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    The Hawk Tuah Heard Round the World

    24 JUN. 2024 · "Hawk Tuah, Spit on that Thang" she said and we all feel in love with her. Such a free fun loving woman just telling it like it is. That's what the boys of Whiskey Hell did tonight, we told it like it is. Now we just need someone to spit on our thang.  Fitz saves golf tonight with a new idea. Democrats are gaslighting and doing a terrible job of it. Climate scam is in high gear with the first week of summer coming in full force. Trump wants to end the IRS, Department of Education, and the Fed! AOC loses her mind at a Jamaal Bowman Ralley. Jefe talks about slumpbusters and loud noises make us fat. Yes, that was really a story.  Sit down, buckle up, and enjoy.  Think Critically.  Act Accordingly.
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    Things That Make You Say WTF

    17 JUN. 2024 · We had a little bit of everything this evening. The Supreme Court ruled the Bumpstock ban was unconstitutional. Apple is giving it up to OPENAI for their AI solution and it's bothering many. Especially since OPEN AI just hired an ex-NSA chief. Summer is here and along with that it brings out the climate scam stories. We touch on them. The Military draft is now looming due to a new bill being passed by the house. We look at whether or not our 18-26 year olds can handle the gravity of this situation. The Stanford Internet Observatory turns tail dealing a blow to DEI and the woke mindvirus and Jefe takes us on a farm report that leads to concerning water usage for farmers in Idaho.
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    The People's E.M.P.

    10 JUN. 2024 · This weeks show, Fitz pitches a new idea for resetting the world. It's fantastic and really makes us think. Narratives of teh week, were Biden looking like he pooped himself again and the AP having to fact check it. The WHO says Birdflu! Research says otherwise. Fauci was in the news and the lies he told. Most important was Russia making the USA their enemy for the first time and how the MSM doesn't want to talk about it. We also discussed Amazon tribes finding porn and spiders that aren't that scary.  Think Critically,  Act Accordingly.
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    3 JUN. 2024 · This week we explore the impact of the Trump conviction and what it might mean for this year’s Presidential election. Robert De Niro made an appearence on behalf the Biden buddies and it seemed pretty desperate. Biden says it's cool to use American long ranged weapons deep inside Russia. Bird Flu is coming and so are the vaccinations. Did you know that there were incentives for doctors to push the vaccine? We have an update on the guy who wants to be a collie, Fitz gives us the a concerning Saudi Oil deal and the remifications of it ending. Jefe gives us a drug name game which was an absolute treat. Lot's more.  Enjoy! Think Critically Act Accordingly.
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    Memorial Day

    27 MAY. 2024 · This was an absolute monster of a show. Thank you to our chat as always for the awesome input as McShane and Fitz eviserated everything in this weeks news. The President celebrates George Floyd, the Iran President crashed into a mountain. China encircld Taiwan in a new set of "drills". Klaus Scwab steped down and people think their winning, but Ursula Von Der Layen might be lurking in the ranks along with Klaus's kids. Microsoft wants to use their AI to record everyones screens. Mexican street performs riot!  It was a helluva night. Enjoy.  Think Critically Act Accordingly
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    Pentagon Pizza Meter

    20 MAY. 2024 · We were back in studio this week to record. Being on the road is fun, but there is something about home cooking that just makes things all better. Wild stories starting with the  attempted assassination of the Slovakian Prime Minister. Biden calls out Trump to debate while other democrats cry that it's over and Biden is unelectable. X is captivated by a man at a gas station pleasuring himself with a gas nozzel. An Instagram "influencer" shows her boobs to Ireland and gets an artistic video portal shut down. Roaring Kitty comes back from his three year hiatus and fires up Gamestop and AMC stock. Jefe had two farm reports and Peakcock channel doubles down on terrible programing.  As always, think critically and act accordingly.
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    Boys Being Boys and Beer

    13 MAY. 2024 · This week was a live taping of a beer adventure. Fitz was in town and Jefe and McShane got to record wi him at a few different breweries. It was totally on the fly and you'll notice alot of ambiance of being at a brewery. Lots of great beers and some really great conversation between guys. Yes, guys actually chat.  Hope you enjoy this rare one off for a show.  12 West Brewery - Pac Man - 25 hip thrusts - Mega Solar Storm - Bill Burr - Comedy Roast - Netflix Coming Back from Wokeness? - Anal  Desert Monk Brewery - Shoulders - Darts - Oregon Trail - Parenting and kids at bars - What did you want to be when you grew up - Useful Idiots OHSO Brewery - Gen X’ing - Women Choosing Bears
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    6 MAY. 2024 · On this weeks show, McShane is in Texas recording from his hotel room. Forgive the sound quality, please.The hospitality of this fine state was evident and he was blown away by Martin House Brewing. So much so, two beers were from Martin House and he shared them this week. Fitz, was all over some subtle amazing brews from Block 15.  Topics ranged from rediculius happenings at Anti Isreal protests, A range of crazy dildo's, Darpa's new Manta Ray Underwater Unmanned Vehicle, and their brand new Atlas robot that is scarry as hell. Lots more. Come get some.  Think Critically Act Accordingly
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    Paid for by Soros

    29 ABR. 2024 · We saw a real uptick in the number of college campus protests this week. Fitz and McShane explore them and how oddly organized they were. Are we looking at another messy summer of violent protests? We hope not, but these certainly do remind us of the last election that was anchored by BLM protests.  We discuss the lack of 2nd amendment coverage Dextor Taylor is getting and who might benefit from it. TikTok Paid programing by the Biden regime came up as did a coup to oust KJP as Press Secretary. Flame Throwing dogs. Really scary torandos in the midwest and a fantastic beer from Tirito Farm Brewing is up this week.  Think Critically Act Accordingly.
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    Uncle Bosie

    22 ABR. 2024 · BIden's uncle Bosie died by canibals evidently. We explore this and other gafs he had this week. Dubai was flooded and cloud seeding happened and made things worse. A Brazilian woman tries a weekend and Bernies move for a bank loan. NPR CEO Katherine Maher and her interesting asset filled passed came up as well. Congress gave away billions of support for Taiwain, Ukraine, Israel, while banning TikTok and screwing over America.  Oh and Portland's uninclusive orgies.  This is Whiskey Hell Think Critically Act Accordingly.
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We're the news commentary show that takes today's stories and mainstream media narratives and dismantles them. We're going to open your eyes to great craft beer and some of the...

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We're the news commentary show that takes today's stories and mainstream media narratives and dismantles them. We're going to open your eyes to great craft beer and some of the ridiculous news we find as well. In all, we hope you have fun, laugh a little, cry less, and think more. Welcome to Whiskey Hell Podcast. Love, McShane/Fitz/El Jefe
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