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    22 NOV. 2023 · My thoughts on the JFK assassination.
  • Episode 22 - Vigilant Truth

    8 NOV. 2023 · Checking in after a long hiatus
    14m 39s
  • Hamas, Neo-Nazis... Part 2

    19 OCT. 2023 · I continue my analysis of the spurious connection being made by the DHS and NGO's between "Pro-Hamas" groups and Neo-Nazis.
  • Hamas, Neo-Nazis and the Boogeyman of Online Extremism

    19 OCT. 2023 · It's no secret, that DHS and the FBI have right wingers in their crosshairs. THEY RAISE THE SPECTER OF THE HOMEGROWN, RIGHT WING EXTREMIST. This is nothing more than a bait and switch. They were never worried about Islamic terrorists. The patriot act was drawn up long before 9/11. It was always meant for you.
  • Episode 19 - Vigilant Truth

    16 OCT. 2023 · Checking in from the UK
    11m 49s
  • Israel, Hamas and the Legacy of False Flags

    9 OCT. 2023 · Israel is attacked! It's really popping off and with hundreds and hundreds of casualties Israel is out for blood. How was this allowed to happen? Did the Israeli government stand down? There's no easy answers.
  • Putin, Zelensky, and the Conspiracy Theory of Antisemitism

    26 SEP. 2023 · Here we go again. Not another antisemite! The conspiracy theory that Vladimir Putin hates Zelensky because he is technically Jewish is being propagated by the MSM. Why does this false claim of antisemitism keep rearing its head? Oldest trick in the book.
  • Biden Drug Cartels and the Great Texas Flood

    22 SEP. 2023 · Migrants are flooding into Texas and other border states like Arizona and New Mexico by the hundreds of thousands. The Biden Administration has railroaded any efforts to deal with the matter. Is this just a political maneuver to consolidate Democratic voting blocks? Perhaps there is a more corrupt and sinister motive. I speculate.
    14m 48s
  • Elon and Bibi Netanyahu

    14 SEP. 2023 · Elon is having to do the "I'm not an antisemite" dance for stating the obvious.
    14m 59s
  • MLG and WTC 7

    12 SEP. 2023 · New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham goes full retard and the official story behind 9-11 is brought into question on todays blurb.
Vigilant Truth is a podcast where I attempt to make sense of current events and politics by application of a Christian worldview and a revisionist historical outlook.

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