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What you talking about Willis?

  • Is there a Tinder to meet a doubles partner?

    27 JUN. 2023 · Marcus Willis and his 'mate' Dave Earl are back and their words are falling into your ears. Willis talks about life back on tour as he sits in the top 250! The boys tuck into how you find a perfect partner, look at coaching options and what kind of targets are realistic. Also on the menu are Wimbledon wildcards and why does Tennis shorten so many words? Contact us on hello@boomtennis.co.uk
    33m 41s
  • We can now be bothered

    8 JUN. 2023 · We've been away doing stuff but our fragile ego's mean we can't live without the love of an audience. Strap in, buckle up and get ready because we're like Elvis in 1968, this is the comeback special.
  • Barry Cowan; Everything Tennis and lots of tinsel

    1 ENE. 2022 · Barry Cowan shot to fame when he took Pete Sampras to the limit at SW19 but after that he's been a mainstay on our screens as one of the best commentators in the business. Barry discusses his ideas for British Tennis, reflects on his playing career and looks at what we can do to keep improving standards. What should we give Marcus as a nickname? Drop us an email hello@boomtennis.co.uk or get in touch via Twitter, Marcus is @Willbomb90 and Dave is @boom_tennis. Thanks for listening and if you could lie and give us a good review that would help us!
  • Danny Sapsford: Transforming British Tennis

    24 DIC. 2021 · This is a chat with Danny Sapsford who is a hero in British Tennis and we cover everything from his charity work right through to his impressive career and facing Pete Sampras serve. You can see the great work Danny is doing through his Bright Ideas charity by clicking this link www.brightideasfortennis.org Follow Marcus on Twitter @Willbomb90 , Dave is on @Boom_tennis and you can email us hello@boomtennis.co.uk . Please rate and subscribe to this podcast and if you could lie and say you enjoy it that’d be even better.
    44m 34s
  • Sportch makes competition easy so let's get on court

    29 OCT. 2021 · Sportch will change the way you compete at your club. This online box league or ladder is easy to understand, easy to use and will get all ages and abilities competing. Todays podcast is an interview with Sportch creator Josh who talks about the way technology will get us all playing more Tennis Follow Marcus on Twitter @Willbomb90 and Dave is on @Boom_Tennis Please spread the word and tell others about the pod
    27m 44s
  • What is what you talking about Willis?

    26 OCT. 2021 · What you talking about Willis is now in it's third season and here's some of the back catalogue. Why not get tucked in and start subscribing and rating us?
    11m 6s
  • Pat Cash talks Tennis; whos the best he's seen and faced?

    22 OCT. 2021 · Part two of our Pat Cash double header looks at the best he's shared a court with and the best he's seen. Pat opens up about tactics and we talk about whether tennis has less technique now than it did years ago Follow Marcus on Twitter @Willbomb90 and Dave is on @Boom_Coaching Thanks for listening and please spread the word
    37m 14s
  • Pat Cash; Seeker of truth

    15 OCT. 2021 · 1987 Wimbledon champion Pat Cash joins us for the first of a two parter podcast. In this episode Pat looks at how the last 18 months have effected life on tour, gives his views on vaccinated players and discusses what the future could look like. If you want to follow us on Twitter then Marcus is @Willbomb90 and Dave is @Boom_Tennis. Subscribe and rate the podcast.
    40m 40s
  • Season 3; We don't care if you don't want it, it's happening...

    15 SEP. 2021 · This is a quick hello from Dave Earl and Marcus Willis who will be returning to your ears for 'What you talking about Willis', season 3. This is the podcast that's never won an award and unlikely to do so in the future but that doesn't stop us gassing about Tennis and other stuff. The podcast aims to bring you the bits of Tennis that aren't being spoken about elsewhere from what we all see at club level to experts within the game and legends such as John Lloyd and Pat Cash. Have a listen to the back catalogue, like the pod, subscribe and remember 5 stars will help our fragile egos. Contact us tennis@boomcoaching.co.uk
    12m 22s
  • John Lloyd exclusive interview - “In my day Roger Federer would have been an average volleyer"

    21 JUN. 2021 · What you talking about Willis a Tennis podcast looking at the stories and people working in Tennis around the world. We talk about the physical, mental, tactical and technical sides of the best sport in the world. Your hosts are former ATP 220 and Wimbledon hero Marcus Willis alongside his mate and pro coach Dave Earl In this Podcast we’re joined by John Lloyd! A proper legend of Tennis talks about the game we’re watching now, how the likes of Murray could come back on tour and he shares some blockbuster stories from his time on tour. We also get Johns Frankenstein opponent made up of the best he ever faced so step forwards McEnroe, Connors, Borg, Edberg to name a few! Give Dave a follow on Twitter or Instagram @Boom_tennis and Marcus is @Willbomb90. Please rate this podcast if possible lie by saying you liked it! Email and get in contact with us at Tennis@boomcoaching.co.uk
    44m 6s

British Tennis player Marcus Willis and Master Club Coach Dave Earl speak about life on tour and have amazing guests who have different insights and opinion on the game of...

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British Tennis player Marcus Willis and Master Club Coach Dave Earl speak about life on tour and have amazing guests who have different insights and opinion on the game of Tennis. Whatever your interest in Tennis this podcast covers the sport like no other pod out there....
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