• Being Loved, Becoming Restored: An Interview with Jessica Knight

    5 JUN. 2024 · When Jessica Knight entered chaplaincy school, she had no plans to work with survivors of sex trafficking. God had other plans.  Chaplain Jessica Knight is the Founder and Executive Director of Fire Revolution Advocacy for Women, an organization that offers programs and resources to sex trafficking survivors to encourage, empower, and support their recovery. Having her own traumatic history, Jessica had questions when she entered advocacy work. As she helped women work toward restoration, she found God was restoring her story, too, giving her a new definition of family, a passion for discipleship, and a deeper commitment in her relationship with Jesus. In other words, she found out what it truly meant to be loved. This episode talks about solitude and risk, passion and personhood, safe people and community, listening to the Spirit and experiencing God. Oh, and Krav Maga (Jessica is working toward her blue belt!). This episode is sure to encourage you to live in confidence and purpose. Learn more about https://firerevolutionadvocacyforwomen.godaddysites.com/ Read Jessica's https://jessicaroseknight.godaddysites.com/bio
    33m 19s
  • The 5 Rs of Humility, Compassion, and Spiritual Growth

    22 MAY. 2024 · Much is going on in our world. Much is happening in our own lives. Busyness pulls us. Opinions divide us. Trouble unsettles us. We need Jesus, but what does it look like to pull closer to Him? In this episdoe, Sanghoon and Michelle discuss 5 Rs that will help you focus on 'less of me, more of God' - perfect for an election year! These simple focuses are easy to remember, easy to apply, and guaranteed to help you reclaim your peace as you journey in a trauma-informed lifestyle.
    35m 12s
  • Taking the Steps Available: An Interview with Brooke Weimar

    8 MAY. 2024 · Brooke Weimar, elementary school teacher in Thailand, reflects on the steps God was laying out for her long before she had a true desire to follow Him. Her story is genuine and warm, a reminder that God uses even the most mundane realities of our lives to draw us into His plan. This episode is for those with an adventurous spirit, for those with a heart for international travel, for those who wonder what God is up to as He leads step by step rather than leading with a full road map. Enjoy this story of faithfulness. 
    31m 36s
  • Preparing for the 2nd Annual Conference...and announcing Affinity Groups!

    17 ABR. 2024 · In May 2023, hundreds of individuals from various sectors and organizations gathered for a day of trauma-informed speakers, workshops, and connections. Guess what they found. Unity. The work of trauma healing and hope is always unifying. That's why the heart of the Weave & Cleave movement is unity across sectors, across organizations, across ethnicities and backgrounds. This episode discusses preparations for the 2nd Annual Weave & Cleave conference to be held on May 2, 2024, and the exciting launch of affinity groups - interest groups to keep you connected to others in a similar field. This is a movement that mobilizes and empowers its people, so get connected by listening in and then registering for the free conference (thanks to funding from the Maricopa County Department of Public Health) https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-2nd-weave-and-cleave-conference-creating-communities-of-belonging-tickets-848249044727
    31m 1s
  • "The Church Should Be the First Place People Go for Help": An Interview with Robert and Karen Cheong

    3 ABR. 2024 · Karen Cheong was seeking trauma healing when her husband, Robert, began asking the question, "Where does Jesus make a difference in brokenness?" Decades later, Gospel Care Ministries was born, a ministry that equips church leaders and church members with answers to that question. As the Cheongs put it, "The church should be the first place people go for help."  Using the framework of the gospel, they're creating churches invested in discipleship, counseling, and trauma healing. Their commitment is abiding in Christ, the One who is real and near, the One who loves us and cares for us. Their work is heartwork, the only kind of work that outweighs harm. Join us as the Cheongs share their journey, their ministry, and what it's like to live together and work together. This is an encouraging episode for anyone wondering if love can truly overshadow suffering.   Want to hear Robert and Karen speak? Be sure to attend the 2nd Annual Weave & Cleave conference in Arizona on May 2, 2024. The event is completely free, thanks to funding by the Maricopa County Department of Public Health. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-2nd-weave-and-cleave-conference-creating-communities-of-belonging-tickets-848249044727. Learn more about Gospel Care Ministries at https://www.gospel.care/ Check out Robert's books where you buy books: Restoration Story: Why Jesus Matters in a Broken World, Restore: Changing How We Live and Love, and God Redeeming His Bride: A Handbook for Church Discipline.
    39m 12s
  • When Freedom & True Identity Become Art: An Interview with Artist Gabby Avalos

