• Cracking the Code to Consistency in Fitness & Through Changes + Life in Texas

    12 MAR. 2024 · We've missed you and you've missed A LOT!  Catch up with us this week as we crack the code to consistency. From those itty-bitty habits to those monumental life changes, we're laying it all out on the table. Join us in a pact to be more consistent with our recordings! So grab your favourite beverage, cozy up, or your headphones and get ready for your Hot Girl Walk!  Stay tuned, stay consistent, and stay iconic 
    43m 57s
  • Kicking This New Years Butt + Our Ins & Outs for 2024

    14 ENE. 2024 · Hello, 2024! In this episode, we share genuine conversations about navigating the twists and turns of the new year. From setbacks to success strategies, we've got you covered! We share our ins & outs for the New Year and get you ready to Kick 2024 Butt! Find us https://l.instagram.com/?u=https%3A%2F%2Flinktr.ee%2FWorthTheHype&e=AT1LZSFDF46mHEoGb4CkhHnuMI7-mWhx4gv9klFnSyu24ctZ8ssshPifP3IUoXLZjr8pvqA2ge49QktF-slZRnWcqUDcFZIEBTbsNGCxtRrseLEjxk94Pew
    47m 54s
  • Surviving Winter Blues, Beating Winter Uglies & Giving The Best Gifts

    3 DIC. 2023 · Dive into the cozy depths of the season with our latest episode, 🎧✨ Join us for an intimate chat as we unpack our current obsessions, spill the details on our most coveted wishlist items, and share tips for conquering the winter ugliness and managing the winter blues. Grab a cup of cocoa, snuggle up, and let's navigate the seasonal shifts together. Tune in now for a warm chat that's bound to lift your spirits! Episode Sponsor: https://www.excelgum.ca/en-ca Find Us: https://linktr.ee/WorthTheHype
    40m 53s
  • 6 Things We're Doing to End the Year Strong & Get A Head Start on 2024

    13 NOV. 2023 · In this episode, we talk about the goals we have set for ourselves to end the year strong and get ahead of the "new year, new me" commotion! From reimplementing our 2023 goals to creating new ones ahead of 2024, we have the rest of this year under control. There are less than 2 months left to get back on track and this episode will give you that kick of motivation you're probably needing right now! We hope you loved it just as much as we did! Find us! www.linktr.ee/WorthTheHype www.instagram.com/jenna.macchione/ www.instagram.com/sarah.munro/
    31m 27s
  • Evolution Era - Seeing Change as a Positive & Doing It For Yourself

    5 NOV. 2023 · In this episode, we'll discuss the power of looking at change as a positive force in our lives. We'll explore the idea of finding new paths and taking control of your own journey. Whether you're facing a major life shift or just want a new perspective, this episode will help you see change as an opportunity for a brighter future. Find us! www.linktr.ee/WorthTheHype www.instagram.com/jenna.macchione/ www.instagram.com/sarah.munro/
    31m 22s
  • An Extroverts Guide to Alone Time: Creating Personal Space, Doing Things By Yourself & No More FOMO

    26 SEP. 2023 · If you're anything like us, it's hard to say no to things. In this episode we tell you our secrets to making time for yourself, how to spend time alone, and prevent social battery burnout. We also chat a bit about how to stop having FOMO and become okay with missing out on things that don't best suit you! Find us! linktr.ee/WorthTheHype www.instagram.com/jenna.macchione/ www.instagram.com/sarah.munro/
    36m 9s
  • Fall's Finest: Our First Post-Grad Autumn, Falling into New Habits, & the Sofia Richie Effect on Fall Fashion Favs

    10 SEP. 2023 · Yet another year, our fav episode! Catch up with us on 'Fall's Finest' as we chat about our first post-grad fall, crafting plans for the season, the habits we're embracing and channelling the undeniable influence of Sofia Richie through fall fashion favourites.
    39m 46s
  • For The Girls: Girl Math, Girl Dinner, The Barbie Effect & Life Updates

    27 AGO. 2023 · Hey "Hype Girls", we missed you! In this episode we girl to the max. Of course, we had a big catchup chatting about life lately, but then we got into the juicy stuff. Grab a glass of wine or an iced coffee and hang with us while we talk about girl math, girl dinner, and the Barbie movie. We hope you liked it xoxo! https://www.instagram.com/worththehypepodcast/?hl=en
    50m 28s
  • If We Knew Then What We Know Now: Dear Our Younger Selves

    27 JUL. 2023 · Through our teens and early 20s, we spend time thinking we know it all, as we grow older, life has a way of humbling us and revealing just how much we have yet to learn. Join us for a heartfelt episode as we travel back in time & give advice to our younger selves. We share the insights we wish we had known earlier, our candid reflections and feel-good stories! As always catch up with us and stay tuned hhttps://linktr.ee/WorthTheHype
    29m 10s
  • Intuition is Your Superpower: How to be more intuitive

    6 JUL. 2023 · TRUST YOUR GUT! in we delve into the fascinating world of intuition and practices that can help you make intuitive decisions. We chat about what it really means to 'trust your gut' and how you can put making intuitive decisions to practice IRL! We discuss topics like eating, fitness and provide actionable steps to develop and embrace your intuition, leading to more confident decision-making and a deeper connection with your inner self.
    36m 21s

Your go-to girls talk podcast hosted by Jenna & Sarah. Join us for candid conversations about maintaining a balanced lifestyle, what's trending in the girl world, and navigating your twentysomethings....

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Your go-to girls talk podcast hosted by Jenna & Sarah. Join us for candid conversations about maintaining a balanced lifestyle, what's trending in the girl world, and navigating your twentysomethings. Expect laughs, valuable advice, and insights from special guests.
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