• Ep. 47: Leslie Grossman talks to Cary about "Why gender equity should be a reality - Not just a goal."

    7 MAR. 2024 · Podcast host Cary Broussard interviews executive coach Leslie Grossman about her vision for gender equity in the world and what keeps Leslie focused on her big vision. Leslie and Cary have stayed in touch for many years after meeting each other in Las Vegas at a National Association for Women Business Owners conference. Both business owners share advice on ways to overcome obstacles and stay focused on achieving your professional and personal goals. Leslie Grossman is Faculty Director of the Executive Women's Leadership program at George Washington University Center for Excellence, creator of Her Circle Leadership for executive coaches and the author of several books. https://www.hercircleleadership.com/ https://freepodcasttranscription.com/transcription/687dd9d2b0784d82dc88314cc176443347da2b0b.srt
    28m 23s
  • Ep. 46: The first Latina to be elected Sheriff, Lupe Valdez says the World is Better when Women Run for Office...and Win

    19 FEB. 2024 · Lupe Valdez became the first Latina Sheriff in the United States, and one of the first LGBTQ women to hold such a role in 2004. As Sheriff of Dallas County, Lupe managed the seventh-largest Sheriff's department in the country for 13 years. Now she's running again for the seat she left in 2018 when she left to run for Governor of Texas. Cary Broussard interviews Lupe Valdez about why she wants to be Sheriff of Dallas County again and why the role of Sheriff is important in every community. Cary asks Lupe why it's important for women to run for office, what obstacles women face and how they can succeed. There is a brief introduction from actor John Leguizamo who describes how Lupe grew up poor with parents who were migrant workers, how her teacher inspired her and Lupe worked her way through college and graduate school, eventually joining the Army, rising to rank of Captain. Lupe Valdez went on to a 30-year career as a federal agent for US Customs and Border Protection and then the Department of Homeland Security, focusing on fraud and drug cases. FInally, she made history as the first openly LGBTQ Latina sheriff in the nation. During her tenure as Sheriff, Valdez addressed understaffing, overpopulation, and unsanitary conditions in the county jail and improved care for mentally ill inmates.
    31m 45s
  • Ep. 45: Interested in a Board position? Janelle Brittain shares best ways to prepare and benefit

    15 NOV. 2023 · Podcast Host Cary Broussard interviews Janelle Brittain, CSP, founder and CEO of the Dynamic Performance Institute, LLC, a 30 year old firm that works with the leadership of companies and their boards. She has helped thousands of executives find the best match for themselves on corporate and non-profit boards. Janelle Brittain has also served for 47 years on a variety of types of boards herself and consults with Boards to assess their governance effectiveness, handle interventions, and advises the CEO and Board Chair how to work together for the greatest effective results. Cary Broussard has served on numerous non-profit boards throughout her career and met Janelle Brittain when they served on the board of Boardroom Bound together when Cary was Board Chair. Cary has also served as Board Chair of the Press Club of Dallas and the Texas chapter of Conscious Capitalism. In addition, Cary has served on the boards of Women Impacting Public Policy, based in Washington, D.C., and the American Hotel Lodging Association Women's Forum.
    33m 50s
  • Ep. 44. Coaching is not just for football, baseball and soccer players!

    2 MAY. 2023 · Susan Epstein has created 3 highly successful coaching businesses since leaving her psychotherapy practice in 2003. ✔Parent Coaching- achieved 6 figures in less than a year ✔Health Coaching -achieved 6 figures in under 6 months ✔Business Coaching - achieved multi-six figures in 10 months Mastermind Groups, Group Coaching, Entrepreneurship, Psychology, Interpersonal Skills, Coaching, Public Speaking, Psychotherapy, Workshop Facilitation, Leadership Development, T There's a lot of hype out there about having a successful coaching business. It takes time, practice, skills and compassion. Susan helped Cary Broussard and others grow successful executive coaching businesses.
    37m 52s
  • Ep. 43 DEI Advisors CEO David Kong Demonstrates Why Nice CEOs Finish First

    11 ABR. 2023 · David Kong is well-respected as the longest running CEO of any major hotel company - and Cary Broussard wanted to find out why he is also one of the most liked people in the hotel business. She found out why. David balances ambition, hard work and kindness while helping others find success. His podcast DEI Advisors can be found at DEIAdvisors.org. David Kong is Founder and Principal of DEI Advisors, an Arizona non-profit organization dedicated to empowering personal success. He has served as Chairman of the American Hotel Lodging Association and was appointed to the U.S. Department of Commerce Travel and Tourism Advisory Board for three years. He retired as President and CEO of BWH Hotel Group (comprised of Best Western Hotels & Resorts, Sure Stay Hotels and WorldHotels) at the end of 2021.He has the reputation of genuinely caring for people and the art of hospitality. As a result, he has received numerous awards and accolades, including: - Lifetime Achievement Awards from Business Travel News, International Hotel Investment Forum and UJA Federation in 2022. - Recipient of the inaugural Arne Sorenson Social Impact Award in 2022. - Innovator of the Year award from Hotel Interactive and Innovation Award from Guest Lab (Italy).· - In 2021, Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) presented him with the WINiT Best Mentor/Male Coach award. David Kong provides background on how he excelled in the hospitality industry and offers advice how others can too -At a young age, David moved to the United States from Hong Kong with his parents. He began his career as a busboy in Hawaii and then went on to work for Hyatt, Omni, Hilton, KPMG and then recruited by Best Western, where he eventually worked his way up to CEO. His story is fascinating and yes, he's one of the nicest, smartest people you'll ever have the good fortune to hear on a podcast!
    36m 27s
  • Ep. 42 Lisa Welch Beats to the Heart of Hospitality

