• Washington to Washington - The Fentanyl Crisis

    30 MAY. 2024 · The death toll from the synthetic opioid fentanyl continues to climb with 112,000 deaths nationwide in 2023. As the crisis builds, the debate over how to address it plays out in Washington state and in the nation’s capital. We explore how lawmakers, federal agents, and those working in treatment are responding and how one family has turned their loss into action. 
    29m 50s
  • Washington to Washington - The Blake Decision

    13 ABR. 2023 · The era of long prison sentences for drug possession in our state is over. What is next? We explore how drug policy is shifting in Washington state and nationwide.
    23m 40s
  • Washington to Washington - Kids, the Pandemic and Mental Health

    14 DIC. 2022 · WARNING: This presentation contains subject matter regarding suicide and other material that may be difficult for some viewers. Listener discretion is advised. The number of young people with mental health challenges has grown dramatically since the beginning of the pandemic. What's the impact on the nation's school children? We'll explore how schools, the state and federal government and the private sector are providing help for students in crisis.
    27m 30s
  • Washington to Washington - Education in the Age of a Pandemic

    7 SEP. 2022 · How are schools recovering from the pandemic? This episode of Washington to Washington takes a deeper look at federal and state support for students as they head back to class.
    28m 50s
  • Washington to Washington - A New Space Race

    18 ABR. 2022 · In 1962, the Seattle World's Fair and the Space Needle put Washington on the map as a leader in what was known then as the Space Race. Six decades later, our state hasn't given up its space leadership, though the mission has evolved. On this episode of Washington to Washington, hosts Jennifer Huntley and Tammy Thueringer look at space research, industry, exploration and policy from the perspectives of Washington state, and Washington, D.C.
  • Washington to Washington - Afghan Refugees

    19 ENE. 2022 · Since 1979, Washington state has been welcoming refugees who flee persecution in their home country to rebuild their lives in our local communities. Today, Washington continues to be a welcoming place and is preparing to support those individuals and families arriving from Afghanistan.
  • Washington to Washington - Broadband Access

    5 OCT. 2021 · The COVID pandemic brought to light broadband issues across the U.S. and in Washington State. Is addressing the connectivity issue enough, or are there other obstacles in the way to getting Washingtonians connected? Find out in this episode of Washington to Washington.
    29m 30s
  • Washington to Washington - The COVID-19 Vaccine

    31 MAR. 2021 · It was a battle against a global pandemic, and a battle against time: Reporting from Washington state and Washington D.C, we chronicle the epic effort to research, produce and distribute a COVID vaccine.
    26m 15s
  • Washington to Washington - Voting in the Coronavirus Era

    18 JUN. 2020 · How will people in Washington state, and across the nation, cast their votes for president and other offices in the era of coronavirus? Co-hosts Jennifer Huntley in Washington state and Tammy Thueringer in Washington. D.C., report on that and other aspects of the 2020 election.
    35m 30s
  • Washington to Washington - Transportation Part 1

    18 JUN. 2020 · In the first episode of a two-part series on transportation, hosts Jennifer Huntley and Tammy Thueringer delve into funding and infrastructure. How do we pay for new projects, as well as maintain an aging transportation system? And what roles are Washington state, and the federal government in D.C, playing in this effort?
    33m 30s
"Washington to Washington" explores the decisions that are made at the state and national governments and how they affect us.

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