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  • The Matthew Stevens Interview.

    22 JUN. 2024 · 🎙️✨ Join us for an enlightening episode with NLP-certified life coach, Matthew Stevens! 🌟 Matthew shares insights on emotional intelligence, personal growth, and his upcoming book "Unexpected Gifts." We dive into his journey as a coach, his work with Fireside Solutions, and practical ways to develop emotional intelligence. Tune in for an inspiring conversation that will leave you with valuable life lessons and a renewed perspective. 🎧💡 #MatthewStevens #LifeCoach #EmotionalIntelligence #VigilantesRadio www.linkedin.com/ltconsultants TikTok: TheRealLifeCoach22 Instgram: The_Real_Life_Coach22
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  • The Lashandia Tynise Billingsley Interview.

    22 JUN. 2024 · 📚✨ Join us for an intimate and inspiring interview with the talented author and poet, Lashandia Tynise Billingsley! 🌟 In this episode, Lashandia shares her journey from a tumultuous childhood to discovering her passion for poetry inspired by Shakespeare. Her book, "Through the Eyes of Shakespeare," captures the emotional essence of life’s experiences through rhythmic and heartfelt verses. Tune in for a conversation that dives deep into the power of poetry and resilience. 🎙️❤️ #LashandiaTyniseBillingsley #Poetry #ThroughTheEyesOfShakespeare #VigilantesRadio https://www.amazon.com/Through-Shakespeare-Lashandia-Tynise-Billingsley/dp/1462002277
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  • The Precious Interview.

    22 JUN. 2024 · 🌟 Get ready for an inspiring episode with the multi-talented model, entertainer, and reality TV star Precious! 🌟 From her journey in the foster care system to gracing high-profile music videos and runways, Precious shares her incredible story of resilience and success. Tune in to hear about her experiences on The Zeus Network, her philanthropic efforts, and her ambitious future plans. Don't miss this captivating conversation with a true powerhouse! 🎙️✨ #Precious #ZeusNetwork #JoselinesCabaret #VigilantesRadio https://www.instagram.com/darealpreciousjj/
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  • The Rach Mazarati Interview.

    22 JUN. 2024 · 🎙️✨ Get ready for an electrifying episode with the talented musician and TV personality, Rach Mazarati! 🌟 Hailing from Boston, Rach has quickly made a name for herself with her unique persona and empowering music. In this interview, we dive into her journey, inspirations, and the story behind her latest hit single, "Get Out My Way." Tune in to hear about her experiences at the Zeus Network Baddies East Auditions and what's next for this rising star! 🎶🔥 #RachMazarati #BaggageClaim #GetOutMyWay #VigilantesRadio https://www.instagram.com/imrachmazarati https://bio.link/imrachmazarati https://soundcloud.com/rachmazarati-378037265/get-out-my-way-feat-pariz https://youtu.be/nqZo9s5yTKs https://open.spotify.com/artist/5BfnXPcQoOuxlEcUT4DBjU
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  • The Dennis Hook Interview.

    22 JUN. 2024 · 🎸✨ Get ready for an enlightening interview with the brilliant author and guitar expert, Dennis Hook! 🌟 In this episode, Dennis dives into his extensive experience in guitar setup, his passion for perfect pitch, and the innovative method of Guitar Nut Compensation. Discover the science and mechanics behind making a guitar play truly in tune, as shared in his book "Guitar Nut Compensation: The Physics and Mechanics of Setting Up a Guitar to Play in Tune." Tune in for a deep dive into the world of guitar tuning and maintenance! 🎙️📚 #DennisHook #GuitarNutCompensation #VigilantesRadio http://guitarnutcompensation.com/ https://www.amazon.com/Guitar-Nut-Compensation-Physics-Mechanics/dp/1039165907 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mq21e6Pf1T4 https://www.facebook.com/people/Dennis-Hook/61558082273459/
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  • The Alcott Germany II Interview.

    17 JUN. 2024 · 📚✨ Join us for an enlightening interview with the accomplished author, engineer, and educator Alcott Germany II! 🌟 Alcott shares his journey from engineering to education, his innovative student-centered learning method, and insights from his latest book, "Real World 101: Student Guide." Tune in for an inspiring conversation full of wisdom and practical advice for young adults and educators alike. 🎙️📖 #AlcottGermanyII #RealWorld101 #VigilantesRadio https://www.amazon.com/Real-World-101-Student-Guide/dp/B0CZSJDTY1 https://alcottgermanyii.com/
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  • The Starz & Dreamz Interview w/Andrae Stewart.

