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  • 14. High-Performance Coaching – A Conversation with Harley Finkelstein of Shopify

    19 DIC. 2023 · Special guest Harley Finkelstein, President of Shopify, joins TMG CEO Stephen Miles to discuss their successful coaching relationship and what an ideal high-performance coaching experience can achieve. For executives and founders who may have never considered executive coaching or are unsure of what a coaching relationship looks like day-to-day, Stephen and Harley illustrate what the very best executive coaching relationship can provide.
    29m 49s
  • 13. Re-Engaging Burned Out Employees

    5 DIC. 2023 · Employees and teams are experiencing burnout across all levels of the organization. Burnout challenges not only workforce engagement, but quality, productivity, and problem-solving abilities. Courtney Hamilton and Christina Woodard discuss the causes of burnout and the strategies to combat it in order to reconnect teams to their company, culture, and meaningful work.
    17m 16s
  • 12. Weak Signal Detection

    21 NOV. 2023 · Every time there’s a threat against a company, there is almost always a weak signal or a whiff of smoke that can serve as an early warning of the risk to the organization. If that threat is dismissed or ignored, the whiff of smoke can turn into a forest fire. Then the organization faces a much bigger problem, with fewer options to solve it. CEO Stephen Miles and Managing Director John Nasr discuss the importance of embedding weak signal detection in the company culture.
    22m 22s
  • 11. Building Trust on Your Team and Inside Your Company

    7 NOV. 2023 · Without trust, there is no shared or mutual accountability, and teams do not have strong enough foundations to accomplish their goals. Yet, many people cannot articulate what they and their teams actually need to do in order to form that trust. Stephen Miles and Maizie Nelson share the 8 ways to build trust on your team and inside your company.
    21m 26s
  • 10. Onboarding Into a Senior Role

    24 OCT. 2023 · Derailment rates for executives in transition, particularly in senior level roles, tend to be higher because they don’t always have the proper understanding of the degree of difficulty related to a given transition. Courtney Hamilton and Christina Woodard discuss how to develop an effective onboarding plan for the first year, allowing proper time to connect with stakeholders, build alignment on the mandate, and prioritize your time effectively, among other strategies.
    17m 25s
  • 09. Coachability: Getting Serious About Your Own Development

    26 SEP. 2023 · Regardless of raw potential and natural talent, every person who is serious about their leadership development and growth demonstrates coachability. Taylor Griffin and Samantha Smith explore the concept of coachability – openness to feedback and new ways of doing things, and following through with those changes as part of an iterative, ongoing process.
    18m 59s
  • 08. The Dark Side of Company Culture: Stasis and Conformity

    12 SEP. 2023 · Culture is most often shaped and fortified on the margin, when leaders must make hard choices. Depending on what they can tolerate, their decisions will either result in a high-performing company culture or one that leads to high levels of conformity and stasis. TMG CEO Stephen Miles and Managing Director John Nasr discuss the criticality of a company’s culture to its longevity and long-term success; and explore the dark side of corporate culture – stagnation that can lead to an organization’s irrelevance and decline.
    27m 21s
  • 07. Every Job is a People Leader Job

    29 AGO. 2023 · HR has changed dramatically over the last few years, growing well beyond recruiting and development. Jeff Vijungco – the former Chief People Officer at Rubrik and VP of Global Talent at Adobe, and now Partner at One North Talent – joins The Miles Group COO Taylor Griffin and Managing Director Samantha Smith to discuss the changing landscape of the industry and the needs of today’s Chief People Officers, senior talent executives, and CEOs.
    22m 22s
  • 06. High-Performing Leadership Teams: Raising the Bar and Lowering the Cost of Coordination

    15 AGO. 2023 · Frustration among leaders is mounting when it comes to the overall effectiveness and collective performance of their leadership teams. Amplified by the shift to the virtual world, the transition has lowered shared context while increasing the default to individual executives executing in their own lanes. As a result, companies and leadership teams became more vertical and less horizontal, decreasing the sense of team, and increasing the cost of coordination. CEO Stephen Miles and COO Taylor Griffin focus on the areas where leaders can lower the cost of coordination in order to better establish high-performing leadership teams.
  • 05. Performance and Purpose – An Interview with Tom Williams of Parker Hannifin

    1 AGO. 2023 · Special guest Tom Williams discusses key issues CEOs are facing today – and will face tomorrow. Executive chairman and former CEO of Parker Hannifin, the multi-billion-dollar, Fortune 250 global leader in motion and control technologies, Tom joins TMG CEO Stephen Miles to discuss leadership challenges such as driving productivity during high inflation, performance optimization, and utilizing AI.
    24m 16s

CEOs running the world’s top companies don’t start out that way – they pull ahead of their peers with behaviors and practices that make them the “best of the best.”...

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CEOs running the world’s top companies don’t start out that way – they pull ahead of their peers with behaviors and practices that make them the “best of the best.” Stephen Miles and the team at TMG coach some of the world’s most successful executives, helping them continuously up their game even as business conditions grow more complex every day. Learn the secrets of the highest performers, and use this intelligence to power your career.
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