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  • The Last Episode of ACC

    10 ABR. 2022 · This episode has taken longer to publish because once we do, All Comics Considered won’t be recording anymore. And I am not ready for the show to end. A few months back, we received a cease and desist order from NPR, stating that they have a trademark on the All __ Considered brand. We were given six months to change our name, and we were not required to destroy our archive. When we started this show, we knew this was a possibility. We never aspired to be like All Things Considered - the flagship news program that provides coverage of daily events. Instead, we wanted to be more like All Songs Considered – the show that describes music and says, “This is cool. Dig this.” What we set out to do was talk about the comics and comics creators that we liked. To have a conversation that wasn’t based on which Batman villain could beat Daredevil, or talk about why THIS version of Spider-man was better than that version. We wanted to talk about why folks may like Daredevil, Spider-man, Letters to Lucardo, Bliss, or the countless other titles we mentioned. We wanted to share a love of comics with as wide an audience as possible and tear down whatever gate held folks back. I think we did the best we could. I’m proud of what we accomplished. Our interviews with Ariel from Amalgam Philly, Chip Zdarsky, Ellis Bojar, Pornsak Picetshote, Sean Lewis and Caitlin Yarsky are, in my very biased opinion, some of the best interviews i’ve heard on a comics pod. Our reading series on Fantastic Four, Bone, and Astro City helped us get grounding in why we love this medium. But what matters most, for all of us, was how we were able to use this show to invest in each other. This isn’t the cliché, “it was the friends you made along the way.” We used our show to support each other, inspire each other and encourage each other to do better. Hannah is living her best life in Pennsylvania and working with survivors of domestic violence. Tim’s been promoted and has reconnected with his artistic side. And he’s really good at it. Nick is going to be an amazing counselor who will not shy away from dealing with the issues that most white therapists wouldn’t touch for all the Medicare reimbursement in the world. Steve is making more music. Hell, you may catch him in a band in the Pacific Northwest soon. I’m doing grassroots organizing. It doesn’t sound so glamorous, but it means I get to talk to complete strangers about things I’m passionate about – and that’s something I loved about podcasting too. Speaking of podcasting, Tim, Nick, and I are still thinking about what we’ll do next. However, when it comes to ACC, we’re shutting down. It’s time to do something a little different. Maybe more creative. Maybe more scripted. Maybe less. And while I agree it’s time to move on, I’m not ready to say goodbye. I love talking about comics. I love reading comics. I love hearing other people get excited about fictional worlds that give them an escape from a scary, toxic place. I love how it brought people into my life like Caitlin,Kelsey, Tom and Joe. I think I love everything about comics except the publishing bullshit, but I can deal with that. There are a few stories we didn’t get to finish. We never recorded Kingdom Come – maybe the third time would have been the charm. We had a huge piece to do on Immortal Hulk, and I was hoping we’d get to talk to at Al Ewing. I wanted to talk to bring back Sean and Caitlin to talk about books we should be reading. I really wanted to talk about Daredevil with Chip. I wanted to bring in so many colorists and editors to talk about their ideas on storytelling… I’ll stop talking about comics when I move on from this Earth. I’ll be coordinating with my crew as we figure out what comes next. I know I’ll come back to comics one day – and I hope folks will want to listen to that like you did with ACC. Until next time, friends, remember this: adventures end, but that’s when you can start a new journey.
    55m 40s
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    Episode 57: Quick Fire Pullbox

    1 MAR. 2022 · This week, Marty and Tim do a quick round of what we're reading and think you would get a kick out of! Join us as we talk about current reads and deep dives into the past! Prophet: W: Graham, A: Milonogiannis, Dalrymple, Roy The AllNighter: W: Zdarsky, A: Loo Hellions: W: Wells, A: Carlos, Segovia Spider-Man: Beyond: W: Ahmed, A: Fornes Daredevil: Devil's Reign #3 W: Zdarsky, A: Checchetto
    41m 10s
  • Episode 57: Spider-Moon

