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    Sis Aint Havin' It-Preview (I Built a N*GGA)

    11 DIC. 2019 · Yes the holidays have kept us busy but HUNEEH?! LET ME TELL YOUU!! SIS AINT HAVIN' IT!! We cookin an its SPICY!! Until the next SHOT of HENNY, please enjoy this clip. BRB LOL
    1m 8s
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    23 NOV. 2019 · Diving in head first the crew discuss Pulling Out & Pregnacy Test!! Royce states that when in an intimate relationship his woman should "Pee On The Stick" on demad, of course Meeka&Gemz disagree. The ladies bring the HEAT as Royce explaines that its OUR BABY if you are pregnant & who really likes "Condom Sex"?? Meeka would rather close the "Heavenly Gates" of her Vah'JJ than to Pee ONDEMAND. The ladies get back up from a in studio listener. A tall chocolate souhern girl that feels any man with this opinion is just plain selfish an birth control isnt for every one an men have no say in that. @RoyceJonez (twitter) @ohsothatsmeeks (IG) @iammzgemz (IG)
    12m 6s
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    S1-E7 Y'all Be Havin It/Damaged Goods&Child Support

    23 NOV. 2019 · First the crew starts off with recent viral videos which leads to the topic "Catching Your Parents" and Meeka expresses her "appreciation" to Pastor Wilson, the vaginal healing man of God. Then an outrageous ice braker "Toilet Head or... LOL". Finally Topic of Damaged Goods comes up- A woman with 6 kids in a failing marrige "How Does She Move On, Should She??" With listeners chiming in this episode closes with a discussion of Child Support- Dont pillow talk with your new wife an make sure you cough up a lil extra for them XMAS gifts. @RoyceJonez (twitter) @ohsothatsmeeks (IG) @iammzgemz (IG)
    36m 10s
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    S1-E6 The Taste Test/Wack Pxxy Vibes

    10 SEP. 2019 · During this broadcast Gemz FB LIVE viewer says that "A Woman Must First Taste Herself" before he gives oral. Royce&Meeka confirm the "Man In The Boat" is not the main focus anymore, and Meeka wants to know how a man can tell you have Wack Puxxy before he gets it. DM Royce @num1photographer(IG) your feed back, topic suggestions, and questions for host to answer on air.
    15m 44s
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    S1-E5 SexEd/Young Moms but BombMomz

    10 SEP. 2019 · The Crew starts off with a convo about SexEd in schools which leads a little deeper into Gemz & Meeka's experiences as young moms an the relationships in teen motherhood & adult motherhood.
    18m 20s
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    S1-E4 #BIGFINE feat. Mz.Plush

    23 AGO. 2019 · Mz.Plush Stops into to give her tell her story and her mission to completely kick the door in for all BBW's
    14m 19s
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    S1-E3 B*tches Love A Free Meal!!! feat Mz.Plush

    23 AGO. 2019 · With the drinks flowin' Royce kicks things off with our "DRUNK TXT" which is questions/responses/mail from our listeners. Of course this goes left. We go from women owning F*CK-BOYS to Royce defending why he "aint feeding you b*tches" LOL And Mz.Plush gives her 2cents. LIKE, SHARE, and THANKS for ALL the LOVE!
    27m 52s
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    S1-E2 Kurt&Rasheeda/Poppin Pills&Suckin D*ck On The Highway

    16 AGO. 2019 · Recap of our weekend and StoryTime Royce(@num1photographer) recaps Live In Color Expo(Meeting Kurt&Rasheeda) Gemz(@iammzgemz) recalls a "Highway Orgy" and her experience as a dancer.
    15m 33s
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    S1-E1 Lesbians, Does Size Matter/Intimacy/Glass or Silicone?

    10 JUL. 2019 · Lesbians, Does Size Matter/Intimacy/Glass or Silicone Conversations with Brooke a Lesbian in CLT, how big should a stud be “Packin’”, will you still "RELEASE" even if they’re not cute, and What’s Going in The “Back Door”
    14m 11s
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    My Night As A Stipper

    31 ENE. 2019 · Recap of a night she tried dancing.
    14m 9s

Pour It Up Pour It Up & let’s Talk Advice, Life, Love, Business and Entertainment!! Anything from Politics, self love, to why you pulled up on him at 3am Sis!!...

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Pour It Up Pour It Up & let’s Talk Advice, Life, Love, Business and Entertainment!! Anything from Politics, self love, to why you pulled up on him at 3am Sis!! Lets have a drink and a laugh!!
Into- Royce, Gemz, & Meeka. All well rounded Entrepreneurs following their dreams while dealing with the natural joys an pains of life which naturally makes for good conversation. From dating to parenthood to the first thing outcha mouth after another shot of Hennessy (lol) WELCOME TO YOU, ME AND HENNESSY
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