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  • 03-17-23 Children's Museum of Indianapolis

    19 MAR. 2023 · In this episode of https://worldfootprints.com/, hosts Tonya and Ian Fitzpatrick share the Power of Children exhibit at the https://www.childrensmuseum.org/. They speak to Monica Ramsey, Director of exhibits and interactive media, as she guides them through the Power of Children: Making a Different exhibit and shares the stories of four extraordinary children who have significantly impacted the world - Ruby Bridges, Ryan White, Malala Yousafzai, and Anne Frank.
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  • God's Little Acre: A burial ground revealing untold stories of America's African heritage, Part 2

    1 MAR. 2023 · In this second episode of our interview with Keith Stokes, advisor to the Rhode Island Black Heritage Society, we continue learning about Newport's underrepresented history during our walk through https://www.colonialcemetery.com/ God’s Little Acre has been recognized as the oldest and largest colonial African burial ground in the United States; it dates back to the late 1600s and contains the graves of over 300 enslaved and free Africans and African Americans. In Episode One, Keith introduced us to prominent Africans like Pompey Brenton who lay buried in God’s Little Acre. In this second episode, Keith sheds light on the significance of this burial site and the stories of the people who were laid to rest there, providing a deeper understanding of the African presence in Newport's history. Join https://WorldFootprints.com as we uncover the hidden stories of this important piece of Newport's and America’s past from God's Little Acre. Time Stamps: [1: 57] Reintroduction of Pompey Brenton [3:23] Reason for not unearthing markers [5:43] Exercising caution when interpreting history [7:47] The first Emancipation [9:50] The world’s first equal opportunity employer [11: 25] Identifying old grave markers [14: 45] Finding the foundational documents and artifacts [18: 19] A different perspective on Black history [24: 17] The beginning of cemeteries ]27: 40] Reparation strategies [31: 54] Amazing story of Zingo Stevens
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  • God's Little Acre, Part One

    24 FEB. 2023 · In this episode of the https://worldfootprints.compodcast, we have the privilege of interviewing Keith Stokes, advisor to the Rhode Island Black Heritage Society. We met Keith in https://www.discovernewport.org/in a section of Newport’s Common Burial Ground known as https://www.colonialcemetery.com/”—recognized as the oldest and largest colonial African burial grounds in the United States. Keith takes us on a walk around the cemetery and keeps us captivated by the many underrepresented stories revealed by the stone markers. This episode represents Part 1 of a two-part series.
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  • Remembering Emmett Till

    13 NOV. 2022 · Did you know that there is a connection between Emmett Till's murder and Rosa Parks? That is one of many stories we learn about as we walk through the Emmett Till and Mamie Till-Mobley: Let the World See exhibit as the Children's Museum of Indianapolis. In today’s episode, we speak to Shanna Martin, director of training and professional development at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. Shanna gives us a preview of the Emmett Till exhibit and shares some lesser known stories about his murder and the events that followed. Join us as we remember Emmett Till, recount the bravery of Mamie Till-Mobley and learn about a connection with Rosa Parks.
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  • Walking through the Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience

    28 SEP. 2022 · In this World Footprints episode, Kenneth Hoffman, Executive Director at the Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience (MSJE), gives us a guided tour and explains in depth how Jews in the American South influenced and were influenced by the cultural heritage of their local communities. Tune in to learn more about the Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience, why it was founded, its significance beyond the Jewish community, and the collection of all the artifacts in the museum. Shalom Y’all!!
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  • Green Book Global: The Black Traveler's TripAdvisor

    30 AGO. 2022 · Traveling is a fun and exciting experience. However, it can also be stressful and uncomfortable; especially for Black travelers. Concerns about safety and racism is paramount for the BIPOC traveler. Questions about whether a destination, attraction or property would welcome or shun us is real. The good news is that there is a new resource for Black travelers to help ensure a safe and enjoyable holiday. Green Book Global is a site dedicated to helping Black travelers confidently explore the world by sharing travel tips and experiences from the Black perspective. In this episode, we speak to Lawrence Phillips, founder and CEO of Green Book Global, which is on the mission to inspire and empower black travelers so they can travel the world in confidence.
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  • Vue Orleans: A Love Letter to New Orleans

    18 JUL. 2022 · Who doesn't love New Orleans? It's one of America's greatest cities and a World Footprints favorite because of it's rich culture, history and constant innovation. Oh yeah...the food!!! In this episode of World Footprints, Ian and Tonya Fitzpatrick talk with Vue Orleans developers Paul Flower and Henry Coaxum. They will share a bird’s eye view of New Orleans from the top of Vue Orleans, an extraordinary new museum that dives deep into the city's history that Henry Louis Gates is helping to tell. See New Orleans like you've never seen her before atop a 34th floor observation deck and experience the richness of New Orleans history as cutting-edge technology immerses visitors into the spirit and soul of the city. Experience a love letter to New Orleans inside the new Vue Orleans.
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  • Winston Churchill's Connection to a Small Midwestern Town

    16 JUN. 2022 · In this World Footprints podcast, Tonya and Ian Fitzpatrick explore the life and times of Winston Churchill, his impact on the world and his relationship with the small town of Fulton, Missouri (MO). Tonya, Ian and Timothy Riley, Chief Curator of American’s National Churchill Museum, walk through the galleries of the Churchill Museum as Timothy unpacks some of the significant events in Churchill’s life. The late British Prime Minister’s legacy is revealed in a collection of more than 10,000 objects, books, papers, speeches, and original documents in the Churchill Museum. Enjoy this episode and other engaging World Footprints podcasts. Help others discover the world through the stories we share on World Footprints by leaving a 5-star review wherever you’re enjoying podcasts.
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  • Take Me To The River: New Orleans – a celebration of music history and legacy

    2 JUN. 2022 · The music of New Orleans is not just considered a birthplace of jazz music but carries various styles of music. It is a unique global collaboration that gave birth to an exceptional musical genre that was never experienced traditionally. In this episode, Tonya and Ian Fitzpatrick celebrate the history, heritage, legacy, and influence of the music of New Orleans and Louisiana with Take Me To The River: New Orleans film director Martin Shore and producer Ian Neville.
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  • Traveling Today: What you should know

    17 MAY. 2022 · The world has changed and so has the way we travel. We can no longer grab our passport and go. There are new requirements and other considerations so more thought and planning has to be incorporated before we pack our bags. In this episode, Ian and Tonya Fitzpatrick speak to award-winning travel journalist Tim Leffel about the things we should know about traveling today, especially, if we plan to travel for extended periods of time. As Tim says, “we can’t just wing it anymore.”
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World Footprints is a multi award-winning socially minded travel media company that bridges differences, fosters cultural intelligence, captures the essence of a destination, and inspires meaningful travel. We invite our...

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World Footprints is a multi award-winning socially minded travel media company that bridges differences, fosters cultural intelligence, captures the essence of a destination, and inspires meaningful travel. We invite our readers to examine the cultural roots of a destination, to view a locale with a new mindset, and/or to explore travel through a specific interest or social cause. We seek to share our common humanity and to offer a deeper connection to the world one story at a time.

World Footprints has grown to become one of the most-reputable sources for meaningful, socially minded travel content -- encouraging all to leave positive ‘footprints’ wherever they may travel.
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