further one another's dignity?
    55m 4s
  • Episode 15: Marriage

    26 JUN. 2023 · Join the young adult crew again (with wise elder!) to explore what marriage means, why we should (or not) get married, what it's all about. Since many of us will get married at some point in our lives, it's probably a good idea to have a good sense of why we're doing it. Remember, the folks at Charlton City UMC love doing this for you... but we don't necessarily represent the views of the church or even, all the time, of ourselves. We simply want to create a safe, meaningful space for you to reflect on how you might unfold your own wings.
    58m 32s
  • Episode 14: Can Women Be Church Leaders?

    7 MAY. 2023 · The holy young adults are back to tackle the question, "Can women be leaders in church?" It seems strange that we're still asking that question in the 21st century but we need to. Especially if you've ever dealt with sexism, in the church or otherwise, or been told that women shouldn't be leaders in church, we encourage you to listen and explore with us.
    48m 59s
  • Episode 13: Is Jesus the Only Way to Salvation?

    27 MAR. 2023 · One of the major theological questions that young adults struggle with: is Jesus really the ONLY way to salvation? Join us as we explore some of the ideas and issues around that question and different ways Christians can handle it. The good news is that this is a safe place to hear that your questions and explorations are welcome. God has your back.
    52m 15s
  • Episode 12: Racism

    26 FEB. 2023 · Racism is definitely a topic important to many young adults. How do we think and address it faithfully? Join the holy crew to find out! Disclaimer: The views expressed in this episode, and all episodes, do not necessarily represent those of the co-hosts nor of the church they serve. We do our best to help young adults explore.
    49m 46s

Join our young adults asking all the questions, doubting traditions, and exploring critical topics (like justice) that you are, as we seek to unfold our wings and fly in the...

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Join our young adults asking all the questions, doubting traditions, and exploring critical topics (like justice) that you are, as we seek to unfold our wings and fly in the world with spiritual fire.

Brought to you by the Holy Pastor Doing Stuff (a caricature of the hypocritical, judgmental Christians we all know) and some cool cats from Charlton City UMC.
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