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  • Ep 42. WW The Threshing Floor (James 5:7-12)

    25 MAY. 2024 · Scripture Focus: James 5:7-12 Summary: In this episode of The Threshing Floor, part of the Winnowed Warrior podcast, Paul, Bryan, Ashton, and Jay delve into the importance of patience in suffering, focusing on James chapter 5. They emphasize the need for patience until the coming of the Lord, drawing parallels to the perseverance of farmers waiting for their crops and the steadfastness of Job.Key Discussion Points: - Patience and Perseverance: The speakers discuss how patience is essential in everyday life and spiritual journeys, drawing from biblical examples. - Steadfastness Like Job: They highlight the significance of maintaining steadfastness and establishing one’s heart in faith. - Avoiding Grumbling: The conversation touches on the importance of avoiding negativity and complaints, encouraging listeners to maintain a positive outlook. - Personal Reflections: The speakers share personal experiences and reflections on how they navigate challenges with faith and patience. The discussion concludes with a reminder to persevere through trials, fulfill commitments, and focus on spiritual growth. This episode offers valuable insights into the biblical teachings on patience, humility, and the importance of spiritual priorities.Next Steps:
    1h 2m 16s
  • Ep 41. WW The Threshing Floor (James 5: 1-6)

    19 MAY. 2024 · The Worthlessness of Riches Participants: Jay Becker, Bryan, and Paul Discussion Focus: James Chapter 5 Key Points: - Worthlessness of Riches: Paul, Bryan, and Jay discussed the futility of hoarding wealth and the importance of prioritizing treasures in heaven over earthly riches. They emphasized the consequences of living in luxury and mistreating workers. - Hoarding Wealth: The speakers delved into the negative impacts of accumulating wealth without purpose and the ethical implications of not using wealth to benefit others. - Spiritual Treasures: Reflecting on the importance of spiritual treasures, the group highlighted the need for a balanced approach to wealth, focusing on how it can be used for God's purposes. - Fair Treatment of Others: Emphasizing the significance of fairness and justice, they discussed the biblical mandate to treat workers and others with respect and integrity. - Final Judgment Preparation: The conversation touched on the importance of preparing for the final judgment by living a life that prioritizes spiritual values and the eternal kingdom over material possessions. - Encouragement to Listeners: The speakers encouraged listeners to share the podcast to spread the message and deepen their understanding of biblical teachings on wealth, humility, and spiritual priorities.
    59m 4s
  • Ep 40. WW The Threshing Floor (James 4: 13-17)

    11 MAY. 2024 · 🎙️ Seeking God's Will in Our Plans 🎙️ Join hosts Jay Becker, Bryan, Paul and Ashton in the latest episode of our podcast as they dive into the book of James, specifically focusing on James 4:13-17. In this discussion, the guys explore the importance of seeking God's will in all aspects of life, from daily tasks to long-term goals. Key Highlights: Centering Our Plans on God: The speakers emphasize the significance of humility and avoiding arrogance, highlighting the need to acknowledge God as the center of our plans. They discuss the dangers of making plans without considering God's guidance. Sinning by Knowing: Delving into the concept of sinning by knowing the right thing to do but failing to act on it, the speakers discuss being mindful of their actions and intentions, emphasizing the importance of aligning our plans with God's will. Reflections on Ascension Day: As the conversation unfolds, the speakers also touch on the recent Ascension Day and the significance of Jesus' ascension into heaven. They encourage listeners to reflect on their faith journey and strive for transformation and repentance in their lives. Tune in to this thought-provoking episode as the guys challenge listeners to love as they have been called, following the teachings of Jesus and seeking to align their plans with God's will. 
    51m 43s
  • Ep 39. WW The Threshing Floor (James 4: 11-12)

    4 MAY. 2024 · 🎙️ Embracing Compassion and Accountability🎙️ Join hosts Ashton, Paul, Brian, and Jay in the latest episode of Winnowed Warrior as they dive into James 4:11-12, exploring the profound theme of judging others with compassion and correction. This discussion delves into the importance of speaking truth in love and building each other up, drawing inspiration from Matthew Seven. Key Highlights: Embracing Compassion: The speakers reflect on the significance of judging others with compassion and correction, emphasizing the importance of speaking truth in love. Personal Testimonies:  Ashton shares his recent baptism experience, highlighting the commitment to Christ and the journey of faith. The speakers open up about their own struggles with living out the teachings of the Bible and the importance of humility and accountability in following God's word. Message of Encouragement:  The episode concludes with a heartfelt message of appreciation for listeners and a reminder to love as called by Jesus. The conversation aims to inspire listeners to deepen their faith and understanding of biblical principles. Tune in to https://www.winnowedwarrior.com for an insightful discussion on embracing compassion and accountability in our journey of faith. 
    56m 57s
  • Ep 38. WW The Threshing Floor (Jame 4: 6-10)

