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    GB Discusses His First Thoughts About Kingdom Manga With Leek

    29 NOV. 2023 · Dive into the conversation as Leek curiously probes GB about his predictions for the future of the Kingdom. The hosts engage in thought-provoking discussion about key characters and the potential plot developments that could arise. But that's not all! The conversation takes a unique twist when the two begin rating themselves in categories inspired by the brilliant generals within the Kingdom manga. From strategic prowess to leadership skills, GB and Leek evaluate their own strengths and weaknesses, drawing parallels to the tactical brilliance displayed by the characters in Kingdom. Don't miss out on this entertaining and insightful episode that combines first impressions, future speculations, and self-assessment in a way that only the Worst Generation Podcast can deliver. Whether you're a seasoned Kingdom fan or a newcomer to the series, this episode is made for you.
    1h 39m 43s
  • Anime And Manga Series in the Shadows

    7 JUL. 2023 · In this episode, GB and the Crew dive into lesser-known Anime/Manga gems that have been overshadowed by popular series. We discuss the narratives, unique art styles, and characters that make these series worth exploring. Join us as we celebrate the underdogs and uncover the brilliance of these anime and manga titles that deserve more recognition. Get ready for a journey into uncharted territories, where hidden gems await your discovery!
    1h 30m 57s
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    Animanga Post-Arc Priorities

    5 AGO. 2022 · This episode of Worst Generation Podcast covers our post-arc and transition arc priorities as readers. Ride GB and the crew, joined by extended family, Studio Maho's very own @HonorableGumbo, and @CJSTRO13 as we discuss what we look for in our series as we transition from one arc to the next. We discuss stakes, character development, world-building and more using popular series as examples. Tap In! Join The Journey: https://worstgenerationpodcast.com
    1h 31m 56s
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    Worst Gen Crew Discusses Fave Animanga Series and Why

    9 JUL. 2022 · This week on Worst Gen Pod we're discussing the Crew's favorite Animanga series and why. We also discuss passing judgment on others based on their favorite series. I'm sure Supernovas who are familiar with the podcast are very familiar with our favorite series but we've never taken the time to thoroughly discuss why those series are our favorites. We will explore our connection with our favorite series in our next episode. Is it the characters we relate with, does the world-building capture us, or are we inspired or comforted by the series. I expect this to be a vulnerable topic in more ways than one and I hope listeners will walk away feeling a bit more connected to our perspectives afterward. Tap In!
    1h 56m 30s
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    Binging Anime Vs. Watching Week-To-Week

    12 MAY. 2022 · The Worst Gen Crew dives deep into our thoughts on “Binging Vs. Week-to-Week” in this episode. @__RobJay, a longtime member of the #WorstGenAlliance joins us as we shed some light on the differences between the two watch styles and how they influence our reception of a series. This was a great episode with a few tangential conversations. (We even speak about Young Justice near the end of the episode). Tap In! Follow the Journey: https://worstgenerationpodcast.com Listen to this Rob, our episode guest, on his podcast here Crew: Master D Dat Boi Frankie
    1h 38m 8s
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    Our Thoughts On Canon Anime Movies in 2022 Forward

    8 ABR. 2022 · WHAT'S GOOD Supernovas!!!! It's been a minute but GB and the crew is back with a new episode. In this episode, we discuss the rise of anime canon movies. We talk about the success of Demon Slayer / Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 0, if canon movies will be an industry standard, how canon movies fit with seasonal anime patterns vs weekly, and more! We're joined by @JayLeeTrey Of @Animelytical Podcast on this one so Tap In! Follow the Journey: https://worstgenerationpodcast.com Crew: One Piece Leek Dat Boi Frankie
    1h 26m 34s
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    One Piece 1044: Gear 5 Luffy! A Real Nika

    29 MAR. 2022 · I (GB) hopped on #TwitterSpaces To chat with the community about One Piece Chapter 1044. Join us while we discuss chapter 1044, Gear 5, future implications, popular theories, and more! I was joined by a few crewmates and members of the Alliance. Master D, One Piece Leek, Scuba Steve from Inside the Mind of a Blerd Podcast and Johnie from Animelytical where shit gets critical help me lead this community discussion! Tap In!
    1h 55m 35s
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    Anime After Dark : Focus Group Session 1

    9 FEB. 2022 · Playback of our First Focus Group for #AnimeAfterDarkCH. #AnimeAfterDarkCH is brought to you every Thursday @ 9.30 PM CST.
    1h 56m 31s
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    What Makes A Hero (Anime_Manga Edition)

    23 NOV. 2021 · In this episode, the Worst Gen Crew Discusses what makes a hero? Is it their actions, intentions, morals? Who knows? Tap in! Follow the Journey: https://worstgenerationpodcast.com
    1h 38m 40s
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    Aye, Chill on Netflix Anime, B

    5 NOV. 2021 · The Worst Gen Crew is revisiting the Netflix Original Anime conversation. This week we discuss what we think of Netflix's current anime catalog, their strategy, and what we think they should consider for future titles they add. Sensei also asks his most diabolical rapid fire question to date. Crew: GB Sensei Panda Follow the Journey: https://worstgenerationpodcast.com
    1h 44m 26s

🏴‍☠️🎙 The Worst Generation Podcast, hosted by GB and his crewmates, explores the world of anime and manga through the voices of opinionated, intensely passionate blerds. Tune in for weekly...

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The Worst Generation Podcast, hosted by GB and his crewmates, explores the world of anime and manga through the voices of opinionated, intensely passionate blerds. Tune in for weekly discussions, analysis, interviews, and hilarious segments.

Join the journey @ https://worstgenerationpodcast.com
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