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    #18 - Sean Carey

    1 SEP. 2020 · Who Cut That Cup welcomes Sean Carey to the show. Sean is a former Army veteran, is a golf fitness trainer, and is the director of the Texas sector of the Veteran Golf Association (VGA). In this episode, Sean explains how he got into the golf industry after returning from his deployment and discusses the amazing tournaments the VGA organizes and runs.
    59m 3s
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    #17 PGA Championship Wrap Up

    11 AGO. 2020 · Tanner Westbrook talks about the PGA Championship course conditions and how the protected the golf course with long rough. He talks about how easy it is to grow the rough up to put a premium on hitting the ball in the fairway. https://www.instagram.com/whocutthatcup/ https://twitter.com/WhoCutThatCup
    25m 5s
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    #16 PGA Championship Conditions

    7 AGO. 2020 · In this episode Tanner Westbrook talks about the PGA Championship at TPC Harding Park in San Francisco California. Tanner talks about working with the USGA a crossed the street to prepare The Olympic Club for a championship in the damp weather conditions of the San Francisco. He also broke down golf course aerification and the benefits that it brings to the turf quality and the playing conditions. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/whocutthatcup/ https://www.instagram.com/tannerwestbrook/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/whocutthatcup-110290297392448 Twitter: https://twitter.com/WhoCutThatCup
    30m 16s
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    #15 First Win

    30 JUL. 2020 · In this episode, Tanner Westbrook talks to Cooper Coles about his trip to Dallas, Texas and his first professional win. They talk about the changes Cooper made to his swing and the role Cooper's equipment played in helping him shoot lower score. They also discuss playing conditions of golf courses and dive into the benefits of aerification, how it is necessary to maintain firm and fast greens, and how it can ultimately affect your round of golf. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/whocutthatcup/ https://www.instagram.com/tannerwestbrook/ https://www.instagram.com/cooper_coles/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/whocutthatcup-110290297392448 Twitter: https://twitter.com/WhoCutThatCup
    57m 25s
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    #14 - Playing More Aggressive Golf

    9 JUL. 2020 · In this episode Tanner Westbrook talks to Cooper Coles about playing more aggressive golf. They talk about Coopers last tournament and how he needs to shift the way he thinks on the golf course to further his career. This is a great episode for people that want to get into completive golf skiing how Tanner and Cooper both have different approaches to competitive rounds.
    1h 4m 1s
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    #13 Taylor Moore

    30 JUN. 2020 · In this episode, Tanner Westbrook interviews pro golfer Taylor Moore. They discuss how Taylor got into the game and his progression from a high ranked junior player to the Korn Ferry Tour. Tanner also picks his brain about life on the road, being sponsored by ping, and how Taylor uses Trackman to dial in his game. As a bonus, Taylor gives amateur golfers his top 3 tips to play better golf. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tmoorewps/ https://www.instagram.com/whocutthatcup/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/whocutthatcup Twitter: https://twitter.com/WhoCutThatCup
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    #12 John Paul Kellogg

    25 JUN. 2020 · Listen in to hear Tanner Westbrook interview professional tour caddie, JP Kellogg. Tanner and JP discuss the path that lead JP to the tour and about the helpful advice he received from his uncle, Joe LaCava. They reminisce about JP's experiences while watching Tiger Woods win the masters in 2019 and they shed a light on what it is like to be a caddie on the tour and what it takes to be help your player succeed. Tune in for more!
    58m 13s
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    #11 Is Distance Everything

    18 JUN. 2020 · Tanner is running solo on this one and he talks about testing out the new Callaway Mavrik driver. Do the new generation of drivers give you more distance he put it toe to toe with his Titleist 910 D3 . The results might shock you. - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/whocutthatcup/?ref=page_internal Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/whocutthatcup/ https://www.instagram.com/tannerwestbrook/
    28m 14s
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    #10 Five Tips To Next Level Golf Ep.3

    12 JUN. 2020 · Tanner and Cooper talk about golf course strategy. Helping you to navigate golf course better and shoot lower score. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/whocutthatcup/ https://www.instagram.com/tannerwestbrook/ https://www.instagram.com/cooper_coles/
    26m 28s
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    #9 Five Tips To Next Level Golf Ep. 2

    6 JUN. 2020 · In this Episode Tanner and Cooper continue there 5 Tips for improving your golf game. The cover putting and short game 80 yards and in. Hope you enjoy the show. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cooper_coles/ https://www.instagram.com/tannerwestbrook/ Twitter : https://twitter.com/cup_who
Who Cut That Cup is a golf show that talk about golf strategy, practice tips and anything golf related.
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