• Zags know how to dance!

    25 MAR. 2024 · The Spokesman-Review's Jim Meehan and Zag alum/tv commentator Richard Fox report on howGU Bulldogs know how to dance - you can't fake your way into a Sweet Sixteen.  Zags are facing Perdue - both guys picked them to get this far, but the 21 point wins on the way were very impressive. Recap of McNeese State game - McNeese tried to shut down the 3 pointers, which opened up inside game, but the Zags were always a step ahead.  When the McNeese pressure had no impact, they had no plan B to try and take GU down. Fox breaking down the stats confirmed that the Zags did an excellent job executing the scouting plans and were prepared to play on both ends. Kansas game was so high level on both ends throughout the game - because as Meehan tweeted "are you not entertained?"  The Jayhawks were higher ranked with a few pros and all Americans, the Zags pulled away in the 2nd half.  Zags shot 67% and Jayhawks shot 28% in the second half and the Zags were great at keeping the ball out of Dickinson's hands. GU's freshman did great with solid play. Purdue preview - the way GU is playing right now is completely different then the last time they met. However, job one this time around is to try and shut down 7'4"  Zach Edey...a bad night for him is a double double bc he's gonna score, but attention to the rest of the Purdue team needs to be paid. The guys are predicting a win. Not a blow out game, and no one is saying it'll be easy, but the guys are calling for a W. 
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  • Selection Sunday recap preview of McNeese game

    18 MAR. 2024 · The Spokesman-Review's Jim Meehan and GU Alum/Zag TV commentator Richard Fox discuss the WCC finale and Selection Sunday...with a special shout out to The Red Iguana in Salt Lake City....Meehan's hoping there's a table ready for him. WCC recap - GU went in 2nd seed, took San Francisco but St Mary's had GU's number this time around. Kept the Zags to low score, Gaels executed at a higher level and deservedly came out on top. Talking about the NCAA brackets - with the South Coast Conference being a notch below the WCC, it doesn't make GU's Thursday game against McNeese any less. Promises to be a game. The guys break down the starting lineups on both teams that play their starters long. If GU wins, they face Kansas or Stanford. Is this GU team heading into the Sweet Sixteen? The guys expect it! We'll be talking to you next week.
    41m 55s
  • WCC Semi Finals

    11 MAR. 2024 · Listen in as The Spokesman-Review's JIm Meehan and Zag Alum/TV Broadcaster Richard Fox give pregame prognostications for today's match up! Momentum for GU looked different wrapping out the regular season. With the breaks between the end of the season and the WCC and then the NCAA first round...sustaining their 8 game streak, and having a successful games this week in LV, could really put them in good standing for the NCAA brackets. Debating the picks for WCC select 10 player 'award team' for the season - GU got overlooked on the newcomer, defensive player and MVP. Hard to believe that Anton Watson will be graduating from the GU program without the Defensive player of the year. Anticipating tonight's game against San Francisco....as Coach Mark Few says "It's hard to beat a good time three times." Santa Clara vs St Mary's is also going to be a great semi game tonight....Gaels are favored. How many of the guys' predictions worked out since Episode one of this season? Where will this team land in the NCAAs this year - are they an Elite 8 team? Tune in to hear what the guys think.
    37m 37s
  • All the way to the wins - WCC up next!

    4 MAR. 2024 · The Spokesman-Review's Jim Meehan and Zags TV Analyst/Bulldog Alum Richard Fox share their prognostications on where the GU Team has ended up this season (latest poll numbers have Gonzaga listed behind Washington State at 19!) Zags assignment this week will be to rest before hitting the floor against teams they've been already... Meehan and Fox go over the highlights of GU's wins last week. Best player int eh WCC conference this weekend was by far Graham Ike. WCC award predictions have him the lead for WCC player of the year as well. The guys debate their choices for all the WCC honors - player of the year, defensive player of the year, coach of the year, newcomer of the year...if there were WCC podcaster predictors of the year, it'd be this pair. Don't miss next week as the guys recap their calls in Episode one from this season!
    46m 8s
  • Two more to go -

    26 FEB. 2024 · The Spokesman-Review's Jim Meehan and Zag alum/tv commentator Richard Fox take a look at what all the rankings mean right now to the Zags...with x2 Quad One games this week that can help their WCC case. Past review of the "businesslike" Portland game that allowed the Bulldogs to prepare for Saturday night's game agains Santa Clara and their 'bigs.' All the Zags have moved through the season and grown, culminating in that game. It was such a special senior night for Anton Watson. Preview of the next x2 games against San Francisco and St Mary's with GU playing their best ball of the season.
    37m 45s
  • Zags gain ground in brackets during must win games

