• On The Edge Of Existentialism And Pile Driving Your Inner Buddhist W/ Danny Tyler - Episode #168

    22 MAY. 2024 · This week on the Wildly Uninteresting Podcast w/ Danny Tyler: - Danny Tyler has reentered the room and demolishes our perceptual realities . The topics do not matter, only the conclusions. Sit back, Heat up a pizza, and dig into the mind of a badass! - - Desire is the root of all suffering - - Feminism - LETS TALK ABOUT IT!!! - - It seems like self-immolation is on a steep incline lately. Is this the ultimate form of protest? - - What would you like to experience during your NDE if you were to have one? - - Adam gets depressed at 9:00 at night, every night....... mostly who cares, but also maybe therapy. - - It would not be an episode with the great Danny Tyler without a conversation about religions. Buddhist and Hinduism battle to the death. - - STING IS RETIRING! How has he continued to wrestle at age 64!!?? -  - Are you still friends with people you went to high school with? Did you ever think that you'd still have the friends you do? - - Couch's best man speech - - How do you want to die? - - How terrible is it to hear yourself on a recording? -  https://www.facebook.com/wildlyuninterestingpodcast https://www.instagram.com/wildlyuninterestingpodcast https://x.com/WildlyUPodcast https://www.spreaker.com/podcast/wildly-uninteresting-podcast--3098724
    2h 8m 48s
  • Travelling To The Edge Of A Black Hole Hunting For Loose Change - Wildly Uninteresting #167

    25 ABR. 2024 · This week on the Wildly Uninteresting Podcast Episode #167: - Why is it that more often than not, "experts" are usually only well versed in one specific portion of a subject rather than having knowledge of their entire field?  - Hunting for sport rather than survival seems pointless, and "Caged Hunts" are for the weak and ignorant.  - What is the appeal of the self-help industry and does it actually make lasting change in people's lives? - Ian likes the stench of death and fountain pens. Is this a sign of psychopathy?  - 1800's Louisville home where Hemmingway spent time.  - Hasn't China already moved in? Why is America pretending like they don't see it?  - The freedom of information act and the process of how agencies release selective information that is majorly redacted, is in fact another way our government pretends to be transparent while covering up the information that truly matters. The Jersey Girls are a great example of this.  -Ian will be making the memes for the revolution, he has called dibs!               -www.facebook.com/wildlyuninterestingpodcast -www.instagram.com/wildlyuninterestingpodcast -twitter.com/WildlyUPodcast
    1h 12m 18s
  • Depressional Patchy White Trash Beard and Generation Of Inflation: The Ultimate Exit Strategy - #166

    21 MAR. 2024 · This week on the Wildly Uninteresting Podcast episode #166:  - Have you seen Kanye's new teeth?  - Why does Adams beard grow in all patchy and white trashy? Could it be from depression or genetics? Is he doomed to look like a hobo?  - How Canada relates to the theft of the United States.  - What makes people think that land that is inherently for everyone, can be bought and sold?  - Japan and the "Secret Homeless".  - 9/11 crying eagle. - Is "new math" as dumb as some people think it is?  - Amazon could possibly take over the healthcare industry eventually.  - Is it time to buy a bunker?  - Knowledge is the greatest achievement. Just because you know the basics of something, doesn't mean you know how to truly do that thing.  - Electric cars having issues in extremely cold weather.  - Are we living in the generation of inflation, and we do not expect it to ever come back down from here.  - What is the ultimate exit strategy? www.facebook.com/wildlyuninterestingpodcast  www.instagram.com/wildlyuninterestingpodcast
    1h 6m 15s
  • We Already Own Nothing And We Are Not Happy .... So Nothing Will Change - Wildly Uninteresting #165