    17 JUN. 2024 · 🎶 Join us for an insightful interview with the visionary leader behind Starz & Dreamz Music, Andrae Stewart! 🌟 In this episode, Andrae shares his journey of creating a dynamic record label and creative hub that nurtures young talent and bridges the gap between artists and professional producers. Discover the stories behind the label's success, the inspiration for fostering cross-genre exploration, and the exciting future of Starz & Dreamz Music. Tune in to learn how Andrae is changing the game and making musical dreams a reality! 🎙️✨ #AndraeStewart #StarzAndDreamzMusic #VigilantesRadio Make sure to stay connected to MillaDay and Starz and Dreamz Music on all platforms for new music, videos, and social posts. Website: https://www.starzanddreamzmusic.com/ YouTube: https://youtu.be/zjgasdsbXv8?si=QKiQyFB1vPU3QNdU Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2k9WhZNpkhtgkqgzBUr9OF?si=OqEHpCe7Tbyc6wQdS4eFHQ YouTube: https://youtube.com/@starzdreamzmusic7807?si=L_5MHaU7S-ZViLEU Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/starzanddreamzmusic
 Tiktok:  https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZPRKYqXdY
 Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100063479743238&mibextid=LQQJ4d
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  • The Bloodlin3 Interview.

    17 JUN. 2024 · 🎙️ Welcome back to part two of our in-depth interview with the phenomenal rap group Bloodlin3! 🌟 In this episode, we dive deeper into their origin story, exploring the pivotal moments and influences that shaped their unique sound. From their roots in El Paso and Paducah to their transformative collaborations, Bloodlin3 shares candid insights about their journey, their struggles, and their triumphs. Get ready for a raw and inspiring conversation that goes beyond the music. Tune in for an exclusive look behind the scenes with Bloodlin3! 🎤🔥 #Bloodlin3 #HipHopInterview #VigilantesRadio https://linktr.ee/bloodlin3music
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  • The Pamela Edwards McClafferty Interview.

    13 JUN. 2024 · 🎶 Join us for an inspiring interview with the incredible songwriter and producer, Pamela Edwards McClafferty! 🌟 In this episode, Pamela discusses her powerful new single "Shades of Black and White," created in collaboration with rapper Clash. Dive into the stories behind her poignant lyrics and epic soundscapes as she sheds light on Black history through music. Tune in for a thought-provoking conversation that will leave you inspired! 🎤✨ #PamelaEdwardsMcClafferty #MusicInterview #ShadesOfBlackAndWhite #VigilantesRadio https://www.instagram.com/spellboundpictures https://www.youtube.com/@spellboundltdmusic https://x.com/spellboundpic https://www.facebook.com/spellboundpictures https://www.pinterest.com/pin/350788258490175590/ https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0249781/
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  • The Douglas R. Miller Interview.

    13 JUN. 2024 · 🔬✨ Join us for an enlightening interview with the brilliant scientist, researcher, and author Douglas R. Miller! 🌟 In this episode, Douglas shares insights from his extensive career in medical physiology and his unique approach to science fiction. Discover the fascinating concepts behind his latest book, "Fisscial Intelligence," and his perspective on humanity's role in the universe. Tune in for a thought-provoking discussion that bridges science and imagination! 🎙️📚 #DouglasRMiller #ScienceFiction #FisscialIntelligence #VigilantesRadio https://www.amazon.com/Fisscial-Intelligence-Douglas-R-Miller-ebook/dp/B0B7NX6YTN https://drmfuturemusings.com/
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Vigilantes Radio Podcast: A Decade of Unique Stories Welcome friend! Celebrating a remarkable ten years on the airwaves, Vigilantes Radio has garnered an impressive 110k+ monthly listeners worldwide, and we...

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Vigilantes Radio Podcast: A Decade of Unique Stories

Welcome friend! Celebrating a remarkable ten years on the airwaves, Vigilantes Radio has garnered an impressive 110k+ monthly listeners worldwide, and we owe it all to our dedicated audience! Co-founded by Bizzy Bone of the legendary Bone Thugs-n-Harmony and the indomitable Demetrius "Dini" Reynolds, VP of Operations, our podcast has become a nexus for trailblazers and luminaries.

From Grammy Award-winners and renowned actors to scholars and industry experts, our show dives deep, giving guests the platform to share their raw, authentic stories. At the heart of Vigilantes Radio is a commitment to unveiling the truth behind the persona, bridging the gap between our listeners and the inspiring individuals we host.

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