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    13 JUL. 2022 · America's favorite little snack had some pretty interesting origins! From egg rolls to pizza rolls, this little Minnesota made snack packs quite a punch, all wrapped up in a doughy little pillow. Thank you Totino's!
    15m 28s
  • Explícito

    History of Krumkake

    26 JUN. 2022 · Let's get Nordic with the History of Krumkake! This traditional Norwegian cookie is a staple with those that still honor the annual tradition.
    18m 1s
  • Explícito

    History of the Nacho

    23 JUN. 2022 · When some picky (insert popular "let me talk to the manager" names here) wanted Ignacio to come up with something different...low and behold the Nacho was born! Find out more on this episode where we dive into the origins of one of the most beloved foodie dishes; Nachos.
    16m 3s
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    History of Minnesota Hotdish

    25 ENE. 2021 · Hot damn! Let's get our Nordski on and dive into the origins of the traditional Minnesota Hotdish...If you were to ask if it's a Midwest staple you would most likely hear "Oh yeah, you betcha". 🥘🥖
    16m 17s
  • Explícito

    History of the Last Meal

    20 ENE. 2021 · You have 2 hours to live...WHAT would YOUR last meal be? Wonder what some infamous serial killers chose as their last meal? We take a look at the history of the last meal and what in the hell to choose.
    16m 42s
  • You Cook With That Mouth Intro

    23 ENE. 2020 · Trailer to "You Cook with that Mouth" podcast. We cover the where, why, and how in the hell's. Your epicurious shouldn't make you epifurious. This podcast allows you to have stress free ideas for meals and entertaining so you have more time for better things. Full site with episodes, playlist suggestions and printables available at www.youcookwiththatmouth.com.
Fun, comedic look at the origins of our favorite eats and bizarre dishes. You Cook With That Mouth is Fresh, Inviting, Simple.

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