    27 ABR. 2024 · 🎙️ Submitting to God and Resisting the Devil: Join hosts Paul and Jay in the latest episode of The Threshing Floor on Winnowed Warrior as they delve into James 4:6-10, exploring the transformative power of submitting to God and resisting the devil. This insightful conversation reflects on the importance of humility, cleansing the heart, and the value of suffering in following Christ. Key Highlights: Embracing Humility: Paul and Jay discuss the significance of humility in drawing near to God and resisting the temptations of the devil. They reflect on the challenges of being double-minded and the need for detachment from worldly comforts. Spiritual Growth: The conversation underscores the importance of sharing the podcast to spread the message of transformation and encourage others to embrace the teachings of Jesus. Listeners are invited to join the journey towards spiritual growth and emulation of Jesus as a role model. Encouragement for Listeners: Paul and Jay emphasize the value of suffering as a means of refining faith and deepening one's relationship with God. They urge listeners to embrace the teachings of James 4:6-10 as a roadmap for spiritual transformation. Tune in to https://www.winnowedwarrior.comfor a thought-provoking discussion on the journey towards submission to God and resistance against the devil. Don't miss out on this opportunity to deepen your understanding of Biblical teachings and strengthen your relationship with God.
    50m 3s
  • Ep 37. WW Rescue Story (Guest: Ronnie J7)

    27 ABR. 2024 · 🎙️ Announcing https://www.winnowedwarrior.com new platform RESCUE STORY Featuring Ronnie (J7)  Join us for a heartfelt conversation on "Rescue Story," a new format on Winnowed Warrior (WW), where guests share their personal journeys of redemption and faith. In this episode, host Jay sits down with Ronnie, also known as J7 in the Christian hip-hop world, for an intimate discussion about addiction, faith, and the transformative power of Jesus' rescue. Key Highlights: Personal Testimonies: Ronnie and Jay open up about their struggles with addiction and the profound impact it had on their lives. Through raw and honest storytelling, they share moments of despair, spiritual awakening, and the pivotal role of faith in their journey towards recovery. Embracing Redemption: The conversation explores the significance of sharing one's rescue story as a source of strength and inspiration for others. Ronnie and Jay emphasize the power of empathy, self-reflection, and the willingness to surrender to God's guidance in the midst of adversity. Compassionate Understanding: Touching on sensitive topics like sexuality and adolescence, the speakers advocate for compassion and understanding in addressing personal struggles. Their candid reflections underscore the importance of creating a safe space for individuals to share their stories without judgment. Tune in to "Rescue Story" as Ronnie and Jay courageously share their testimonies, offering hope and encouragement to those navigating similar challenges. 
    1h 36m 25s
  • Ep 36. WW The Threshing floor (James 4:1-6)

    22 ABR. 2024 · 🎙️ Welcome to Winnowed Warrior: Episode 36. Battling Within: Join us as hosts Bryan, Paul, Terry, and Jay delve into the profound truths of James Chapter 4, verses 1-6. In this discussion, we explore the internal battles we face daily and the importance of aligning our hearts with God's will. Key Highlights: The Two Wolves: Bryan shares a powerful story about the battle between good and evil, urging us to feed the right wolf through our thoughts and actions, as we reflect on today's scripture. The War Within: Paul unpacks the concept of internal warfare, reminding us that the greatest battles we face are often fought within ourselves. God's Will vs. Human Boasting: Terry ties future scripture into today's discussion, emphasizing the importance of humility and surrendering to God's will rather than boasting about our own plans. Grieving the Holy Spirit: Jay takes us on a journey to understand what it means to grieve the Holy Spirit, shedding light on the significance of honoring God's presence in our lives. Join Paul, Terry, Jay, and Bryan as they unpack James chapter four, delving into the theme of inner conflict. This episode explores the concept of spiritual warfare, emphasizing the necessity of relying on God's strength and the power of prayer. The speakers reflect on the importance of seeking God's will in prayer and avoiding selfish requests. They also delve into the idea of grieving the Holy Spirit through sin and the significance of recognizing the spirit within oneself. The discussion underscores the need to prioritize a relationship with God over personal desires and to be mindful of how one's actions impact the Holy Spirit. Listeners are challenged to reevaluate their prayer life and spiritual priorities, offering insights into spiritual growth and the importance of aligning one's desires with God's will. Tune in for a thought-provoking conversation on spiritual warfare and the journey towards a deeper connection with God.
    1h 3m 36s
  • Ep 35. WW The Threshing Floor (James 3: 13-18)

