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  • Spirit Animal Meditation

    15 ABR. 2024 · This week on Wander Within, Britt is releasing a recorded meditation previously only available through the Patreon. This meditation takes you to a deep state of relaxation with the intention of connecting with your animal guides. The spiritual characteristics of these creatures come to guide us through different parts of our lives, helping us connect to our divine path and sense of belonging in the universe. Take time to relax in a quiet space for this one. As always, it was made with love.  Editing by https://www.audiobybenross.com/ Head to the https://www.patreon.com/WanderWithin for more of this content.
    27m 44s
  • Britt & Jamie Talk Astrology

    20 MAR. 2024 · Jamie with Indepence St. Tarot is back on the podcast, this time talking up the world of astrology and what it all means for you and me. This podcast episode is a great way to explore the meaning of the stars beyond your horoscope reading. If you want to know whats happening astrologically in real time, check out https://www.youtube.com/@independencestnola for videos that are informative and fun. Don't forget to subscribe to the https://www.patreon.com/wanderwithin and be a part of this community. As always, big thanks to my editor https://www.audiobybenross.com/ :)
    51m 8s
  • The Moon and Lunar Cycles

    6 MAR. 2024 · This episode is all bout lunar cycles and how to work with them. Britt dives into intention setting, and how the energy of the moon can be harnessed to enact change in your life. This energy is available to everyone who wants to shift, change, and grow, whether in a solo practice or in community. If you are looking to connect in community, please check out our https://www.patreon.com/wanderwithin. Special thanks to the editor of this episode, https://www.audiobybenross.com/.
    30m 5s
  • Britt & Caitlin Talk Sobriety

    21 FEB. 2024 · To drink or not to drink? What is your intention? In this episode, Caitlin Vanderwolf joins the show to discuss completing a year of sobriety, and what she has realized in the process. This is a topic familiar with Britt, as she spent 2017 in a year of sobriety. They discuss the benefits of choosing to not drink, as well as the benefits for those who choose to imbibe. This conversation is held in a place of nonjudgement, and provides an emphasis on the importance of intentionality when having that glass (or not). Join the community and check out the https://www.patreon.com/wanderwithin Shout out to the best editor https://www.audiobybenross.com/.
    1h 10m 7s
  • Britt & Jamie Talk Oracles Tarot & Affirmations

    7 FEB. 2024 · In continuation of our eploration into card reading, Britt talks with friend and professional tarot card reader Jamie, owner of Independence St. Nola. Give a listen to hear what Jamie has to say on how cards work and the fun she has doing this work. Check out the https://www.patreon.com/wanderwithin. Check out Jamie's https://independencestnola.com/. Special thanks to my editor https://www.audiobybenross.com/
    59m 10s
  • Let's Talk Cards, Oracles Tarot & Affirmations

    24 ENE. 2024 · Curious what the hype is all about when it comes to card reading? There can be gatekeeping and other barriers to entry into the world of pulling cards, OR you can go buy your own deck and have fun with it. In this episode, Britt explains her beliefs around working with cards and how the messages show up in her self-practice. This episode was edited by https://www.audiobybenross.com/. Don't forget to head to the https://patreon.com/WanderWithin to support this podcast.
    33m 13s
  • Memories of Magical Iceland

    10 ENE. 2024 · In this episode, Britt opens up about how visiting Iceland changed her life, and her first encounter with elves. What makes an experience life changing? Being ready for it, being open to it, and going for it. If this type of change calls to you, check out the https://www.wanderwithinllc.com/retreatst in Northern Iceland that I am leading this fall. As always, thank you tohttps://www.audiobybenross.com/ for editing this episode.
    44m 18s
  • Britt & Vera Talk Grief

    27 DIC. 2023 · In this episode, Britt talks with friend, teacher, & spiritual leader Vera Lester on their experiences with grief. The two deep dive into the period of life Vera lived through a country song, illustrating the various ways grief can present itself, from lost oppurtunities, to cancer and death both of dogs and of humans. The healing power of laughter meets irrevocable loss and the need for supportive community.
    1h 17m 17s
  • Effects of Cancer on Ideas of Community

    13 DIC. 2023 · Britt opens up about her experience being diagnosed with breast cancer, and how that diagnosis transformed her relationship with community. Editing by Ben Ross with Audio Wizard
    24m 36s
  • Inner Guidance Promo

    5 DIC. 2023 · I’m hosting a NEW online course called Inner Guidance! This is a 5-week virtual course beginning January 2nd, focusing on a new path to receiving guidance each week. Our weekly meetups will consist of discussion, guided meditation, journaling, and group conversation. This is your chance to go deeply within, and start the new year fully connected to your divine intuition. Class recordings will be available for any weeks you miss. Course cost is $111, with a 10% discount for tiered Patreon members I’m so happy to able to work with all of you, please reach out via Instagram (@wanderwithinllc) with any questions or help registering through my website.
    2m 46s

Wander Within Podcast is a show focusing on the importance of community along the spiritual journey. We can all learn from and support one another to find deeper meaning and...

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Wander Within Podcast is a show focusing on the importance of community along the spiritual journey. We can all learn from and support one another to find deeper meaning and connection on this path. Each episode will deep dive into spiritual topics, and a rotating community of guests will help us gain perspective in this mystery of our being here. Wander Within Podcast is hosted by Britt Myers-Voelker, Reiki Master, Past Life Regression Specialist, Spiritual Life Coach, and 500 E-RYT yoga teacher.

Join our virtual community through Patreon, and visit our Wander Within website to dive deeper on your spiritual journey.
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