    2 ABR. 2023 · Cary Broussard and Dr. Faye Hall Jackson team up to interview VisitDallas culture guru Lisa Chase Welch purpose is to inspire teams to create a sustainable culture that is inclusive, positive, respectful and FUN! Lisa's passion is "the people business" and everything that supports the hospitality industry, her local community and educating future leaders. Born in Guatemala, raised as an Army Brat and having lived throughout the US and abroad, Lisa fell in LOVE with hospitality working in restaurants and hotels and graduated from the University of Houston, Conrad N. Hilton College. She has been a Director of People for large brands, including Hyatt, Starwood and Omni hotels as well as boutique lifestyle brands, Virgin Hotels, The Joule, Makeready and Hotel ZaZa. Most recently the head of Culture and People for Visit Dallas, we learn why every experience Lisa has is based on developing long lasting friendships. Her mission is to provide internal guests (employees) with the BEST experience possible so that they can create memorable moments for every guest.
    54m 51s
  • Ep. 41 Women's History Maker - Dr. Lalia Rach, First NYU Dean of Hospitality

    13 MAR. 2023 · Dr. Lalia Rach, who has served as dean at several top hospitality and tourism programs. Ever the entrepreneur, Dr. Rach provides a glimpse into her new book, Managing the Book On You - Rewriting Your Leadership Story. Dr. Rach is now at Associate Luxury Hotels International as Executive Managing Director, is a classic story teller who will keep your attention with her honest and engaging perspective and advice. Enjoy! At New York University, Dr. Rach "Lalia" created one of the world’s most innovative graduate and undergraduate programs in the business of hospitality, sports, and tourism. In her eighteen-year tenure there, she was responsible for creating the first graduate concentration in hospitality revenue management and for increasing the stature and attendance at the industry’s premier conference (NYU Hospitality Investment and Development Conference) where for more than a decade she opened the event by interviewing CEO’s from the global hotel industry. Cary Broussard worked together with Lalia Rach as an adjunct professor at NYU Hotel School and whilie Cary was head of the Women On Their Way program at Wyndham Hotels where she and Lalia and others at Wyndham launched the first business travelers survey, where more women were interviewed than men.
    51m 50s
  • Ep. 40 How Mastermind Connecting Can Be the Wind Beneath Your Career Wings

    26 OCT. 2022 · Podcast host Cary Broussard talks with Tuskegee University executive and professor Dr Faye Hall Jackson about the benefits of joining a Mastermind Group, Executive Coaching - and voting!
    20m 45s
  • Ep. 39 Actor, writer, activist and creative magic maker Eugene Pidgeon believes in miracles

    16 OCT. 2022 · The fascinating actor, writer and entrepreneur Eugene Pidgeon talks with podcast host Cary Broussard about his journey into acting and his movie project Eugene Can Fly. Never defined simply by his abilities or his stature - Eugene has one of the most inspiring life stories to share with all of us - He advocates "wherever I am - that's where I'm supposed to be." Eugene, like Cary, believes in magic. Eugene adds: "When someone asks if you believe in miracles, we should all say 'no' - I RELY on miracles!" Here's a great interview with Eugene Pidgeon in the Chicago Reader https://chicagoreader.com/news-politics/a-little-of-everything/ We encourage you to listen to this interview and have as much fun as we did listing to Eugene's fabulous stories and background. Reach out to friends, family and colleagues you haven't spoken with in a while and tell them you miss them and take a listen to what courage, love and wit sounds like in the words and life of Eugene Pidgeon. Eugene Pigeon was born in Memphis, Tennessee, and currently lives in Ventura, California. He is an actor, known for Inhabited (2003), Games of Survival (1989) and The Ghastly Love of Johnny X (2012) among other roles.
    46m 40s
  • Ep. 38 Pickle Ball Pundit Pamela Cournoyer Teaches Conflict Resolution On and Off the Court

    19 SEP. 2022 · Podcast host Cary Broussard talks with Pamela Cournoyer about helping executives develop their leadership skills and resolving conflict through Pickleball team building. Go to Pamela's website https://www.powerfulandtrue.com/ to learn more about pickle ball team building https://www.powerfulandtrue.com/ptb Listen to Cinderella CEO On Air - and be inspired on a weekly basis. You can find the links on our cinderellaceo.com site or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts!
    30m 2s

Cinderella CEO on Air is a career podcast based on the international book, From Cinderella to CEO. Cary Broussard, author of the book and host of the show interviews CEOs...

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Cinderella CEO on Air is a career podcast based on the international book, From Cinderella to CEO. Cary Broussard, author of the book and host of the show interviews CEOs and executives about their Cinderella "Comeback" Stories and how they've successfully navigated career and life challenges.Our inspirational interviews offer advice and stories that motivate listeners to pursue their own career possibilities. The C2CEO community centers around research conducted with successful leaders who have worked to transform themselves, their communities, and organizations for the better. We have fun with our podcasts and share memorable lessons that listeners at all career levels will enjoy.
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