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Who's on the mat? with Liz Daffen

  • Anja returns to the podcast to talk about her new book: Teaching Yoga For The Menstrual Cycle – An Ayurvedic Approach

    1 DIC. 2022 · Anja returns to podcast to chat about her new book. I’m excited to delve into some of the content of the book and the whole writing process. We chat about Ayuvedic cycles and how we’re all effected by cycles. Have you been brought up to be consistent or work with your cycles? How do your cycles effect you? For listeners of the podcast you can use the following code for 15% discount – valid until 31st December 2022: MATANJ15. The discount code can be used on https://uk.singingdragon.com/ and will entitle listeners to 15% of Teaching Yoga for the Menstrual Cycle. Code expires 31st December 2022. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. More about Liz: https://instabook.io/links/lizdaffen
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  • Vici chats to Liz about writing, music, & the importance of rest for survival and creativity.

    18 OCT. 2022 · Vici is a writing for wellbeing facilitator as well as a music teacher, singer, song writer and a forest school leader. We met up and went for a walk and talked about Vici’s passions for writing and music. Along the walk we go through a cemetery and pass one of Vici’s favourite tress, which became quite significant whilst recovering from long covid and how it inspired her to pick up the writing for wellbeing. Her background in journalism and teaching provides a useful insight of how rest and play is important for survival and creativity. Book recommendations: Julia Cameron - The Artist’s Way Sharon Blackie - If Women Rose Rooted and Hagitude Find Vici on Instagram: @Vicihobanread_writes @Jiggleandjam For more information about Liz head to: https://instabook.io/links/lizdaffen
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  • Sandy chats to Liz about what it’s like to run one of London’s most iconic buildings.

    8 JUL. 2022 · Sandy a self-confessed history geek is London born and bred and has been working at one of the city’s most iconic buildings. She has worked for a few other tourist attractions, and the last few years have provided their fair share of challenges as well as celebrating the Platinum Jubilee. So, what is it really like to work in the tourist space at one of London’s most prestigious locations and to help organise an event involving heads of state? Join us for this fun informative chat and pick up a couple of facts about St Pauls and what might happen if you get in the way of the CIA or try to hug the Queen! More about Liz: https://instabook.io/links/lizdaffen
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  • Happiness in dark times.

    27 ABR. 2022 · In this uplifting conversation Liz Daffen chats to Christina Lord from Authentic Action Coaching to discuss how they’ve found happiness in dark times and what practices you can try to help build your resilience. Sometimes in the darkest times we can find our true power. About Christina: As a COR.E Energy Specialist, ICF Certified Coach & Master Practitioner in Energy Leadership, Christina helps people learn how to master their mindset & regulate their emotions through identifying what drives & drains them of their energy. Empowering them to harness their natural, authentic power to create their own unique energetic success formula - to reduce unnecessary stress, create a sense of grounded confidence & access a state of inner peace. www.authenticactioncoaching.com For more about Liz visit: https://instabook.io/links/lizdaffen
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  • Liz and Bryce discuss fitness fads, some of them are great and some are just plain ridiculous!

    2 FEB. 2022 · Liz Daffen chats to Bryce Dunn to discuss the fitness fads through the decades. Can you spot any you’ve tried? The new year always seems to bring a range of fitness fads, and this year is no exception bringing in probably one of the oddest trends. I’d love to know if you tried any or have been reminded of some you’d love to try again. For info about Liz: https://instabook.io/links/lizdaffen
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  • Liz and Lorna chat about yoga and mental health.

    1 ENE. 2022 · Liz Daffen chats to Lorna Holloway, a mental health first aid trainer. Lorna has dealt with depression and autism in her family and shares how this has shaped her career. Lorna has worked with some of my previous podcast guests Sue Kinsey and Sandrine Olmi from Savoir Fayre. Sandrine and Lorna will also be offering an early bird discount on their 2022 Winter Wellness Course head over to https://www.savoirfayre.co.uk/winter-wellness-series/ Lorna’s book recommendation is Survival Skills for freelancers by Sarah Townsend https://instabook.io/links/lizdaffen
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  • Liz discusses her thoughts on her way to work in the car.

    21 JUL. 2021 · In this first solo cast Liz talks about how this July, 2021 sees the 10 year anniversary of Liz’s brother-in-law taking his own life. Liz shares a little bit about the experience 10 years on. Liz also celebrates her 5 year anniversary of qualifying to be a yoga teacher. This is a new format episode as I’ll be sharing my thoughts whilst on the journey to my new work. For more about Liz: https://instabook.io/links/lizdaffen
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  • Liz and Jo chat about the benefits of home education

    16 JUN. 2021 · Liz Daffen chats to Jo who has home educated her children for life not just the pandemic. Jo tells her how she does it. For more info about Liz: https://instabook.io/links/lizdaffen
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  • Min from Fitness Theory talks about what it's like to open a brand new gym 8 months before a pandemic.

    12 MAY. 2021 · Liz Daffen chats with Min from Fitness Theory talks about what it's like to open a brand new gym 8 months before a pandemic. She shares her passions, inspirations and opens up about challenging times. Min always talks with such passion and and one word I associate with her now is fearless. Min is an inspiration and I always feel like I've learned something after a conversation with her. For more info about Liz: https://instabook.io/links/lizdaffen
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    Hannah Dalton and Liz chat about inspirational women and leadership

    14 ABR. 2021 · *Warning content may be a trigger* References to violence, rape and murder included in the podcast. Hannah Dalton joins me on the podcast this month. She studied history and women studies at university and went on to become a HR Director, counsellor and councillor, and on our weekly socially distance walks in lock down we often chatted about what’s changed for women over the years. Has it got better for women or do we still have a long way to go? I decided to go away and try and discover a little bit more on the topic, but feel like I had just started to scratch the surface. Two of the most abundant places for information I found were The Fawcett Society www.thefawcettsociety.org.uk and Lean In www.leanin.org Sadly, in talking about women and leadership there is also a very strong link to violence against women. If a women says something that a man doesn’t like it can be met with violent remarks and threats. Have you ever noticed how adverts are a litmus test for what goes on in society? At what point is violence on T.V a way of normalising behaviour such as violence towards women. Who are your role models, men or women? Has the Me Too campaign changed how we look at behaviour towards women? What will the world of work look like post pandemic? To find out more about Liz head to https://instabook.io/links/lizdaffen
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Liz Daffen chats to a variety of people she meets in her day to day life. Each episode will talk about the guest's passions, hints and tips to stay healthy,...

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Liz Daffen chats to a variety of people she meets in her day to day life.

Each episode will talk about the guest's passions, hints and tips to stay healthy, how they ended ended up on the mat, and how they came to be in their chosen career.
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