    12 FEB. 2024 · This week on the Wildly Uninteresting Podcast Episode #165: - Jail has taught us that you can never be or get too comfortable. Life and your surroundings are always changing, mostly out of your control! - - We as a people have been squeezed for every dime that we have and for the most part it has been unwittingly. - - We cannot own or fix anything that we "buy" so what are we really doing with our money? - - How many people would have to rise up to make a real difference in the world? - - Matthew Perry is a national tragedy and it sucks to see him go so soon! - - Why is it that most people only want to tell you about how they have done what ever it is that you say you have done, but make their story more beefed up? - - Do any of us really care about our neighbors anymore or have we become absolutely isolated? - - Do people go to restaurants anymore? - - Why is it that our government cannot just give us all of the information and let us decide for ourselves? Everything doesn't have to be hidden behind the cloak of "National Security"! - https://www.facebook.com/wildlyuninterestingpodcast https://www.instagram.com/wildlyuninterestingpodcast https://twitter.com/WildlyPodcast - Hosted By: Sarah Ashby Ian Galaxy Adam Ashby
    1h 1m 46s
  • The Manufacturing Of An Entire Nation In Constant Chaos With Self - Episode #164

    23 NOV. 2023 · This week on the Wildly Uninteresting Podcast Episode #164: - What if you found out that everything in your reality has been manufactured. All the conflicts, social media comments and posts, medical issues and cures. How would this change the way you interact with the world? - - We have made gasoline in a lab, but cannot make enough profit from it to make it "worth" making! - - What if you could take something to put yourself into a state of adrenaline so that you could have a heightened sense of awareness? - - What can NDE's tell us about Religion? - - Why is Corey Feldman so good at entertaining? - - People always say to be present in the moment, but can anyone truly explain the process of being absolutely present in the moment? - - How can we tell that California is in chaos, or is it just reported on incorrectly? - - Instagram and AI females, and how men and women could become more disconnected! - https://www.facebook.com/wildlyuninterestingpodcast https://www.instagram.com/wildlyuninterestingpodcast https://twitter.com/WildlyPodcast https://www.spreaker.com/show/wildly-uninteresting
    1h 7m 50s
  • Zuckermusk The Narcissists Power Struggle And Playbook For Moving Forward w/ Danny Tyler! #163

    8 OCT. 2023 · This week on the Wildly Uninteresting Podcast: - What goes into creating a podcast and why doing podcast over Skype or the phone is not ideal. - What can the passage of time really tell us about ourselves, and how often do we stop to regroup? - All religion did not exist at one time. They have all been created and birthed from the human experience, so why do we take these collections of human experiences so literal and how can we change our view on what religion should be? - Investing in artwork seems ridiculous and may just be another way for people to screw us out of our own money. - Is it truth that generally people who pursue positions of power are usually narcissists? - Could cancer be parasites eating your body? - Has China been attacking America with the supply of fentanyl being produced and shipped to the country? - Zuckerberg and Musk having a school yard fight!! - The chances most of us in America are going to retire is very slim, so why do we trade all of our time for no real payoff. - What did Steven Hawking do for Physics? - The Art of Raising Children well in today's world. https://www.facebook.com/wildlyuninterestingpodcast https://www.instagram.com/wildlyuninterestingpodcast/ https://twitter.com/WildlyPodcast https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW5Nd8IDFGamJHyX66nqTzg
    1h 52m 14s
  • Let The Critical Pressure Make Way For Massive Change, And Become Self Sovereign Once Again - #162 Wildly Uninteresting Podcast

    20 AGO. 2023 · This week on the Wildly Uninteresting Podcast Episode #162: - What happened to sarah's uterus?? - Why has insurance companies become unwilling to pay for even the most basic procedures and medications? Soon we will have to start doing our own procedures. - - Why can we not provide our own insurance companies. We should build our own self funded insurance and just help each other. - - The key to being successful at anything that involves dealing with the public is to be decent to your customers and always put their needs and quality of the job above all. - - The alligator skin purse that was found at the Titanic wreckage proves how much the quality of items has changed dramatically over the years. - - Should we have more of a sense of humor when it comes to tragedies? - - The pressure of wages, insurance, schooling, childcare, housing, etc.. has been building for a long time and if the pressure valve isn't released, our society will breakdown very quickly. - - It is fun to create stories for the random people you encounter. It helps to distract us from reality. - - How do commercials and advertisements change our physiology? - - How can we locate a working UFO? - - Please comment your best white people stereotypes!!!!!! https://www.facebook.com/adam.ashby.10 https://www.facebook.com/wildlyuninterestingpodcast https://twitter.com/WildlyPodcast https://www.instagram.com/
    1h 4m 22s
  • Crowd Funding A New Society And The Art Of Self Actualization - Wildly Uninteresting - Episode #161