    7 FEB. 2022 · Hey there ACCtion heroes! This week, we delve into the Spider-man: No Way Home and the Disney+ show Moon knight. If, like Marty, you haven't been able to hit the theater due to covid, fear not! this is mostly spoiler free! When it comes to Moon Knight, we dig a bit deeper into Marc Spector, and discuss what we think we're going to see in this upcoming show
    43m 45s
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    Episode 55: 2021 Year in Review

    31 ENE. 2022 · In this week's episode, Marty and Tim go back in time and look through some of our favorite comics and comic-book based moments in 2021. We talk about: Best of 2021: Reign of X Daredevil Spider-Woman New Mutants Immortal Hulk Valkyries Amazing Fantasy For our pullbox: Star Trek: New Prelude King Conan
    44m 13s
  • Episode 54: George Pérez

    30 DIC. 2021 · This week, Marty and Tim dig deep into the career or artist, writer, and extraordinary human George Pérez. George retired from comics a few years ago, and three weeks ago, he announced that he has terminal cancer. George's art defined the 80s. He worked mostly for the Big Two, with ground breaking runs on Wonder Woman, Teen Titans, and Avengers. Some of his work is out of print -- seriously WB and Disney, we want our JLA vs Avengers! -- but his influence can be felt far and wide. It's hard to talk about art on an audio medium, but we're going to give it a shot.
  • Episode 53: Hawkeye and Hot Guy!

    25 DIC. 2021 · Hey there ACC-tion heroes and happy holidays! We're starting our deep dive into Hawkeye -- relatively spoiler free! -- just as the show ends on Disney+. We'll go over the connections to the amazing Aja and Fraction run and what this means for the MCU as a whole! We also dig a little bit into the new Spider-man arc: Beyond!
  • Episode 52: Spiders!

    18 DIC. 2021 · This week -- which is a few weeks behind -- we delve into what we expect from Spider-man: No Way Home! And we have special guest Nick Fury, who is taking a break from his course work! We also talk about: Spider-Man: Beyond Fantastic Four: Life Story X-men: Morrison/Quietly Run Sisters of Battle
    59m 18s
  • Episode 51: The Thing and the Hulk

    13 DIC. 2021 · Hey there Acc-tion Heroes! While Nick is still away working on his masters, Marty and Tim hang out and talk about the comics they're digging. First up, The Thing #1 by acclaimed writer Walter Mosley, artist Tom Reilly, and super star colorist Jordie Bellaire!! Spoiler alert, it's real good. We also talk about: Immortal Hulk #50 by Al Ewing and Joe Bennet Spoiler: this is also good and Joe Bennet is a fascist.
    46m 20s
  • Episode 50: Too Late to be Spooky

    20 NOV. 2021 · In this episode, Marty and Tim sit down and reflect that time and dates may not be their strong suit -- but reading comics and appreciating the art form totally is. They'll discuss a handful of writers that you should check out too! Now, let us be clear: Artists make the words real, and they all deserve top billing. But an audio medium ain't great for a visual art. So we are working on a Twitch Stream that focuses all on the artists. Today's episode maybe about the writers, but we are not forgetting the artists! Pornsak Picetshote Jay Edidin also Jay and Miles X-Plain the X-men Kyle Higgins Karla Pacheco Vita Ayala
    39m 50s
  • Episode 49: What IF...in review

    6 NOV. 2021 · Hey there ACC-tion heroes! This week your favorite hosts Marty, Tim, and Nick return to the multiverse and talk about the ending of Season 1 of What If! We go over the Watcher, delve into the build up of the finale, and speculate of what comes next! Join us as we talk about this beautifully animated show!
    45m 19s

We Considered Comics was a comics podcast dedicated to bringing a positive and welcoming attitude to all things related to comic books. From the Big Two and Boom! to the...

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We Considered Comics was a comics podcast dedicated to bringing a positive and welcoming attitude to all things related to comic books. From the Big Two and Boom! to the MCU and Image, if it has to do with a comic, we wanted to talk about it!
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