    20 MAR. 2024 · Gabby Avalos was an ASU student when she joined an internship that connected her with Pastor Yoo and his diverse community of servant leaders. She thought it'd be a short-term connection. She thought she'd pursue social work after getting her degree. God had other plans, and forturnately for Gabby (and the world), she listened. This captivating interview covers it all - mental health and its ability to cloud identity, the healing power of unconditional belonging, and art's ability to communicate rich, colorful faith. If you need a dose of freedom over fear, this episode is for you. To view Gabby's work, https://www.avalosfineart.com/originals
    32m 20s
  • 'The God Who is There': The Timelessness of Truth

    6 MAR. 2024 · A fifty-five year old book sparks a lively conversation between Pastor Yoo and Michelle. What could be relevant about words penned so many decades ago? Francis Schaeffer's 'The God Who is There' explores themes of compassion and patience, the fight against argument and perfection, and the supreme generosity and joy of knowing the God who is there. Schaeffer's book reinforces the need for a lifestyle that models Jesus - one that is authentic. In these quick, digital times where 'current' is outdated within a day, it's reassuring to know the truth will always be timeless. Truth extends across decades, integrates holistic facets, and continues to make an invisible God visible. Enjoy this discussion, and if you're intrigued, pick up a copy of 'The God Who is There', by Francis Schaeffer.
    28m 26s
  • When the Greatest Tool is Listening: An Interview with Sunshine Acres Children Home

    21 FEB. 2024 · At Sunshine Acres Children's Home, children ages four to eighteen-plus live together in homes with house parents. Much of their schooling and programming is at Sunshine Acres, creating a sense of community and family. Staff members, Joe, Fred, and Rob discuss what its like to create a trauma-informed culture in an organization with a seventy history, and how its helped them create a clearer vision for the next seventy years. They also share their discoveries along the way: less reaction and more intention, less fixing and more listening, less disconnect and more attunement. This interview offer a realistic picture of trauma-informed applications in a setting where trauma is diverse, tension can be high, and cross-sector cooperation is paramount. Ever wonder if trauma-informed care is actually working in your place of ministry or business? This episode is for you!
    31m 18s
  • Integration, Sincerity & Movement: An Interview and a Vision

    7 FEB. 2024 · Weave & Cleave's podcast co-host, Michelle Stiffler, shares a little about her passion for physical movement, and the launch of Sincerity Method - an approach to integration that blends strength training, mind-body disciplines, and somatic coaching. She also shares the struggles of being multi-faceted in a society that would prefer you pick one path and do one thing. (If you know about suppressing a pursuit or passion because you're perceived as being 'too much', you'll feel understood during this episode!) Dr. Yoo announces the launch of the Weave & Cleave Movement, a movement that is diverse, fearless, synergistic, and integrated. No need to do more, know more, or have more to be a part of this movement! The Weave & Cleave Movement believes a healthy person is one step closer to a healthy society. Listen in!
    19m 51s
  • No Conditions: The Approach that Promises Belonging

    24 ENE. 2024 · Derek Sessom, LPC and the Trauma-informed Care Coordinator at Trinitas Church in Phoenix, AZ, has been committed to trauma-informed living for nearly a decade. Listen in as he talks about the solution to loneliness, the key elements of acceptance, and all that can take place when you live in your created design. If you need permission to courageously take hold of your God-given passion, this episode's for you.! (Looking for season 1? You'll find it under 'Journey On: Faith Communities, Resilience & Agents of Change'.)
    27m 6s

What happens when people commit to a trauma-informed lifestyle? Perspectives and responses shift, behaviors and actions change. Multi-ethnic groups are woven together, cleaving to each other with resilience and a...

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What happens when people commit to a trauma-informed lifestyle? Perspectives and responses shift, behaviors and actions change. Multi-ethnic groups are woven together, cleaving to each other with resilience and a healthy sense of being and belonging. Join Dr. Sanghoon Yoo, founder of The Faithful City and leader of the AZ Trauma-Informed Faith Coalition, and co-host Michelle Stiffler, writer and owner of Sincerity Method, as they discuss all things faith, science, and resilience.
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