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  • Petals of my 🌼 Daisy by the Marchioness of Dorchester, #Poetry #Recital 💋

    27 AGO. 2023 · The Marchioness of Dorchester is a write of fine poetry and prose. Welcome to my new show.
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  • Furry Peach, a fruity poem by the Marchioness of Dorchester, Recitals Most Proper

    27 AGO. 2023 · A comedy in poetry and prose by the Marchioness of Dorchester.
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  • News Comes as My Army Waits The Year of the Goddess 2258 Audiobook by iServalan

    28 AGO. 2023 · Monday August 28 The Year of the Goddess 2258 Transcript Via Implanted Telephonic Device Mornings are frightful here in the tower. I am given message (by secret means via the nursemaid for the child) that I am to be released without delay. Word came from Zone X that the true perpetrator of the crime against humanity has been found. I await apology but presume it will not come. These people are barbarians. The filth in this place has become unbearable. The stench of rancid afterbirth fills the chambers and I am entangled with the vexed and impoverished to whom I am not acclimatised. Wait! The guard cometh! ‘You are to leave, your freedom granted by the King, sign here!’ Friends, ye who listen with any caring, I am to be released immediately. But tis with great sorrow that I am separated from my offspring. A sadness wraps me, nay, stifles me even. My heart is breaking into a thousand pieces. This Gangster King will return the child upon proof of my return to Zone X. They fear my army who loiter near the castle perimeters for safe news that I breathe without encumbrance. I am to go, post haste, for there is revolution in my blood! © 2023 Sarnia de la Maré FRSA Welcome to the new book by the Marchioness of Dorchester The book is a real life transcript of the Marchioness life set in real time in 2258. New episodes each day on the podcast and YouTube. #sarniadelamare #book #marchionessofdorchester #taletellerclub #adventure #scifi #futurism #iservalan https://open.acast.com/shows/6364f5f4a8f89a0011da3088/episodes/www.tale-teller.club
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  • The Marchioness of Dorchester reads The Visitor, Poems from the Four Poster

    29 AGO. 2023 · Tale Teller Book Club has a huge library of amazing books in the public domain. Some of the greatest books of all time are here on all your devices for free. Hand chosen by iServalan especially for the Tale Teller Book Club. All genres, all ages. Sit back and enjoy. The Marchioness of Dorchester is a poet and author in residence at the Tale Teller Club. Daily literature, poetry, and prose are recorded live each day at the radio station in the United Kingdom of Great Britain where she resides surrounded by the Royal Navy who protect her many virtues from scurrilous individuals.
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  • Free Music Therapy Session Improving Concentration with Sarnia de la Maré FRSA The Sleep Genie

    23 SEP. 2023 · hello everybody and welcome to the midnighter it's not quite midnight it's getting there so you might love to hear in the background I'm playing some absent mind therapy now I'm using the rife vibrations if you know anything about those they influence how we feel using vibrations and really connect with us cerebrally so I'm just going to talk you through a little bit of self-hypnosis help that you can do on yourselves you don't need me to do it now the key to absorbing influence through right vibrations is to be really calm and to get rid of all the distractions so TV no people if there are people there they're going to quiet if you want if you want to be successful therapy sessions I just want you to listen to the background sounds I'm going to turn it up a little and you'll be able to hear if you're very astute some frequencies and these frequencies are the ones that influence you so I've chosen these frequencies specifically because they're scientifically proven to affect Health matters at a molecular level cells to change cell functions let's have a listen thank you [Music] I just want you to listen to everything that you can hear close your eyes you can hum if you like you can hear those really Bassy sounds that's because the bass frequencies are the ones that help us imp concentration and you'll find that if you listen to these there will be improvement over time but for now let's just listen and absorb the energies from those lovely Bassy sounds you hear the choir [Music] there'll be some rain water as well you hear the rain look lovely when there's a storm a lovely hypnotic sound of the water as it beats down on the windows I find that very relaxing another thing that's repetitive is relaxing so a sleep Genie will be here every night this is my new show and I'll be here every night with some music therapy sessions to help us get to sleep to help us relax help us Bridge the worries of the day foreign [Music] don't focus on other things just focus on those lovely sounds lovely choir the rain just feel the energy if I have vibrations in your sternum in one with them be at peace drifting off now a very relaxed state so once you think about your body and how heavy it feels and just make sure that everything's really relaxed sometimes it's quite hard to relax but I really want you to try and make sure everything feels really heavy from your feet moving up your body to your shins and your knees really heavy filthy Center the Earth's core drawing you down into the bed hips your back shoulders just breathe out and feel everything relaxed listen to the absent Minds therapy recording tomorrow when you wake up you'll feel refreshed and more able to concentrate sleep well I'll be back tomorrow [Music]
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My https://www.iservalan.com My https://lounges.tv/profile/iservalan My Blog https://sdelamare.blogspot.com My YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRaX1X2CK-RvF5Zk6hQpaCQ I am Sarnia de la Maré, stage name iServalan and this is a podcast for chat, news, current affairs, and...

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I am Sarnia de la Maré, stage name iServalan and this is a podcast for chat, news, current affairs, and commentry with business women in mind.

I also share down to earth product reviews and chat about my life as a creative entrepreneur.

#sarniadelamare #business #female #women #tech #industry #toffwatch #temu #dieting
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