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  • VBB 293 Vicki Larson — Living Apart Together: Choices and Challenges in Modern Relationships!

    24 JUN. 2024 · Vicki Larson is an award-winning journalist, author, writer, columnist, editor, and freelancer who writes about lifestyles and human relations but with a modern twist. Vicki shares highlights of living and loving outside conventional models of marriage and the nuclear family. Strong evidence is in the title of her latest book — LATitude: How You Can Make a Live-Apart-Together Relationship Work. Vicki is the first to admit that LAT relationships aren’t for everyone, but for many women, living apart together is the perfect lifestyle choice for undoing gender.
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  • VBB 292 Kelly Etter - Support For Women Who Prioritize Others Over Themselves!

    10 JUN. 2024 · Kelly Etter is more than a Pilates teacher and trainer, more than a mom, and more than a former member of the famous Music City Rockettes dance troupe. Kelly is all that and a compassionate advocate for self-discovery and personal growth. Kelly empathizes with women who dutifully struggle to juggle the roles of motherhood, partnership, or career, and she understands the challenges that women face in seeking validation through their various roles, titles, and relationships. In this candid conversation, Kelly acknowledges that the journey of self-realization can be daunting, but encourages women to explore and embrace their identities beyond societal expectations and external roles. Kelly is proof that the transformation can be an enjoyable and fulfilling adventure that ultimately makes life more fulfilling. Her insights inspire us all to look within to not only find but to celebrate our true selves.
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  • VBB 291 Darlene Lancer: Healing From Codependency!

    27 MAY. 2024 · Darlene Lancer is a Marriage and Family Therapist and author with over 30 years of experience working with clients through the complex web of codependency. If relationships, self-worth, and personal growth are important to you, this is what you need to hear. Darlene is a renowned expert in codependency and the author of several books, including Codependency for Dummies and Conquering Shame and Codependency: 8 Steps to Freeing the True You. Darlene walks us through the intricate relationship between codependent and narcissistic partners. She reveals the childhood roots around each and the impact of shame central to both. Darlene shared valuable insights like how to recognize negative self-talk, which fuels codependent habits, and instead embrace self-worth and break free from unhealthy relationship patterns. Join us as we uncover the insidious complexities of codependency and learn how to become empowered to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.
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  • VBB 290 Tara Sheahan

    20 MAY. 2024 · How many people, instead of trading time for money or feeling trapped in a seemingly endless cycle of reacting to life's responsibilities, would love to be living their life purpose? But what would you trade to live such a privilege? Tara Sheahan remembers when she was once a world-class Olympic athlete, mother of two, and wife of a CEO with global influence. Still, when a bite from a tick left her with Lyme disease, overnight, her life of comfort, convenience, wealth, and health came to an end, replaced by endless experiences of pain and suffering.  It was the beginning of her Dark Night of The Soul and the dismantling of her ego identity. What happened next is Tara's story of finding her life purpose. She is the founder and coach of Breathwork, a powerful healing modality. She's also a student of Indigenous wisdom traditions who lives an austere lifestyle on land being prepared as a habitat for the return of bison herds to the Great Plains. Tara's story is about what is sometimes required to live a life of purpose, which for her is helping restore Earth's ecosystem and raising human consciousness to a level you can hear in her voice — a sound of pure joy!
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  • VBB 289 Rahti Gorfien — ADHD A Superpower Or A Stigma For Women!

    5 MAY. 2024 · Rahti Gorfien is the Founder of Creative Calling Coaching, LLC, and has been recognized three times by Expertise.com as one of the 15 Best Life Coaches in NYC. However, in a former life, she graduated from a prestigious NYU Acting Program. "Acting broke my heart," she laments, but her career on stage still spanned thirty years.  During that time, she became a professional standup comic and a writer of several plays, including Backstage's Best Plays of 2004, and she once shared a stage with Meryl Streep. In the mid-1990s, Rahti formed and facilitated peer groups to support her fellow theatre creatives. These groups became a gateway to becoming a trained and certified professional coach. Recently, she was recognized as one of the Top Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Coaches by Coach Foundation.com.  Even though she admits to having no interest in coaching people with ADHD, fate intervened when her son was diagnosed with ADHD. She married a man with ADHD, and her brother also has ADHD.  Rahti helps her clients focus so they can live fulfilling lives, maximize their talents, get seen, and make money doing what they love.  She recently wrote her first book, The Five Emotions That Stop Success in Coaches, Clients, and Creatives: Overcoming Personal Obstacles of the Mind. We're thrilled to bring you this enlightening and highly entertaining conversation with Rahti, and we would love to hear what you take away.  
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  • VBB 288 Baggage Claim Exposing Woke Feminism!