    13 ABR. 2024 · 🎙️ https://www.winnowedwarrior.com: Heavenly Wisdom vs. Worldly Wisdom In our latest episode of Winnowed Warrior, hosts Terry, Paul, Bryan, and Ashton delved into James 3:13-18, exploring the contrast between heavenly wisdom and worldly wisdom. Their insightful discussion illuminated the profound impact of wisdom on our speech, actions, and overall satisfaction in life. Key Highlights: Filtering Through Wisdom: Terry provided valuable perspective on how wisdom serves as a filter for our speech and actions, emphasizing the accountability we have for our words and deeds. Drawing from various scriptures, Terry showcased the interconnectedness of God's Word and its support for the principles discussed in James 3. Eternal Satisfaction: Terry also highlighted the inherent dissatisfaction in worldly pursuits, emphasizing that true satisfaction can only be found in God. This reminder prompted deep reflection on the transient nature of earthly desires and the enduring fulfillment offered by a life rooted in heavenly wisdom. Heavenly vs. Worldly Wisdom: Paul contributed to the conversation by dissecting the distinctions between heavenly wisdom, characterized by purity, peace, and gentleness, and worldly wisdom, marked by envy, selfish ambition, and disorder. This insightful analysis encouraged listeners to align their hearts with the wisdom of God. Moving Forward: As we reflect on today's exploration of heavenly wisdom, let us be inspired to seek a deeper understanding of God's Word and its transformative power in our lives. May we embody the meekness and humility necessary to receive God's wisdom and experience true satisfaction in Him.
    1h 10m 18s
  • Ep 34. WW The Threshing Floor (James 3: 1-12)

    12 ABR. 2024 · 🎙️ Taming the Tongue: In our latest episode of Winnowed Warrior, hosts Paul, Bryan, Chris, and Jay embarked on a profound exploration of James 3, delving into the challenging task of taming the tongue. As they navigated this crucial aspect of Christian living, each man brought unique insights and wisdom to the discussion. Key Highlights: Guarding Our Speech: Chris drew parallels between the difficulty of taming the tongue and the biblical analogy of a camel passing through the eye of a needle. He emphasized the importance of filling our hearts with God's word to ensure that our speech reflects His truth and wisdom. Power of Words: Paul echoed the significance of words, tracing their importance back to the very act of creation in Genesis. He emphasized that our speech is a direct reflection of the state of our hearts, urging listeners to align their words with God's truth and love. Discerning Communication: Bryan provided practical guidance on communication, urging listeners to exercise discernment before speaking. He introduced the criteria of truth, necessity, and kindness, encouraging mindfulness not only in our words but also in our body language and nonverbal cues. Moving Forward:  As we reflect on our discussion on taming the tongue, let us be challenged and inspired to cultivate a speech that glorifies God and edifies others. May we be diligent in guarding our hearts and minds, ensuring that our words align with the principles of truth and love.
    1h 1m 22s
  • Ep 33. WW The Threshing Floor (James 2: 19-26)

    30 MAR. 2024 · 🎙️ Winnowed Warrior🎙️ The Threshing Floor Recap: In our latest episode, hosted by Paul, Bryan, Ashton, and Jay, we revisited James 2:19-26, delving deeper into the nuanced relationship between faith and action. Bryan emphasized the crucial distinction that mere acknowledgment of Jesus' identity, as even demons do, does not guarantee salvation. True faith requires active commitment and alignment with the teachings of Christ. Key Insights: 🌟 Faith Beyond Knowledge: Building on Bryan's point, the discussion underscored the necessity of genuine faith that transcends mere intellectual understanding. Our creed, rooted in the Beatitudes, serves as a guiding light in our journey of faith and discipleship. 📖 God's Waiting Room: Ashton brought a fresh perspective, likening our spiritual journey to being in God's waiting room. However, unlike a passive wait at a doctor's office, we recognize that God, the Great Physician, is waiting on us to align our hearts and actions with His will. 💡 Putting God First: Paul brought forth the tough story of Abraham and Isaac, illustrating the importance of prioritizing God above all else, even our most cherished gifts. Drawing parallels to Jonah's reluctance, Paul challenged us to walk in faith and obedience, always putting God first in our lives, even before our spouses and children. 🌾 Divine Work Unveiled: Jay tied the conversation together by referencing God's message to Habakkuk, highlighting the awe-inspiring nature of God's work in our lives. Just as Habakkuk was astounded by God's plans, we are reminded that God's work often surpasses our understanding, calling us to trust in His sovereignty. Moving Forward: As we reflect on our discussion on WW's The Threshing Floor, let us be inspired to deepen our faith and commitment to living out the principles of the Beatitudes. May we embrace the transformative power of true faith, recognizing that God is continually at work in our lives, shaping us for His divine purposes. Check out https://www.winnowedwarrior.com on line for more support and information!
    55m 36s

Welcome to The Threshing Floor! Here, we put off what the world says to us and strive to create a safe place for the broken to share with and learn...

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Welcome to The Threshing Floor!

Here, we put off what the world says to us and strive to create a safe place for the broken to share with and learn from one another.

Our lives at this very moment are a direct reflection of both the decisions that we have made and the impact of how we've responded to the decisions others have made.

As a Winnowed Warrior, you will be challenged to Accept, to Grieve, to Admit, to Desire, to Strive, to Work, to Seek, to Follow, to Rejoice, and ultimately to LOVE as you have been called.

This ministry is based on the Beatitudes and is all about Jesus.

So come on in - and prepare to get uncomfortable as we shed the world and put on God’s Word!

Love Ya'll.... Jay
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