    19 FEB. 2024 · Spokesman-Review's Jim Meehan and Zags Bulldog alum and tv commentator Richard Fox discuss how GU makes up a little ground each week in the brackets...they digest and discuss a ton of stats as the Bulldogs played with better teams. Looking ahead to Portland - pieces aren't too bad as they are on their home court, but they may not be able to defend Gonzaga if the Bulldogs hit their outside shots. Santa Clara is Saturday night back at the Kennell - last time they met, GU lost in the end. Zags strength inside can help when the Broncos come to town. Also of note at the Kennell is Anton Watson's senior night this week. Local hero, Swiss Army knife of a Zag, its so rare for a player in today's college basketball era to be a winner for the program over his entire career at Gonzaga.
    31m 26s
  • Everyone has a moment

    12 FEB. 2024 · Insiders Jim Meehan and RIchard Fox --- give you all the latest inside info... Zags beat the Quad 1 barrier this past week in Kentucky! They have gained some ground and its an uphill climb to be an 'at large' selection to dance in the tournament. Net rankings moved them up a few to a solid 22 - AP Rankings they haven't hit the top 25 yet. One game at a time. Everyone's solid play in Kentucky showed in the win - everyone who stepped on the floor showed VALUE...and everyone had a moment
    39m 14s
  • Recovery is everything this week

    5 FEB. 2024 · Listen in to The Spokesman-Review's Jim Meehan and GU Zags alum/tv analyst Richard Fox conversation about the Gonzaga University Men's Basketball Team.... GU played extremely well against LMU, then ended with a bad scene with St Mary's on Saturday night. Zags fell to 25th...while the loss didn't impact their computer metrics, the brackets were updated and there were no Zags to be found. IT makes the "at large" path extremely difficult with no Quad 1 wins. The week that was - domination against LMU which took both Jim and Richard by surprise. When you get rolled as badly as LMU did...in Division I, coaches shouldnt worry about effort, but that was what was lacking in that game. Both Zag Insiders were tuned out with 8 minutes left in the game.... But that St Mary's game...GU lost their way on both ends of the floor in the second half. That's not even counting the referee reviews...which did not cost GU the game. St Mary's had an improved game with solid match ups. Saturday overall was a great day for collegiate basketball. Looking ahead - how will GU rebound after the St Mary's gut punch?
    42m 10s
  • Foul trouble but x2 Ws heading into must win week

    29 ENE. 2024 · Sportswriter Jim Meehan and Zag alum/TV Broadcaster Richard Fox talk about the week that was in Gonzage University Bulldogs men's basketball on their weekly broadcast, brought to you by The Spokesman-Review! Foul trouble was the theme of the weekend. Gonzaga University's dominance upfront was the key in the win against the San Francisco Dons. With 19 free throw attempts in the last few minutes... and those misses, combined to be a problem with the Zags missing their their shots offensively and made the game closer than it needed to be. Pacific University led by one at halftime...and just like last year, their undersized lineup hurt GU. Pacific got in the zone and were shooting the ball better, and the Zags weren't really hitting until the Zag 3 pointer dam burst which then changed how that game turned out. All five starter were in double digits. PREVIEW of this week's games LMU and the returning Zags may have some bad memories of their game last year and the streaks that ended. And then with St Mary's around the corner, it will be an interesting game as GU and St Mary's play completely different styles. St Mary's loves to slow the game down, guard the ball and the Zags want to drive and score. St Mary's uses their bench, they have a rotation and Gonzaga sticks with their starting five. It's really a must win situation for the Zags if they have any designs on winning or even tying for a league title.
    37m 21s
  • Zags Basketball Insiders weekly podcast January 22, 2024

    22 ENE. 2024 · Sportswriter Jim Meehan and former Zag player and TV broadcaster Richard Fox go over the week in Gonzaga University Bulldogs men's basketball on their weekly podcast, brought to you by The Spokesman-Review.
    38m 28s

Join Spokesman-Review reporter Jim Meehan and television analyst and former Gonzaga center Richard Fox as they talk Zags basketball. Each week, they look back at the week that was and...

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Join Spokesman-Review reporter Jim Meehan and television analyst and former Gonzaga center Richard Fox as they talk Zags basketball. Each week, they look back at the week that was and break down matchups.
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