    29 ABR. 2024 · Feminism, in any phase, era, or iteration, is a complex and sensitive conversation that much of society avoids as taboo. The latest iteration, known as “woke feminism,” is no different. What is ‘Woke Feminism” and how does it impact society or you as an individual woman or man is a compelling conversation we welcome with a YouTube content creator known by her pseudonym Baggage Claim. Our conversation touches on the rise of female empowerment in media, particularly on television and Hollywood. It’s a transition that has evolved from a fight for female equality to stamping a mark on the world that women are superior to men.  Examples include Hollywood characters like Captain Marvel and the modern remake of Snow White. Films that exploit the current trend towards female dominance and are unafraid to demonstrate a vindictive attitude towards men. WARNING: This conversation will push buttons around deeply held beliefs and challenge values often taken for granted, including how we think and treat each other as individual women and men.  
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  • VBB 287 Dr. Annmarie Waite Girlfriends Health!

    21 ABR. 2024 · Dr. Annmarie Waite is a nurse with a Ph.D; she is also a wellness coach with a unique approach to supporting her clients, most notably women, on their health and self-care journeys. For one, she has never adopted the theory that medication is what you need to get better. Her distinctive style comes from the foundational experiences in her life, where she grappled with common themes of neglect and shame that many women endure concerning their health. Annmarie's method is warm and genuine, akin to confiding in a trusted friend. Her approach accounts for the name of her business — "Girlfriends Health." Annmarie's coaching style involves listening deeply and guiding women through the intricacies of their wellness stories, which are often left unspoken and overlooked by standard medical practice. For Annmarie, health is a personal mission. Her aim is to help women break down barriers of discomfort that ultimately lead to her 'girlfriends' transformation and healing. In Annmarie's own words, "I'm here to embark on a profound journey of well-being and self-discovery with you."
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    14 ABR. 2024 · Virgin and virginity have long been a source of taboo thoughts and moral fixation. How did the virgin come to mean so much and have so much power in our individual lives, especially the lives of women? How can one intimate heterosexual encounter change a woman forever? Why is losing it, giving it away, or having it taken against a woman’s consent have the power to defile a her virtue or, in many cases, destroy her reputation? Why do we allow myths, philosophies, religious dogmas, and fairy tales to condition us to believe that a woman’s value and self-worth is based on her denying nature’s most potent force — female sexuality? These questions and many more come to the surface over our four-week journey in conversations that explore the Virgin as a physical entity — the body, the Virgin as a belief or a mindset, the Virgin as governor of intimacy and sexual desire of the heart and finally, the Virgin that is true to ancient definitions of virginity — a woman sovereign onto herself — a Virgin spirit. In this episode, Christopher and Heather rewind highlights and learning moments explored in four conversations with nine unique and remarkable women including, Laura M. Carpenter author of Virginity Lost: An Intimate Portrait of First Sexual Experiences, and Hanne Blank Boyd who authored the definitive book on the topic, Virgin: The Untouched History. Enjoy!
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  • VBB 285 Virgin Spirit

    7 ABR. 2024 · As a historian and author, Hanne Blank Boyd literally wrote the book on Virginity. Her seminal work, Virgin: The Untouched History, is a provocative exploration of the complex concept of Virginity throughout human history. Also enriching this conversation is Kim Hudson, author of The Virgin’s Promise, which talks about women’s path to finding their own power and authentic selves. This is part four of our four-week journey into the VIRGIN. So far, we have explored the history of the VIRGIN Body — the Hyman Maneuver we call it. The VIRGIN Mind and how forced virtue impacts a VIRGIN Heart that craves to love but often is stained by shame and guilt. In this final chapter, we explore the VIRGIN Spirit with Hanne and Kim. As a bonus, we also included a conversation with Jungian analyst, author, and podcaster Lisa Marchiano. Her new book, The Vital Spark, features a chapter on the Virgin, and we cover Virginity as a symbol of unbroken psychic wholeness. It’s a remarkably enlightening and soulful conversation. It’s a conversation that was interrupted by a major seismic disturbance. Listen through to the end to hear that earth-shaking event as it happened.
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  • VBB 284 Virgin Heart

    31 MAR. 2024 · What can a grown-up, experienced woman possibly learn from any talk about virginity? Well, when so many women go through life being made to feel dirty, deviant, shameful, and even sinful about sex and their own sexuality, we wonder, where do those beliefs originate? Is it too far-fetched to look for seeds in a belief that insists women renounce their sexual nature until marriage, and only then can they express it in the name of motherhood? That might work for some women but not for Gina Cloud. Gina's the best-selling author of W.O.M.A.N.: A New Definition For Reclaiming The Feminine and a deeply devoted teacher and speaker who inspires women to embrace their bodies fully and learn from their inner wisdom. We also welcome Stephanie Horton, a women's circle facilitator who recently created a social group called The Wild Feminine. It's a conversation most women are never encouraged or invited to have, but all will be inspired to hear.
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Inspiring women to overcome social stereotypes and share unique life experiences without fear of being defiantly different. Your Hosts Christopher and Heather - Let’s Talk, Shall We!

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