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Work Relationships Matter (WRM)

  • Cannabis, Music and Mental Health

    28 MAY. 2024 · Chelsea Benham-Callender is a musician, sound meditation practitioner, vegan baker, and cannabis infusion specialist from Sacramento, California. She utilizes her extensive culinary expertise to craft delicious offerings, redefining the world of gluten-free vegan baking & cooking. Passionate about the healing power of sound vibrations + medicinal herbs, specifically in regards to mental health + wellness, Chelsea uses live music and plant medicine to help positively support the human nervous system. In 2018 she recalibrated her own brain chemistry through consistent mental wellness practices. With her dual backgrounds in Music & Chemical Engineering, Chelsea combines plant science & sound therapy to lead sound meditation sessions, where she plays different instruments to help people reach a state of peace and calm. If you mention this podcast in an email/message to her at chelseabc@gmail.com, or use code EdJones25 you will receive 25% off of any product or service from DankSweetsTreats.com and SeaGoatFlutes.com!  visit ProDestinyCoaching.com, take the work relationship quiz and then ups for a free consultation.
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  • Balancing Social, Health and Wealth

    13 MAY. 2024 · Zeke Ivy,  Hearing Officer at California Department of Health Care Services, grew up in a loving two-parent house hold with and older and younger brother in San Jose. Both parents were professionals who set positive examples for him. He was very interested in becoming a salesman like his father. He earned a business degree from Florida A & M. After graduating he sold financial products at a firm where he won numerous sales awards. However, his sales success came to a screeching halt during the financial downturn in 2008. As potential clients tightened their belts he had fewer prospects. To maintain his income, he switched from sales to a back-office job at another firm. He did well but missed interacting with people. The California Department of Health Care Services gave him the opportunity to work with people, build relationships and create supportive networks. Although he is not working in his chosen field he enjoys what he is doing. He models the maxim, “Don’t let what you can’t do, keep you from doing what you can do. www.dhcs.ca.gov Visit ProDestingCoaching.com, take the quiz and schedule free consultation. 
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  • Making the Best Better

    6 MAY. 2024 · Dr. Jenni Murphy, Vice President of Enrollment and Engagement at Sacramento State, is also the founder of Project Attain, an adult re-entry program.  That is a long title which matches her work history. She has worked a variety of jobs including Taco Bell supervisor, corporate trainer, Continuing Education executive and Vice President. No matter what she takes on, she makes it better. Jenni is creative yet detailed and driven. In spite of her work ethic and performance, early in her career she was the victim of a mass layoff. After dealing with the pain of losing a job, she got back into the job market. She entered a totally new career and after a short period of time she moved up the “corporate ladder because of her native intelligence and interpersonal skills. Check the episode out and learn how she makes good organizations better. www.csus.edu/Enrollment Visit www.ProDestinyCoaching.com, take the work relationship quiz and schedule a free consultation.
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  • Support for a Better Life

    22 ABR. 2024 · Beth Hassett, WEAVE CEO, grew up in a performing arts family. Both of her parents were actors. She did a few on-stage performances but was more interested in marketing and promotions. However, her real passion was helping disadvantaged and underserved communities. WEAVE is the primary provider of crisis intervention services for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and sex trafficking. Beth used her marketing and promotions background to help those in need find and use the organization’s services. She is also instrumental in raising funds. Supporting others to find a better life is Beth’s calling and she does it well. weaveinc.org Visit prodestinycoaching.com, take the quiz and schedule a free consultation.
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  • Never Too Late

    15 ABR. 2024 · Portia High, Real Estate Professional, had an ideal childhood.  She was raised by two loving grandparents. She learnt warmth and compassion from her grandmother and purpose and discipline from her grandfather. Her extended family and friends are nurturing and supportive. She had her first child when she was a freshman in college which could have been a setback. However, Portia and her grandmother made a pact. Her grandmother agreed to provide childcare if Portia a greed to finish college. Both kept their end of the bargain.  Portia graduated and started working. Like most of us she got a job with modest pay, but more importantly to secure benefits. However, she wanted more that a job, she wanted a career. She discovered her passion when purchasing her first home. She was so impressed with the Real Estate Professional, that she discovered that that was the career for her. Although it took a few years to select a career, she is living proof that it is never too late. portiahigh.com Visit ProDestinyCoaching.com, take the quiz and schedule a free consultation.
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  • Resilience in Life and Sales

