How to Understand the Elements in Your Astrological Birth Chart

How to Understand the Elements in Your Astrological Birth Chart
7 de may. de 2024 · 1h 15s

Beginning –Astrology is so much more than your sun sign. Your sun sign isn’t even where you should be focusing if you’re only going to look at one sign, which...

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Beginning –Astrology is so much more than your sun sign. Your sun sign isn’t even where you should be focusing if you’re only going to look at one sign, which you should never just look at one. At minimum, you want to know your “big three” which consists of your sun, moon and rising signs. Beyond that though, you have an entire natal chart with signs correlating to each planet, celestial body and even some comets. Each one relating to the others in some form or fashion that is intricately and delicately complex.It doesn’t matter whether or not you believe in astrology. The power of it lies in it’s qualities. Studying your natal chart can shine light on a multitude of facets, including every aspect of your life. This can give you a great starting point if you’re ready and wanting to do some work on your life but aren’t sure how to get going initially.Focusing on just your sun sign is like trying to bake a cake with just flour. Flour is the basis but all of the other ingredients are necessary for the whole picture. We have to look at all of the other aspects to see what kind of cake you are, and each one is beautifully unique.Understanding your astrological chart can help you to understand yourself. It can offer some validation into aspects of yourself you may have struggled against and tell you what you posses a large or a small quantity of. For example, the astrological chart works with the four elements of water, fire, earth and air. Each of these elements carries with it a particular archetype and someone who posses many fire signs in their chart will carry more of those characteristics. Someone who carries a lot of water signs but very little fire will present characteristics heavily associated to the water but struggle igniting their inner fire.

To find balance within yourself, it helps to know your particular quantity of each element so that you can focus on gaining more of what you lack from your environment and choices. For example, if you possess a lot of air but lack in earth, you may struggle with anxiety. Bringing more earth energy into your life via can help create more balance.Having zero of one element in your chart can mean either that you need to work really hard to cultivate that elemental energy or it can mean that you’re good without the extra.Each element has positive and negative aspects, just as with all things. are present in everything. Some astrological signs have a bad reputation but all of the zodiacs present this same light and dark aspects. We need the duality of both sides in order to create the existence in the middle.Each one posses a beautiful depth to the world we live in, important to the harmony of us all.15:35 –We’re all born our authentic selves. As children, we’re often times told to be different than who we are in the forms of being shushed, controlled and conditioned by the people and culture around us. This leaves us confused as we learn to conform in order to be pleasing to the community. Many of us “wake up” then in our adulthood, with no idea who we really are compared to the show we’ve been putting on our entire lives. We then must struggle to rediscover the parts of us we’ve spent a lifetime burying.Coming back to the 4 elements, we have an analogy of a vehicle driving down the freeway. Each tire represents one of the elements. If one is flat or too inflated in comparison to the others, you limp along. Only with a good balance do you drive smoothly.Bringing balance doesn’t have to be grand. You find the elemental energy in every single thing, big and small, that you come into contact with. Use your intuition to decide what task has what type of energy. Communicating with others is going to increase the air within you. Spending time in nature is going to increase the earth. Exercise is going to lend to the fire and spending time with water is going to lend to the water. You’ll find that, with just a little practice, knowing what goes with what becomes pretty innate.Twins can have mostly the same birth chart (they do change by the minute) but present completely different characteristics. Often, if you dig into it, you’ll see that one twin is leaning into the flow of the naturally presented energies while the other is leaning against them. It’s essentially one twin embracing the yin and the other the yang side. We always have the free will to choose how we want to use the energies we’re presented with. Our interpretations are always going to be unique.We don’t want to use the words “good” and “bad” when speaking on the 2 sides of the energies. Good and bad are human constructs and not actually present in nature. Nature just is. It simply exists as a mode of one way or the opposite to tap into. What we do with them are what makes them one or the other.When we label something as good or bad, we suppress anything that may be against what our particular culture and society has labeled as bad, regardless to if other cultures view it as good or neutral. This in and of itself can create an unhealthy balance within us that leaves us perpetually confused at how to find balance. This is the essence of what we call shadow work by the way.For example, money has a reputation for being evil. Money simply exists as a tool, though. It’s people who come along and use it for either good or bad that gives it that meaning. Like a magnet, we need both sides in order for anything to exist.27:35 –We tend to think we need to be consistently constant all of the time and beat ourselves up when we’re not but the nature of life is a constant teeter totter. Balance in the center should be your aim but you’re not going to stay there all of the time and that’s okay. Instead of staying in the middle, (which if you’ve ever played on such a device, you know is really hard to do)you want to aim to be not too much on one side or the other for too terribly long. Movement is the flow, stagnation is the still. Just keep it moving. Hit the middle as often as you can.We liken life to a roller coaster ride often. Life with it’s ups and downs. The only constant is change and the sooner we accept that, the sooner we can have more fun on our roller coaster rather than fearing it. A lot of us try to stop our roller coaster because we don’t want to feel the emotions that are coming along with it but that’s when stagnation occurs and we fall into depression or manifested illnesses. We have to keep it moving.We have to flow with our roller coasters ups and downs or else we’re going to cause more damage by getting ran over or drug along by it. You can’t fight it. The downs are temporary. When you think about an actual roller coaster ride, sometimes you hit these low valleys and the ride stalls out for a moment. Consider this depression. The tracks then have to hook the carts and click, click, click drag them back up to the top. It takes work. And then the momentum takes us again and we flow easily.Remember this and that all downs will eventually end if you just keep it moving. Sometimes it’ll be harder to move and sometimes it will be effortless but it will always move on to a new part of the track if you allow it to and help it along when you need to.34:20 –You’re learning. You’ll get a little bit better, a little bit stronger each time. Even if it feels like you’re running in place. Because it most likely will feel like that. You’re not that same person that you were last time the thing in question occurred. You’ve been here before so you’re now better equipped to handle the situation.
Explore your triggers with curiosity. When you notice them popping up again and again, pay attention to that because awareness is the most important tool we have available to us. Ask yourself why they’re triggering you. What inner hurt are they pointing to that needs healing? Because that’s exactly what they’re doing. Each trigger is an opportunity to heal a little bit more of whatever has hurt you in the past so that you can move forward towards your goals.Physical ailments stem from stagnation. I know that doesn’t make sense to most of us but if you begin emotionally healing yourself from past experiences you’ll begin to see physical ailments that you had accepted as part of your existence to vanish.We innately want to avoid and ignore that which is bothersome but that falls into the categories of escapism and avoidance which isn’t going to do anything to help fix the problem. Just like if our kid is causing a ruckus, we don’t need to turn a blind eye, we need to address it, the same goes for our patterns that our messing with what we want in life. We have to address the issue or it’s just going to keep getting worse.You can’t just ignore something and hope it gets better and you have to have the same approach with your belief systems. If something isn’t working for you, question it and try and figure out what it needs because just like children, they only act out when they need something they aren’t already getting. It’s an attention thing.Puppy analogy!To end, astrology amongst other things, gives us a set of cards we’ve been dealt and it’s up to us to do what we can to play those cards to the best of our abilities.About Our Guest
Laura is a Mindset Mentor and Master Hypnotist, as well as a Professional Intuitive and Astrologer and is also certified in NLP and more. She uses that unique combination of skills to help you tap into your own success, opening up your life quickly, easily, and completely and a great side effect is that you get to hold onto your sanity and soul as you go! She knows that when you change your mind, you’ll change your life. And she does that with a mix of the practical
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