How to Find Truth in a Relative Reality

How to Find Truth in a Relative Reality
26 de mar. de 2024 · 56m 29s

Beginning –Don’t get hung up on words. Try to read between the lines a little as well as the energy behind them. Things can have different names but be the...

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Beginning –Don’t get hung up on words. Try to read between the lines a little as well as the energy behind them. Things can have different names but be the same. Allow both words and yourself to be fluid.Too many people get stuck on trying to figure out their niche or marketing pitch. The marketing world puts a lot of emphasis on it but we are always changing. We’re malleable, like water. You can’t accurately assign just 3 words to it.Many of us who find ourselves in these healing fields landed here through seeking to heal our own problems. You begin looking for answers to your own struggles and stumble upon a bread crumb that drops you into a whole rabbit hole of new understanding the world around us.Not only are we not taught about this way of seeing, understanding and working with the world and energies around us but they’re actively suppressed and demonized because they give you too much personal power. If you can heal yourself and solve your own problems, there’s nothing to exploit from you.Instead of healing, our society is taught to mask our problems with medications, vices and seeking help from those outside of ourselves. Are professionals important to the healing process? Absolutely. But may are overworked, stretched thin and victims themselves of propaganda education directed at perpetuating the system rather than actually helping people to heal. i.e. How so many doctors prescribe medications for simple ailments without even asking how diet and lifestyle are.There is a ton of very simple information out there that could make a world of difference to so many if they knew it but it’s hidden and full of jargon when it is found to keep us dependent on the system. There are a whole host of things that we can try in order to heal but it’s all relative to you and what works for you.Ultimately, healing requires self study which is very individualized and puts the responsibility on you. Many people don’t want that responsibility. It also requires professionals spending larger chunks of time with you that those in the mainstream networks just don’t have.8:55 –We’re survival based animals. We’re designed to always be looking for dangers, analyzing our surroundings and being aware of what could go wrong. Especially if we come from a background that contained those types of things. Because of this, it’s very easy for us to get stuck in negative thought patterns.This makes it really difficult for us to maintain positive and healthy patterns. We have to work really hard to find and maintain them, whereas the unhealthy ones come naturally.Be weary of any one size fits all tactics. Nothing is universal and what works for one person won’t for another. There is no one method to rule them all in any category, each and every thing is relative to the individual in question. Diet fads are the worst about this.When working with the chakra system, it’s important to start at the bottom and work your way up because we have to be grounded and clear in the physical so that we can be clear in the nonphysical. We’re so accustomed to the physical that we’re bored with it and find the nonphysical to be more fun but if you don’t heal the lower chakras first, you’ll get mixed and unclear messages, leaving you even more confused in the end.You can’t jump straight from level 1 to level 6. If you’re not listening to your body very well and giving it what it needs and wants, you’re not going to be able to listen to your intuition very well. Our lower chakras tie us to ourselves but the upper ones tie us to all there is. If you’re not balanced in this, you’ll end up not only unclear but potentially sick or hurt.We have to be able to differentiate between what’s ours and what’s someone else’s so that we can appropriately transmute what doesn’t belong to us. So many of us internalize other’s energies which can overload our systems. We’re swimming in an ocean of energy, just as we’re swimming in an ocean of air, just as fish swim in an ocean of water. This energy flows in, through and around us at all times and when it gets stuck, the stagnation creates problems.18:00 –Survival is fitting in with our families and caregivers. So many of us morph ourselves into versions that we think will be accepted by these people and lose ourselves entirely. We hold the so much of our problems may not even be our own. We can hold the traumas of our parents abuse (or anyone that we come into contact with, not just family) and then we try to work it in our bodies as if it’s our own, but it isn’t.People pleasing is hardwired into us. It’s completely natural and innate as we’ve historically needed the love and support of those around us in order to survive. There’s nothing wrong with you if you’re a people pleaser. Yes, it can be exasperated through trauma and abuse but the tendencies are already there in each and every one of us. Do try to stop doing that, though, as you can only really unpack who you are without it.Stopping the people pleasing habits doesn’t mean being defiant at every turn. It means learning how to have healthy boundaries so that you can take care of your own needs and maintain healthy relationships with those around you.If you’re a healed individual, your very presence is going to irritate the demons that need to be healed in everyone you come into contact with. This can be very taxing and often times confusing and lonely. That’s why it’s important to have these boundaries and a clear intuitive understanding of both yourself and the energies around you. So that when they throw projections (accusations) at you, you’ll be able to recognize that they’re a reflection of themself and have nothing to do with you. Or else we internalize them as being true.It’s important to learn how to take the space you need to unpack and understand what is yours and what is theirs.24:25 –Everyone is confused. No one has everything together. We may have aspects of our life together…until we don’t. Things are what they are until their not.The only constant is change. Everything is always changing. People come and go into our life, loved ones die or get sick, we get sick, babies are born, jobs are gained and lost. We take everything in life concrete serious and this strict rigid attachment to how things are crumbles and destroys us when they change unexpectedly. Even our own selves are always changing as we grow and age, learn new things and hit new milestones. We have to maintain a gentle fluidity so that we may adapt when these things occur, because they are inevitable and will always occur.If we don’t learn to laugh at things, we’ll spend too much of our time crying.We’ve cut ourselves off from some of the scarier things in life, such as birth and death. We want the perceived safety contained in a nice organized box but the nature of life is raw and chaotic. It scares us that there are things outside of our control so we fight to maintain our illusions of it.Alan Watts covers this and how we can be on our death bed and our friends and family will insist we’re fine and gonna go have a picnic with tacos soon but a good preacher will make you feel good about dying because they’ve faced it and normalized it as a natural process of life. Our avoidance of the discomfort makes it harder on both ourselves and others when these times come. None of us know how to handle it.33:20 –Hypnotherapy, just like astrology, is an It doesn’t matter if you believe in the concrete constructs we like to place on things validity. They’re both modalities of self exploration and understanding. They give us the ability and direction to explore the subconscious on a deeper level than we would have, especially as a beginner.Even hard factual science that has been accepted as unyieldingly concrete is disproven and thrown out all of the time with new knowledge and developments. What is truth and factual reality? It seems that it may actually be more abstract than concrete. New information is bridging the gap between the available concrete proof and the mysticism “woo-woo” crazy.Ultimately, we shouldn’t be so attached to what we think we know. There is no one way to do anything. Things like astrology and hypnotherapy is a great place to start when you’re unsure how to begin.Everything is completely fabricated from nothingness. Our social, cultural and community systems are all taken very seriously but also just things that were made up from nothing in an effort to control the uncontrollable. Even the most serious of things can be taken a bit less serious, as in the grander scheme of it all they mean nothing.The school system as it is doesn’t work for everyone. People are leaning more and more towards homeschooling and unschooling. Our societal constructs are unraveling to be rebuilt and that can be scary. Don’t be afraid to make up your own rules.We’re living in the safest time in recorded history to be yourself but we do still have to process all of the fear surrounding that. Our ancestors were heavily prosecuted for who they were and that’s left a lot of residual effects.“ focusing on and healing ourselves, we help heal everyone around us. The Heart-Math Institute has done remarkable research on some of these things. They’ve measured the electromatic field of our hearts extending feet from our bodies and through this, we can influence the people around us with just our presence.The goal is to become more energy that physical matter. When you’re more energy than matter, it’s easier to work through the energetic laws and fields and completely bypass the need to work through the physical to accomp
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