    8 ABR. 2024 · Alex Rachal, Commercial Account Executive, at West Coast Fire and Water, was born to be a salesperson. After graduation from college, he joined an Enterprise rental sales team.  He like so many former college athletes was recruited by that firm because it values their competitive nature, discipline and drive. While the work was stimulating the pay was stagnating. He sold financial products for a while, but it wasn’t as lucrative as promised. While perusing the web, an Indeed ad for a position at  West Coast Fire and Water caught his eye. He didn’t know that much about the core business; but it was a sales position. With training and curiosity, he learned the business and is now able to sell the company’s restoration services when catastrophic events occur. He is a strong advocate of service after the sale, which enhanced his referral business.  He enjoys his work and has the resilience to accept noes in order to get to the yeses. westcoastfireandwater.com Visit prodestinycoaching.com, take the work relationship quiz and schedule a free consultation
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  • Transition from Work to Retirement and Beyond

    18 MAR. 2024 · Angie Rivera married young raised her children and then went back to college to fulfill her dream of becoming a teacher. Rather than provide class room instruction, she went to her students’ homes to teach them and provide life skills. Her clientele were Mexican immigrants. In addition to teaching her course load, she had to help non-Spanish speaking instructors by translating subject matter for them. Being bi-lingual and bi-cultural she understood theneeds of the families she served very well. As a result, she was able to createprograms and services that met the unique needs of immigrant families. Aftermany years of service, she officially retired. However, her impact was soprofound that  she volunteered to continue helping because the need was so great. Because of her compassion and expertise, she was asked to speak in public to inform and inspire others. However, she was uncomfortable doing so. That is why she joined Toastmasters to boost her confidence. She is a great speaker now. She gained so much confidence that she was elected president of the Spellbinders Toastmasters Club this year. Visit ProDestinyCoaching.com, take the quiz and then schedule a free consutlation.
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  • The Right Questions Get Results

    11 MAR. 2024 ·  Quentin Foster, Vice President, Policy and Government Affairs at H Cycle LLC, was in foster care until he was 17 years old. Like a lot of children in the foster care system, he moved frequently. While that was less than ideal, that helped him build relationships quickly and navigate effectively in diverse communities. His story underscores my podcast tagline: “Relationships work for those who work on them..” Just before aging out of foster care, he met a woman who mentored him. He met her family, and her parents adopted him. That familial relationship was one of the things that helped change the trajectory of his life. The other was his ability to ask the right questions. By asking questions, he was able to learn new things and identify solutions to social and environmental problems. Stay tuned because you are going to hear a lot more about Quentin in the future. www.hcycle.com Visit www.ProDestinyCoaching.com, take the quiz and schedule a free consultations.
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  • The Rhythm of Life

    5 MAR. 2024 · Myles Taylor’s father was a disc jockey and musician as was his grandfather. As a result, he grew up listening to rhythm and blues and jazz. He played in his high school and college bands. Those experiences taught him teamwork and discipline. He is using those lessons to hone his leadership skills and guide his life. He is an accomplished musician and educator. His band is touring locally and just dropped it’s first album last week. He also started a 35-piece big band. In addition to making music, he is also working with youth to help them enhance their talent and give them alternatives to less productive activities. He is a visionary with plans to tour the world. Visit prodestinycoaching.com, take the quiz and schedule a free consultation.
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  • Mistakes Lead to Success

    26 FEB. 2024 · Edward Jones is a Certified Life Coach,Podcast Host and Blogger. He worked in the public and private sectors. In this podcastepisode he discusses how risks, mistakes, failures and successes are connected.He states that we have to take risks to learn and grow. In fact, not takingrisks is a risk because life and work are dynamic. Either people operateproactively to get what they desire or react to whatever comes their way. Heencourages people to take calculated risk. But no matter how well people plan,nothing is guaranteed. Therefore, the outcomes of one’s actions is either ablessing or a lesson. That is to say they achieve their desired outcome or learn from the experience. The next time theytry. the closer they will be to succeeding. That is how mistakes lead tosuccess. How have mistakes helped you succeed? Visit ProDestinyCoaching.com, take the quiz and schedule a free consultation.
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Everyone has a story about office politics gone wrong. I want to share stories about people who are getting in right. My introductory show was a monologue in which I...

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Everyone has a story about office politics gone wrong. I want to share stories about
people who are getting in right.

My introductory show was a monologue in which I explained what I do, who I am, who I help, how I help and why I focus on work relationships (office politics). Subsequent shows will be dialogues featuring guests who will share stories about their backgrounds; including how they got started as well as setbacks, successes and guiding principles that helped them succeed as bosses, employees and entrepreneurs. I am a Certified Life Coach who helps leaders manage office politics the “right way”. Office politics is
present in most organizations. Like money or other resources, it is neither good nor bad. What matters is how it is used. My show will provide insights, techniques, and strategies that can be used to
enhance work relationships and productivity.

I am The Edward Jones, Certified Life Coach who helps leaders manage office politics the “right way”. I am the founder and CEO of ProDestinyCoaching. My book, Office Politics the Right Way: 7 Principles to Create Win-Win Relationships in the Workplace, can be found on Amazon. For more information about me check out my website: www.prodestinycoaching.com
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