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    The complexity of relationships: Can a square peg fit into a round hole?

    15 JUL. 2021 · For some reason, we try to make things work when they shouldn’t. I think we do that because deep down we do not believe: 1) we will get everything we want in a relationship; 2) we confuse the someone else’s (“SOEs”) with our one; 3) we want to seek temporary comfort in a relationship, or; 4) we do not believe our person is out there. If any of these limiting beliefs show up, you need to stop dating until you change your perspective. You are entering the dating danger zone if you proceed with these beliefs.
    1h 9m 40s
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    Distorted View-Social Media vs. Reality

    5 MAY. 2021 · Social media perception vs reality. How people construct alternate realities for themselves on social media. Why motivates them to do that? What happens when the perception falls apart?
    1h 22m 25s
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    The Marxist Revolution: How Chico, Harpo, Groucho, and Zeppo Changed the Way We Laugh

    28 ABR. 2021 · Eddie Tafoya author of The Marxist Revolution and how it examines the American ethos through the lens of the Marx Brothers’ films. I look at how 19th century American humor was a humor of white privilege and how the brothers demolished that and created an entirely new template.
    1h 8m 39s
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    Witty Women-Are Funny Women Intimidating

    24 MAR. 2021 · How are witty women perceived by men and women? How are witty women perceived in the workplace.
    1h 6m 30s
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    NM Prestigious Divas - Benevolent Beauties of New Mexico

    19 MAR. 2021 · We are a small group of ladies that come together to help our community out in anyway we can. From making blessings bags for the homeless to donating our time to help other groups as well as making easter baskets for children who dont have holidays or going to beehive community eldercare and giving them Christmas presents. We 3 woman have different lives but come together to help our community all over NM. We are the NMPRESTIGIOUS Divas
    56m 56s
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    Burlesque? Because You Already Know You’re A Star

    6 MAR. 2021 · You’ve got creativity in your veins You’ve got a voice that needs expressing And somewhere, deep down, you’ve got a fantasy to put an ostrich feather fan to work… You should feel good about YOU. Your body, Your ideas, Your expressions. And I know (for a fact) experiencing Burlesque will have you feeling just as sexy as Beyonce. Why? Because you get to call the shots. The costume, the hair, the story, the entire act is yours. And there’s nothing sexier than your creativity and your confidence, just waiting to burst out.
    59m 28s
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    Dating in the Time of Covid

    18 FEB. 2021 · How difficult is it to date during the pandemic
    1h 30m 25s
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    23 ENE. 2020 · Mental Health - In the Mind of someone with OCD
    34m 50s
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    Dating and The Single Woman over 40

    3 ENE. 2020 · From hangups and baggage to sex and technology, here, therapists, relationship coaches, couples counselors, and more explain why dating is so much harder in your 40s.
    40m 52s
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    What Not to Say About Your Children

    4 FEB. 2018 · Our adult children and what not to say about your child. Learning to be Politcially Correct.
    59m 9s
Women, Wit and Wine is comedy podcast hosted by Nicolina Nicthe which tackles a variety of topic such as women, dating, relationship advice, life & love.

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