    1 JUL. 2023 · This week on the Wildly Uninteresting Podcast Episode #161: Hosts: Sarah Ashby, Ian Galaxy, and Adam Ashby - How can we break free from the society to which we belong to? - If you can crowd fund almost any project, why can we not crowd fund a new reality and live in a society we all can be proud of? - Many people wildly underestimate their true capabilities, which allows corrupt people to exploit us. - When will the pressure of the cost of goods, housing, school, life, etc... become strong enough to make people break away from the status quo? - Isolation and the impact on one's psyche? - Can we all agree that we are tired of being advertised to? - Old people do not stop learning, they just learn differently and more intentionally. - Is unresolved trauma and self-distractions the reason why we choose to not change in life? - The paradox of energy consumption and climate change - What would the world look like if JFK never got assassinated, or if MLK survived his gunshot wound? - Remembering how life was before 9/11 and why it is depressing to see the failures of our government and how they have affected us up until now. - Our world is built on fear mongering and control of the narratives with no bases in the true reality of the state of the world.
    1h 15m 54s
  • Organized Crime Syndicates Are Ok, Just Don't Do It Better Than Your Government - Episode #160!!

    17 ABR. 2023 · This week on the Wildly Uninteresting Podcast Episode #160 : - It is Adam's birthday, and he can be a b#!&h if he wants to be! - How the Mob and Mafia families relate closely to the modern government and what makes the government decide to step in and put an end to it? - - Trump Vs. The Illuminati - - Without massive pressure, people will usually not make changes in their lives. Only when enough stress and pressure is built up will someone decide that they have had enough and make the changes they deem necessary for their situation to improve. - - Why does it seem like the US government blames the people for most of the issues currently going on? It seems like they also always blame other countries when something happens on a large scale. - - Do you think that our natural state is to love or to hate? - - What do you do when you hate everyone and everything around you and when you finally see things for what they are? - Is " limited resources" a real issue or is it manufactured to put us in a state of survival? - - The Great United Staging! Why does it seem like events such as alien encounters have increased lately? - - How NIST lied and falsified their scientific study! - - It is frightening to watch cats hunt! https://www.facebook.com/wildlyuninterestingpodcast https://www.instagram.com/wildlyuninterestingpodcast https://twitter.com/WildlyPodcast
    1h 3m 52s
  • What Age Were You When You Found Out Master P Played In The NBA And Random Conversations - EP #159

    1 MAR. 2023 · This week on the Wildly Uninteresting Podcast Episode #159: - What actually goes into saying no to someone and how does it affect you and your mental health? - What Age Were you when you realized that no one cares? - What would be the ideal way to die? - Does a heart attack hurt or does your mind shut down quick enough to block it out/ - What does it really take to change your path in life. - How are we just now finding out that master P played in the NBA. - What Adam has learned about doing new things like 3d work and Cello. - What country or group of people will take us down , and when will it start/ - Is Bill Gates really as shady as people make him out to be? - What sport is the most boring to watch on television? - Why is it that when people sell their used items, they always want what they paid for it? https://www.facebook.com/wildlyuninterestingpodcast https://www.instagram.com/wildlyuninterestingpodcast
    1h 7m 35s

Three beautiful minds take a break from their day jobs to bring you an epic view on not so epic topics. We want to inspire the world to step outside...

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Three beautiful minds take a break from their day jobs to bring you an epic view on not so epic topics. We want to inspire the world to step outside the box and create a new vision of what the world could be, while also offending the general public with our delivery! No matter what political and moral philosophy, race, gender, or religion , we have something for everyone to enjoy!
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