• Opening Up + Communication Habits

    25 FEB. 2022 · This episode walks through helpful and unhelpful communication habits that can facilitate or prevent deep conversation and connection from taking place. So often, we are communicating with others through our defense mechanisms rather than from our souls. Opening up is such a key part in being able to create a supportive system of loved ones who you can turn to, and can turn to you when life feels hard.
    31m 34s
  • Explícito

    Ending Mental Health Stigmas

    13 JUL. 2021 · This podcast took more time + effort than any of my other episodes, but it was worth every minute. I got to chat with the founder of @theselfcareseedco about the harm caused by mental stigmas. This topic is near and dear to my heart as I branch out by talking to friends and family about my battle against depression and life as an HSP. Support has gone the longest way for me and my emotional wellness journey. Unfortunately, stigmas around what depression does and doesn’t look like haven’t made it easy. We live in a culture that shames speaking out about mental health but mourns suicide. How do we change this? We can educate ourselves and our peers about where these stigmas come from. We can take a look at how our own cultures and family dynamics have influenced thoughts about mental health. We can have tough conversations with loved ones and call out stigmas when they are said. Lastly, we can discover and create content & communities that show the full spectrum of mental health struggles. Rachel and I aren’t health professionals, so please don’t take our words as fact, but we can share our personal experiences and what we have done to find peace and support in our lives.
    46m 54s
  • Coping with Uncertainty

    28 MAY. 2021 · Fear of uncertainty is one of the most common phobias. It can be daunting to figure out how to address it. This episode walks through a few helpful tools like rituals, routines, open-ended goals, and mental noting of compulsive behaviors when in a fear space. I hope these words bring you insight and comfort on your self-care, self-love, and self-acceptance journey. Warning: there is mention of body neutrality and hypervigilance.
    22m 1s
  • Explícito

    Past Trauma & Present Experience

    16 MAR. 2021 · This episode welcomes Spring and how we can tap into the blessings that each season has to offer. The meat of this episode focuses on how our past traumas affect our present experience. Our triggers and traumas can provide valuable intuitive insight AND they also can present as anxious defense mechanisms. Sitting with our emotions, letting knowings come and go as they please, reflecting on our processing, and communicating what we learn makes it easier to decipher what is intuition and what is insight. Some additional resources for self-healing are Tarot for the Wild Soul and Trying Times. Both links can be found below: https://open.spotify.com/show/773oN55UaRbWoL5T0fuKXh?si=yyYRPbhoQ8mw7GWQdmUbng - Trying Times https://open.spotify.com/show/6AXz5dXTFFceckBMve9vNT?si=XMVqpv0aQ4i0_zo4io7qPg - Tarot for the Wild Soul
    19m 36s
  • Our Relationship with Things

    1 MAR. 2021 · Join me as I discuss how losing my home and my belongings was actually a blessing in disguise. I learned about how my ego was creating a false identity with my belongings, and that my self-worth doesn't have to derive from the things I own. Learning about meditation and allowing the phases of grief to exist ultimately helped me grow as a human and I hope this podcast can light a fuze for you too.
    29m 52s
  • Core Negative Beliefs

    10 SEP. 2020 · This episode explores the foundations of the mind & the beliefs we hold to be true that impact our daily lives. Sometimes unconsciously, we accept our beliefs as facts and forget that they can be changed and molded to better suit our emotional needs. So where do we begin? The first step is examining our core beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world. Once we call it out, all of the healing work can begin to flourish. Dr. Patrick Keelan explores specific ways to trace your beliefs by noticing thought patterns and stopping them in their tracks: https://drpatrickkeelan.com/addictions/identify-negative-core-beliefs/#:~:text=The%20best%20way%20to%20determine,core%20belief%20may%20be%20operating.
    25m 3s
  • Inner Child Work

    28 AGO. 2020 · This episode dives into the different ways that we can get in touch with our inner children. One of the first ways to take care of our inner children is to reflect on our caregiving and our attachment styles. As promised, here is a quiz to discover your person attachment type: https://www.attachmentproject.com/attachment-style-quiz/ Sending you healing energy and hoping these insights provide loving care.
    33m 21s
  • Ego vs. Intuition

    20 AGO. 2020 · This episode describes the difference between ego and intuition and how they relate to one another. Our bodies speak to us in many ways, all with fundamental reasoning. However, there is always room to heal and improve our inner dialogue so that our experiences and feelings are in our highest and best. This podcast provides insight on how you can be more gentle with yourself so that your intuition feels safe and confident in speaking up. It also provides tools and insight to recognize when your ego has stepped out of line. Hoping the episode brings peace and balance into your self-reflection. Disclaimer: I say sh*t a few times, promised I'd put a warning in the description!
    39m 8s
  • The Empathic Spectrum

    13 AGO. 2020 · This episode guides us through what the empathic spectrum is. It starts with the narcissist, then moves up a level to loving empathetic people, then highly sensitive people, and finally the empath. I walk through each of these levels and how bringing awareness to our place on the spectrum can provide us with tools and resources to sustain our energy. As promised, a great quiz to determine if you are a highly sensitive person can be found here: https://hsperson.com/test/highly-sensitive-test/. I also discuss energy vampires and methods that we can practice to protect our energy. As always, if you have any questions or comments you can find me on Instagram @mending_modern_magic.
    35m 41s

Welcome to Mending Modern Magic, a safe space created to provide support, perspective, inspiration, and hope for the modern intuitive, empath, highly sensitive, and wandering soul. The goal of this...

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Welcome to Mending Modern Magic, a safe space created to provide support, perspective, inspiration, and hope for the modern intuitive, empath, highly sensitive, and wandering soul. The goal of this podcast is to create a community that values self-improvement, growth, evolutionary healing, and thoughtful reflection. I hope you join and journey through this space to find safety and inspiration in your daily life as a modern intuitive.

Self-care, self-love, and self-healing are privileges. Let's grow our routines together.
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